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While women make up 47% of the U.S. workforce, there is still a lot to be done towards gender equality and securing women's human rights. Globally, women's nominal wages are 17% lower than men's, although they hold many of the same jobs. This does not reflect equal rights for women. Instead, the rights to women seem to have been undercut. These organizations do what they can to foster leadership in women and progress for female human rights, whether it be through law, education, or activism.

Up to 70% of women face physical or sexual abuse by men in their lifetime. And 80% of human trafficking annually consists of women and girls. Human trafficking in women causes for a huge concern and many of these nonprofits help stop the human trafficking and support the cause.

These organizations help empower women despite the disadvantages society may grant them by teaching them leadership skills, offering counseling, and much more. They help to fight for the rights of women and for social justice for women, offering women the support necessary to combat issues like sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. Others provide places for people to be educated on the struggles women have faced in their history.

From domestic violence to economic equality to reproductive rights, women face struggles in many areas of their lives. There are thousands of organizations supporting women's rights and plenty of ways for you to get involved; find one now.