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Project Halo Corporation

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Rescueing and restoring stray animals

Programs: Rescueing and restoring hundreds of stray animals providing them with shelter food medical care and placed them with adopting families

rescuing and providing shelter and care for horses no longer able to be taken care of by their owners

rehabilited horses not placed with permanent homes are used with injured soldier and disabled children in their care plans

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



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Previously, I had worked closely with the other Project Halo shelter for a year until they formed their own rescue using a new name. I volunteered with both, but the other shelter was sued by the owner of Project Halo and I began volunteering only with her shelter about 8 months before the event described below. They didn't need volunteers to care directly for the animals like I had been doing for the shelter she sued, as Ms Thomas told me she had paid employees who care for the animals at her home shelter. I took photographs for adoptive photos, created their adoptive listings and added them online, helped at events, and fostered a few puppies. In May, one of three foster puppies broke with Parvo less than a week after her rescue. The vet diagnosing insisted that the other 2 puppies be moved out of my contaminated home. I notified the rescue owner immediately via text and later in emails. The other 2 puppies tested negative the following day and another vet wanted them out. 5 days and 3 vets later Project Halo still refused to work out a solution to get them safely moved and to allow for quarantine for the other puppy if she survived. Instead the owner told me to take the 2 healthy puppies back to the high kill shelter to be euthanized. She tried to tell me that I was the legal owner instead of caring for their puppies "Rhonda Golden Thomas-
I could care less, After 72 hours, they're yours. Ask your atty that "Continued quote. "Rhonda Golden Thomas
I'm not going to jeopardize the animals I have here and potentially lose my State license because of your drama. Ain't happening. You can take them back to Lancaster(animal control). I'm only licensed to have so many dogs and I'm at my limit now! That's what you don't seem to get. It's not just about those dogs. This endangers so many others. That's why I'm pi**ed. You expect me to perform miracles and sh*t some foster home out of my a**. I HATE fosters for this exact reason".
My response" Wow. They are healthy dogs you want euthanized after having them altered and their shots and authorizing their spay/neuter? Let me get that straight?? Because they are in an environment full of Parvo and need to be moved for their safety, they should go die instead of your rescue finding placement for puppies you authorized, here in writing, to pull?"
The owner's response"
Rhonda Golden Thomas
Justify it any way you want because you will...This is your responsibility." She told me to ask another rescue to take them or to take them back to the kill shelter, she was "done". I had to beg her not to stop treatment on the puppy at the vet with Parvo. She had just begun to improve when she said she was going to call the vet and "I'll just let Pressly know that she's been abandoned and to stop treatment. I've spent a f**king fortune on these dogs". She was taking in donations at the same time for her treatment publicly. I had to call the vet's office and quietly tell them that if Project Halo stopped paying for the puppy, to call me immediately. The puppies couldn't be reunited until a 14 day quarantine period since 2 were negative, and Ms. Thomas was refusing to place the puppy in the quarantine room at the shelter. After she told me to publicly share this I asked another rescue group to rescue the puppies from my contaminated foster home and they were on the way to pick the puppy up from the vet to quarantine her and rescue her from Project Halo as well. Instead someone from Project Halo did pick up and take responsibility finally for only one puppy. I sent an email trying to get the puppy's vet records and tags to Project Halo and only received a threatening letter from her attorney. The tags were never picked up, and they adopted the puppy without them. She was lost 12 days later by the adopter and was not wearing any tags since Project Halo never attempted to get them. The puppy was never seen again. The 2 women have posted lies and slander about me for months trying to blame me for even the lost puppy not wearing tags, when I was a volunteer that had to fight to protect foster puppies from the very people that were supposed to have been rescuing them. Project Halo would not even have the right to call themselves a no kill rescue had I followed the owners instructions and taken them back to the high kill shelter to be euthanized.



Rating: 1

Project Halo is suing the other shelter that shared the same name for over 10 years. They have gone on all local news networks to make this information public, and have used attorneys to sue other groups trying to raise funds for them in the past. This can be quickly proven by doing a quick internet search that I made a mistake of not checking in advance. As a donor, my donations appear to be spent on court filings instead of saving animals. They said the adopted less than 300 dogs in the last year, but took in many thousands of dollars in donations. Please beware of donating or raising funds for this group. I found out later that this is not a free standing shelter, just a bunch of dogs kept at a couple's home who tend to sue more than they save. Your donations or help are better utilized in many other reputable rescue groups in the area.

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