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top rated awards
  1. Grist Magazine, Inc.

      drgiller wrote:

    Of all the charities I support, I believe that my contributions are most effective at Grist. I could benefit from whether... more »

    Top Rated Awards 2011
    Seattle, WA
    563 reviews
    4.8 stars
    Review options:
  2. Global Links

      tgadson wrote:

    I am the Executive Director of a community based, social service organization that focuses on service disparities in underserved... more »

    Top Rated Awards 2014
    Pittsburgh, PA
    299 reviews
    4.9 stars
    Review options:
  3. Civil War Trust

      mspaulding.suv wrote:

    Many people talk about the sad fact that Americans are losing touch with their history and their heritage. Many Americans have... more »

    Top Rated Awards 2014
    Washington, DC
    246 reviews
    5 stars
    Review options:


The environment needs our protection. 40% of American rivers are now too polluted for swimming, fishing, or aquatic life. In the US, factories produce 3 million tons of toxic air annually.

Many nonprofits exist to teach how to be green and respect the environment. Living in a sustainable way and teaching future generations the importance of protecting the environment is crucial.

If you already realize the importance of a green lifestyle, teach others by encouraging recycling and composting, or by planting a tree on earth day. Find a nonprofit near you to join the cause.