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Senior Chateau On The Hill

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Senior Chateau is far from being one of the # 1 best buildings in the world. as a matter of fact it is downright crazy and disturbing it just makes you go insane living in there. Never left a lone in piece. Get bugged by managers a lot who works in the office in and out. What I mean by mean and out is a manager quits their job or get fired that in and out thing. But also going in and out of apartments a lot doing tons of inspections which I call illegal inspections. Everything they do in the building is illegal. The source of the problem lies within the PK Management. They think they are the owners but Senior Chateau Investors LLC are the real actual main source. I don't think they have no idea how their building is coming too. The place is a total mess. Loaded with bed bugs, Roaches, Bad plumbing issues. The building has a lot of issues that needs to be dealt with but never gets fixed properly. Bad water damages from leakages in apartments and the cafeteria. Everybody's things getting destroyed from it. And what do you get from the manager or the management company ? Their not responsible for damages to anybody's stuff. And they are very cheap with the money. They are messing around with the water a lot in the building not staying hot the way it's supposed to be. It mostly starts about around midnight at 12 am. Stay's cold until about 4 or 5 in the morning. Taking cold showers isn't to good especially at winter time which it is now. I once when I lived their I had to take a cold shower about around that time too. I was just lucky I didn't catch the flu or worse. Their are seniors and disableds living in the building putting up with that kind of crap everyday. Some get sick or much worse than that. And lots moved out cause of the terrible conditions in there. The video You will see as one of the things as proof in the building. The water leakage pouring down in cafeteria but I can't exactly show you how the management carry's on in the building. You just half to be there or live in there to see but just let's hope you don't. I mean living in the building. That choice will be a big mistake. There was a manager who worked there before in the rental office (Regina Love) AKA Robinson who came back to work there again in 2014. This manager was jumping on tenants for no reason trying to evict anybody she wants to evict but I guess there was some discrimination involved there. But isn't that what the PK Management is all about ?discrimination. Yeah .. Well this other woman (Penny Higgins) she works for the PK Management. She's mostly right now hiring the bad ones. The one before Regina was (Carliss O'Neal) she stills people's rent money. The money doesn't belong to her she just manages the building and making sure the rent money goes to where it supposed to go. But she pocket's it instead. Than try's making tenants repay their rent all over again saying they have never paid at all. She use to been the assistant manager but some how she become the fulltime manager. But that had to been the crazy option. Nobody never made her manager before because of the things she does. But eventually there is a different regional manager taking over at the PK Management which is the name I already gave (Penny Higgins) She was the one who hired her and Regina. But I don't think I need to go any further just to say this though but don't expect anything better with the outcome of the building. It isn't going to get any better. Not now .. Not ever. There I said .. I speak no more.