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Visakha Society for the Protection & Care of animals has always been about: - all animals and every animal. All meaning wild, domestic, farmed, urban wild - animals of the land, sea and air.
Every animal means every animal - and this means every chicken and every fish.
V-SPCA's philosophy is that every animal takes birth to live an independent life as an individual with rights, with its own family and society, in a natural, instinctual way. And the members of V-SPCA, with this single-pointed mission, go about their work every day.
I worked with V-SPCA team members in March 2018. V-SPCA's projects are many and varied, their engagements with the public (animal and non-animal lovers), the government, NGOs, other non-profits, law enforcement groups, ministers who care about their constituencies, AND V-SPCA's impact - is astounding! They work doggedly in harsh conditions of filth and squalor, often until midnight, only to get up by 4 am and begin a new day. They have 2 operating shelters/sanctuaries for animals who are badly injured and cannot be left alone. V-SPCA is such a small organization - but takes care of nearly 2500 permanent resident animals - while doing amazing projects like:
1) The Sea Turtle Conservation Project (to date over 800,000 Olive Ridley sent back to sea)
2) The Simhachalan Calves Abandonment (to date, they've brought down the numbers of discarded calves from ~16,000 to ~4000/annum)
3) Their Dog Protection program - they spay and neuter upto 5000 dogs every year. They vaccinate every dog for rabies and there are 1,50,000 dogs in Vishakhapatnam. They shelter over 300 dogs at their facilities. There are water bowls V-SPCA has bought and placed at strategic locations all over the city. They have established 16 dog-feeding-stations and their members, go on bike everyday to feed 100s of dogs all over the city. They cook the dog food and make individual packets for every dog, themselves! It is beyond comprehensible sometimes, as to how they stretch and make it happen everyday! They have become so good at what they do, that their teams have gone to Mumbai to train others in V-SPCA methodologies and workable lessons.
4) Cat Protection program - they spay and neuter 100s of cats and as of today, over 200 cats (disabled and injured) are at their shelters and farms.
5) Their Kindness Farm Sanctuary houses 100s of cattle, horses, cats and dogs. Besides this, they have 75 Emus (rescued from trafficking) and several Rams (rescued from Shivrathri Fighting rings). They distill cleaners from animal urine and grow their own paddy and fruit and flowers and feed for the animals.
6) Their Main Shelter houses over 800 animals with bovine, monkeys, parrots, tortoises, dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, eagles, owls... Here, there are dispensaries and surgical units for animals who come in grossly injured.
7) Their Homeless Vegan Meals program! They take care of many homeless and destitute in the City. They go on motorbike 3 times a week feeding the homeless and encouraging them and their animal companions to be healthy, and to lead a dignified life.
8) They negotiate with the government ( dairying/seed/grass/animal husbandry) and have got land for the Simhachalan Calves in Narsipatnam and Kuruvada regions of Vizag. They ensure the calves are housed until adopted by farmers everywhere in the state. They have monitoring teams ensuring the farmers are taking good care of the donated calves.
9) They have begun working to end Primate Abuse with the Government Department of Forestry. They hold workshops and bi-monthly sessions to get the community to understand the role of primates in our forests and urban-wild ecosystems.
10) They have embarked on a Shark Conservation program, with the fishing communities in Vizag. This has begun sharing science and awareness of the endangered Shark Species that get caught because India Fisheries Management Regulations are a bit nebulous in terms of explicitly listing every endangered Shark Species. They have a extensive proposal now, and are working with Asian Marine Conservation Association to bring in expertise around Ocean Pollution (oil, garbage, sewage, plastic, chemical, animal waste...)

It is hard to cover all that V-SPCA does. I urge everyone to please nominate V-SPCA as the leading organization in India that takes personal responsibility for every animal in distress, looks deeply into degraded habitats, works with youth and law enforcement around animal abuse and habitat destruction, and invents programs to raise the abandoned in society. Every dollar counts. And we have an organization here that is working for animals for 43 years - stretching every penny and working in a boot-strapped way. Please nominate V-SPCA so that the org. can obtain the funds from Great Non Profits. It will mean the lives of another 1000+ severely injured and hurt animals and possibly negotiation/acquisition of a bit more land to create mini-Edens for animals. A Big Thank you to all!