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Boxer Transfer Network Ltd

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Organization created for the benefit of needy dogs requiring rescue, rehabilitation, veterinary care and to assist in the placement of these dogs into permanent homes.

Programs: Rescue, rehabilitation and placement of dogs for adoption to suitable permanent homes.

Community Stories

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I was supportive of this group and followed them on facebook. They posted about a boxer needing a home. It was not one of their boxers but one that they were trying to help rehome for someone that contacted them. I noted in their posting that they stated that they NEVER will put a female boxer in a home with another. I found this very interesting because I have 3 female boxers. I got all 3 (Brindle, Fawn, and White) of my female boxers at different times, and at different ages, and from different places including one from the SPCA. I didn't do anything special in introducing them other than what anyone would maybe do and I've had them all together in my house with cats for at least 3 years (the youngest being 3 years old and the oldest is 8) and never had a problem. So I was curious and posted on their facebook post why they had this policy because I have 3 female boxers and have never had a problem. I was met with a VERY rude response that I was just lucky and I should go look it up on Google. No information, no explanation, no friendly response, just nasty, snarky, rudeness and this was the first time I had ever asked a question or posted on their site. Needless to say I was a bit taken aback. I had another member responded as well that Boxer Transfer Network knows best - Don't think this person was trying to be rude but she is probably unfortunately someone who just thinks that BTN is God-like and knows all which simply isn't true. So I summarized my point very nicely, I was not rude, that maybe they should at some point in time consider making this a case by case basis because if my 3 boxers had been placed under their policy, it would have required them to find 3 homes. Instead they have a great home with me together and they don't fight. Not all dogs fight. So despite my nice response on facebook, BTN came back with an even nastier response to me. I have to wonder why all of their responses to me including their initial one were so rude and nasty. They seem to think they are better than everyone else and look down on others. For a bunch of people who beg for money and fosters all the time, they should be more careful about running people off and they should care about the animals and potential adopters instead of passing on homes because there is a female dog already. RIDICULOUS POLICY!!!!! They just got mad because I proved them wrong in front of their supporters which is why they shut me down. This policy of BTN keeps needy pets from good homes. I see BTN reaching out for fosters or begging for money or begging for adopters but they have this policy where they refuse to consider putting 2 female boxers together because they may have had a female boxer or two that didn't get along???? Seriously???? I have to question why. No way in hell would I deal with these people! If you really want a boxer, there are plenty of good boxers needing homes in the SPCAs or good rescues that will not treat you the way that BTN obviously does. I have never gotten a boxer from BTN nor have I ever applied, this incident was my only interaction with them and based on the way I was treated for asking a simple question, it is a very good indicator of how I would be treated in the future and also makes me SERIOUSLY question the treatment of any animal in their care. Just my opinion.

Jen Lazur T.


Rating: 5

I adopted my two dogs from BTN approximately 7 years ago. I was told that they are all about the dogs, and it is true. If I were not the right candidate for that bonded pair, I would not have adopted them. Since then, one dog passed away and we adopted another through BTN. We help to do phone interviews, home visits, transport, and caring for the dogs in the rescue. This rescue is all volunteers who love dogs and don't want them to be surrendered. We have a process that works to keep almost every dog in it's forever home. If our process of 3 phone interviews and a home visit is too much for you, please consider a local shelter.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Their adoption process is invasive and unreasonable. We have a wonderful dog that we adopted from A Forever Home. Recommend contacting them instead of BTN.


Client Served

Rating: 1

My family wanted to adopt a dog, the only one we wanted was only posted a day when we asked for him, they had me do a week long application process, I even offered to pay the fee up front we loved him so much, they then told a family who wanted one of four dogs that we wanted this one, so they moved their busy schedule up a week to see him and took him. they then wrote me this email after telling me to be persistent...

Dear Ms. Bernstein,

I am reaching out to you in response to the recent email you sent to the BTN Interview Team regarding adoption of our dogs. Currently, we cannot approve your application to adopt. Your actions concerning Lambo were obnoxious. Your yard was also not actually a yard, but a patio. It gives us pause. Eventually, we would like to give you the chance you to foster to adopt.

RIGHT NOW: However, we need you to slow down and show that you are a capable, stable and loving BTN type of family. We welcome you to be a member of our group, comment on postings, and get involved. There are many opportunities to go to a BTN sponsored event. Participation as described above would help us get to know you on a more personal level. With Lambo, we all tried to help you. You did, however, lose everyone’s sympathy. You appeared unstable and problematic to all of us. You called Bunny at least 4 times and facebook friend requested her. You called Robin at her place of work. Sue received one call, an email and a Facebook friend request. Irene received a facebook friend request, message and several emails, and who knows how many calls. Lynda was contacted numerous times. Several people asked you to stop. It appears obnoxious, not persistent. It appears disrespectful and self serving.

We’re hoping your actions are a reflection of a hurting individual, and not really of someone with no regard for anyone else. We feel you may be grieving and that your desperation comes as a result of attempting to cope with loss. We are hoping what we experienced isn’t you in your daily life. We love people who love their dogs. We also feel like as a group, we should help those suffering from loss, so it’s our wish that we can put this behind us. In time, we’d love to have you in our Foster to Adopt Program. Right now, we are hesitant. We need you to slow down a bit and we need to get to know you in a positive light.

Eventually, we will approve you as a potential foster working to adopt. In situations where we have still have questions about whether or not to approve an application, the organization sometimes allows a family to foster first to see how things go. If a foster situation works, you would then be allowed to adopt in the future. As a foster, you do not choose your dog, the rescue does. We take our placements very seriously. We try to weigh everything: your home, your family, the dog and the temperament of the dog. We are humans though and dogs surprise us.

There is also a training program that involves effort on your part. There are rules and procedures---you would have to follow them and would not be an exception to the rule or rules. You would have a Foster mentor to help you handle issues that may arise during the foster process. I will stress though being a foster is not a revolving door. You would be responsible to work with your assigned dog. We cannot just move them at a whim. Fostering is a HUGE commitment to us as an organization and to the dogs. Your heart has to be right. We would help you adjust but you would have to be receptive to our advice and suggestions and would be expected to apply what is discussed. If you do not feel you can foster, I totally understand. It is a lot to take in. If you are mutually successful at fostering one of our dogs, and still wish to adopt, we would then allow you to adopt. You could adopt your foster, if you desired, or another dog. BTN has many foster failures, as we call them. If this is of interest to you, please email this communication email address.

PLEASE NOTE: All communication needs to take place through this Communications email address. Please do not call anyone. Please do not FB message anyone. Please do not send repeated emails to various people. We want to help you but cannot respond to repeated calls and emails. Please do not call our interview team. They volunteer their time as interviewers. Please email this communication address if you wish to proceed as a Foster for the BTN. If you choose yes, we will take the next steps.

This is my response because that is all BS

What a foul email, I don’t know what to think!!! I am a loving and caring, responsible dog owner, I never even had my dog in my backyard unless for social gatherings, he was walked three times a day, at least 3 miles, your volunteers were the ones that got my hopes up stating that Lambo had no other applicants, then YOUR ORGANIZATION told another family we were interested in Lambo they were interested in him as well as 4 other dogs… and your organization proceeded to call them to tell them, they then moved their “busy schedule” to a date sooner then they had planned to. They were “too busy to see Lambo for another week” but after you called them they moved it up a week. I was also told by one of your volunteers to be “polite but persistent” I was only trying to assure you how much our family wanted Lambo. Your head of the organization was rude and inconsiderate and frankly I am sorry I wasted my time sitting by my phone trying to adopt through you, all it caused was upset and crying from all four of my kids my husband and myself. SHAME ONE YOU for sending me this. I was not trying to be obnoxious in any way I was trying to show how much we already loved Lambo and wanted to give him a happy, loving, fun home FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!! I was calling one time a day, and only the numbers I was given, because I was so excited and hopeful to give Lambo a forever home. I went through your rigorous process and was approved by everyone. Just because Robin answered her phone at work does NOT mean I called her at work, I even apologized after she told me she was at work and not to worry about it. My entire family was just excited and hopeful to get him. So thanks for TURNING ME OFF from adopting. I even donated 3000 dollars to dog cancer research last month so don’t think you even come close to knowing me as a human being!!!!!!! I am the most giving, kind, caring and polite person you could ever meet. So I am DONE with your organization. Thanks for NOTHING!!