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Chain Of Hope Kc

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Outreach to help animals suffering in the urban core of kansas city.

Programs: Providing food, shelter and medical care for mistreated animals.

Community Stories

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Rating: 5

Chain of Hope KC goes into the inner city daily to respond to calls and animals that no one else serves. These are animals left outside on chains, in fenced yards, with no shelter, no food or access to clean water, let alone love or enrichment - the worst living conditions that you can imagine. They *truly* care about the animals. The volunteers that work here are the real unsung heroes, caring for the creatures who have no choice and no voice. The city does not have the funding or staffing to respond to the calls that end up with COH. If you have any doubt visit their Facebook page.



Rating: 1

I've helped COH over the last 8 years, at least. Bought brand new dog houses and crates, food, etc. i tried adopting a kitten named Rose last week. It was difficult to say the least. I posted my feedback on their fb pg and Rose's entire thread was deleted. Very sad bc I will never know her fate. Here is my story.

I tried adopting this sweet girl, Rose, and Jessica, the foster, was flaky and mean to work with. She lives an hr away from me, each way. I offered to meet halfway, i was told she said no. The person working the office suggested meeting at COH, I agreed. The worker came back saying Jessica didn't want to. I said I'd think about it but maybe explain to Jessica my situation and have some empathy for Rose and not deny her a good forever home. So then I was told she'd come to my house. Ok, peculiar she wouldn't even leave her house initially but fine. So I talk to her the morning she's supposed to come. She didn't want to bring her, she tried backing out. However I was told by Paige, we are all set for a certain time the following day. Rose is recovering from being spayed. I was told I need to have her stitches out in a few days. I made arrangements with my vet. I needed and wanted her medical records. A legit vet won't just take your word on the medical history. Also I planned on having her groomed and my groomer needs proof of shots. They had none of these things. In good faith I agreed to pay the $85 fee in hopes I'd get these things from Chain of Hope. Not to mention the microchip info that would need to be transferred to me.

Back to Jessica backing out hours bf I was promised to get her. Jessica explains how the vet they took her to was unorganized and told her nothing when she picked up Rose and Jessica even acknowledged it was strange but left without asking Them anything about Rose's condition or the paperwork. This "vet" sounded shady and the fact that Rose was still in pain wasn't good. Sounds like they butchered her up. Poor Rose. Anyway, I provided Jessica with directions, suggested a time to leave to arrive at our meeting time. She said she'd text me when she left. It was 20 min past when she was going to leave so I texted her if we are on track. She said she was going to her husband's work first. A heads up would have been nice. As we just talked about meeting. I would have been fine about being late but she didn't even think to do that. She replies with sarcastic texts, begging for a reply, so I expressed my frustration in even trying to meet with her bc she didn't want to compromise at all, initially, then wanted to back out. She then calls me and begins yelling at me bc I called her out. She says I didn't plan on driving out to you today. Well I didn't ask her to, I offered and agreed to drive also. Also she knew Rose was posted on Chain of Hopes fb pg & Jessica's personal fb pg that she's up for adoption. How could she not expect to have to do anything? She should be glad that means Rose found a home. As a foster, you have more responsibilities than just enjoying the kittens for a short time at your house is what I'm thinking. She then told me she wasn't bringing Rose to me. I already told my kids and most of all she denied Rose a forever home. All because of HER feelings. No regard for Rose's best interest. Very sad and disappointing. Poor Rose. I am an animal lover and have cats and understand the bond and care that come with them. Mine are very well cared for and I would never give them up. I can go anywhere and find a kitten but I was determined to save Rose in spite of the difficulties I was faced with. It was sad putting everything away, at the time she was due to arrive. I cried. COH helps out dogs in the hood but their cat fostering needs an overhaul. How can they allow a foster to do that on a whim? Jessica needs to go!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Just because you see a dog outside doesn't mean their neglected and no one cares about them. My dog is ALWAYS brought inside when the weather is bad yet your organization is placing stuff on my porch. Stop by daily and you will see my dog is left with plenty to eat and drink. He's up to date on immunizations and he is not underweight or any of the bus that would signify a neglected dog. Please stay off people's property making assumptions.



Rating: 5

This is one of the only animal group in Kansas City whose sole purpose is fielding calls about animals in need, primarily dogs tied outside being neglected. They drive the streets of the city, looking for animals without adequate shelter, food, water and medical care. We absolutely need more groups like Chain of Hope as long as tying your animal outside for unlimited periods of time remains legal and as long as animal control remains understaffed and unconcerned about the torture and suffering of animals in our community. I've personally witnessed the work that they've done and can vouch for them. Go to their website and read Kate's blog to see the heartwrenching stories of these animals.

I will support this group as long as I can and as long as they are in existence.