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Pooky Boo Pet Rescue Inc

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This organization's nonprofit status may have been revoked or it may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.

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Wendy Chorney M.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Vickie works unbelievable hours according to her and keeps the dogs in her care in crates until she can rush home for a few hour span to walk them. Not exactly ideal for a rescue. She doesn't oppose shock collars or long hours in crates but has other issues. After having a beautiful 4 year old in her care for 2 years, she refuses to adopt this dog to someone with 25 years of experience with dogs due to no fenced yard even though exercise with the dog was not an issue. I don't feel this is a reputable rescue when she truly doesn't take the time to meet potential owners but prefers to keep these babies in crates in her home. She also failed to file proper tax forms to maintain her standing. Shame on her for not putting animals in proper homes.

Board Member

Rating: 5

Until very recently Pooky Boo was unaware the nonprofit status had been revoked. They are investigating why the IRS forms were not documented for the past three years. Hopefully this issue will be corrected and the status reinstated. Thank you for all the supportive reviews. It is greatly appreciated!

Review from Guidestar

Client Served

Rating: 3

Pooky boo Rescue is run by one person who loves dog and does what she can to help the dog. I know for a fact she spends her own money on medical care and other needs. This person who gave 1 star is out of her mind. None of what she wrote is anywhere near the truth, except that she was denied a dog because she refused to fix a hole in her fence. What a drama-queen.

If you already have or had a pet, yep Vickie will call your vet to make sure you stayed up-to date on shots. This tells her you care for your animal's need. She brings to dog to you to meet you and your family and to check out where the dog will live. Why? Because homes without fences, and homes with holes in their fence (who refuse to fix them), will find the rescue dog will slip off the property and probably found by the dog warden. You've just sent a dog back to doggy-hell.

No, Pooky Boo does not check on you for the rest of the dog's life. She will call a week or two later to learn how things are working out as the dog settles into his new home. If there is a problem, she wants the dog back so it does not wind up in the shelter again. Plus, she knows the dog and will be able to find it a new home faster than anyone else.

If you care about dogs and you want to get a dog from one of the best smaller dog rescues you cannot go anywhere better than Pooky Boo Pet Rescue. How do I know? Because I live next door to the rescue. I hear the dogs and I see them playing outside. I hear Vickie talking to the dogs. And I adopted a dog from her. She cares for dogs no other rescue would ever take: sick, old, disabled dogs.

Before anyone else go ranting about a dog rescue, check your facts. Whining because you could not adopt dog because you refused to fix a hole in your fence is just asinine . . . and childish. I believe every rescue only adopts out to adults. So if you want a dog grow-up and fix your fence. You could have done it in the time it took you to spew your nonsense.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

My husband, Larry, and I adopted our Akita through Pooky Boo Pet Rescue. Her name is Zoey and she has brought love and sweetness into our lives. My one concern was that Zoey be good with children, because we have five grandchildren. She is better than good--she is great with kids. She also likes other dogs, especially our neighbor's dog, Myra. They run and play together all the time.

Zoey is a typical rescue pet with a disposition whereby she likes to chew. We have plenty of hard bones and tough play toys for her. After losing our beloved Hoshi (also a rescue dog), Zoey came into our lives to make us smile again. When people lose a pet, they should consider helping another--pay it forward. I wish I could post her picture. Zoey is beautiful.


Client Served

Rating: 5

I'm not sure what this other person was talking about. No you do NOT have to be rich to adopt a dog from Vicki. However, owning a pet is a serious responsibility. You will easily spend $500 or more a year just feeding the dog. So to be honest, if you can't be bothered to nail a piece of wood to the hole in your fence (which would probably cost you $10), you have no business owning a dog! My family and I have adopted 5 dogs from Pooky Boo over the years.

Vicki is fantastic and extremely dedicated to the animals she serves. Vicki travels all over the state to pick up dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. She runs the rescue out of her house and she spends a considerable amount of her own money to take care of them. She just wants to make sure the dog goes to a good home. This pet rescue is WAY easier to adopt a dog from than many organizations. The adoption fees are reasonable, she does not care if you use an electric collar to keep the dog in the yard (many organizations prohibit these), and she brings potential dogs TO YOU to meet your family, other pets, etc. And if it ever doesn't work out (e.g. the dog doesn't get along with other pets) she's not only willing to take back the dog, she requires it. Which is absolutely fair and means that the dog will not end up in a kill shelter! She does NOT "rent" or "lease" the dog to you. If you are actually ready for the commitment of owning a dog, there is no better rescue organization in the Toledo area than this one.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Pros: The woman that runs this org makes dogs her life. (To the point of being unreasonable) She does long distance house visits.

Cons: The contract is a lease. She can and will call you and your vet years down the road, make phone calls and visits, and has taken people to court to get their dog taken away years later for any of the 20 things listed in her contract. Seems to choose the family that will spend the most to rent out the dog to.

Personal experience: She has great dogs hidden behind unreasonable expectations and contract that basically leases the dogs only. As a first time dog owner, I wanted a personal companion, and got attached to a pug mix that came to visit. After saying I needed more time to think about it, she said I would be a great mom but my family seemed disinterested and there was a hole in our fence.

I corresponded with her several times, and after telling her that we would fix the fence after we actually get a dog, since it doesnt make sense to furnish a home before we might get one, so to speak. We also, arent the type to gush and awe over animals, even if we like them. After stringing me along for two weeks, she says there was another person that had already spent money on toys, a kennel, other stuff, and in a private community, declared her to be the mom (ugh owner!) before even meeting her. She said that we were irresponsible, any future dog we get will be run over by a car, and to try my luck at the local pound since they "dont give a crap who they adopt out to."

We was willing to properly take care of this dog, including the fence, and deal with her interfering in our lives for the life of the dog, but apparently she's only looking out for leasers that are willing to blindly spend an unlimited budget on a POTENTIAL "furkid." (uhg..)

Conclusion: If you are rich and or willing to spend sky's the limit on a dog, and want to adopt a middle aged woman that comes with a dog you can rent, this is your place.