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Review for GREY2K USA Worldwide, Arlington, MA, USA

Rating: 5 stars has been pivotal to closing over half of all the Greyhound tracks in this country, including my boy Joey's. I rescued Joey in 1999, when he was not even two years old. I saved him because I was having far too many insulin reactions (low blood sugars), and had heard that dogs can be trained to alert to such reactions. I had heard a tiny bit about the plight of Greyhounds, and wondered if a retired racing Greyhound could be trained as an alert dog. I have had no more reactions after saving his life and about six months of training for him. I then learned that helped to close his track, and eagerly wanted to help them with their fantastic work, as Joey, even after 6 years off the track (2005) was still quite nervous being around strangers. He once almost pulled my arm out of its socket when a man walked into his view. It must have been one of his abusers from the track, which was just down the road a bit, as he never had another reaction even near that one. Perhaps that is why it took so darned long to finally relax a little in public. It turns out that the number of years off the tracks closely parallels nervousness in public for many, many Greys. I have been closely following since that time and, sure enough, the more and more money the tracks lose because of the information provided by and other groups, the more vitriolic and hate-filled the racing supporters have become. ALL of the firsthand information supplies comes either from the tracks (videos of Greys dying during races, accident reports, statistics required by some states, and training videos) come exclusively from the tracks themselves, or statements by the racing industry itself. As well,'s finance information is publicly available, so all of the industry's lies about Grey2K stealing money is pure, unadulterated "Hooey." When the racing industry figured out that was the first organization that could end Grey racing forever, it began scurrilous, often vile, attacks trying to hurt the amazing effect Grey2K has had for the Greys. However, their own videos and accident reports are helping shut them down. Thank You to Christine, Carey, ALL of our Grey2K friends, and ALL of the Greyhound people helping to put a permanent end to this horrific abuse. To make sure that everyone knows who is telling the truth and who is lying in this ongoing argument over Grey racing, I have a short list of videos, all of which come from the tracks own cameras. If you think dogs feel no pain, these vids may not bother you. If, however, you are smart enough to know that dogs are sentient beings (i.e., they feel pain, fear, love, happiness), watch these vids with caution. One of these shows Birthday Toy as he is being electrocuted to death during a race. If you dare to watch the industries own videos, THIS is why we work so hard. This is why this is an immoral and, if you will, an un-Godly industry. tattoo At 1:24, black Grey falls. At 1:26, white-black Grey with blue coat turns head when his racemate screams in agony bolt gun ... Here, they are indoctrinating kids into this brutal industry.

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

Buy them lifetime transportation and video equipment to make sure they could get anywhere the Greys needed them, and could document all the abuses these amazing creatures are subjected to in the name of the dollar. As more and more people see the abuses, racing continues its precipitous decline. Here's to you,! By the way, I just donated again, today, even though I have very little money. They are THAT good at shutting down these abuse factories.

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carey2 (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

Thanks so much for this review, and for everything you do for the greyhounds!


Review for GREY2K USA Education Fund, Arlington, MA, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

" Keep in mind that Carey's two "non-profits" (Grey2k USA Education Fund / Grey2k USA), rake in several hundred thousand dollars per year. Carey and his wife, Christine Dorchak, take a very large percentage of that money as their personal income. Less than 2% of donations benefit greyhounds. " rxallen. This is how idiotic and sometimes toddler-esque the racing industry's supporters are. ONE: This award honors's great work and top rating as recognized by a surveyor of ideal nonprofits, and they stupidly think that their hatred for the group will have some effect on this outcome. TWO: Everything plays against them, from countless videos (from the tracks' OWN cameras) and newspaper articles, to the tracks' OWN injury reports, showing Greys being killed because they were no longer raceable. It is a non-defensible position and, as more and more states outlaw racing and/or stop the gov't financing of racing, supporters are becoming more and more desperate in their hatred, both in their lies against Grey2KUSA.oeg, the most effective organization to ever take them on, and of moral people.

The Faustian Bargain ACTUALLY gets the numbers from the tracks themselves when they report them to the states, as required by law in some states. So, NO, their numbers are as far from made up as your claims of the innocence of Grey racing is from the truth. As you said (as a racing supporter), when you get your numbers from a skewed source... Do you people EVER read this stuff through before posting it? My word, Swiss cheese can only DREAM of having so many holes! As for GPI, I feel they are a great group. They have wonderful things for one particular Grey who holds the most special place in my heart. However, they are only "neutral" on racing because most tracks REFUSE TO ADOPT OUT TO GROUPS WHO OPENLY OPPOSE GREY RACING! Therefore, no matter how vile they find racing (and they DO find it vile!), GPI agrees to not speak ill of the tracks, because the tracks will then go back to killing the Greys, instead.
A Faustian Bargain, definitely, but it saves thousands of Greys from death. works VERY well at closing the tracks, Over half of all US tracks have been closed in the last 12 years due to their efforts. Whether they were the prime mover or acted as a supporting role, their results speak for themselves, and have made them (us, really) they most hated group to Greyhound racing's immora; supporters. Just a couple samples here of the clips the racing industry fears you will see, and they come from the racing industry's OWN cameras. The brutality forced upon these noble animals is horrendous, and now, the racing immoralists are REALLY scared, because their continued lies about finances have been soundly defeated by a natinal organization.
You can follow these links, or search for “Greyhound disaster”, “Greyhound accident”, “Greyhound death”, “Greyhound abuse”, or many others search terms. You can find countless videos recorded by the tracks (for simulcast), so their authenticity cannot be doubted. ...
Any questions as to who is telling the truth and who is lying to protect their immoral industry? Video evidence provided by the tracks refuting their own claims, or an organization awarded nationally for being best at non-profit work. Hmmm....I wonder who the more trustworthy group is?

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carey2 (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

Thanks for your review Joey. It definitely says something that greyhound breeders feel the need to come here to this site, and post false negative reviews about our work. They are trying to tear us down, because we are an effective voice for the dogs.