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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Our mission is to enhance the lives of companion animals and support the human-animal bond. Our vision is that every adoptable companion animal in Placer County has a home, every lost companion animal in Placer County is reunited with its owner, every dog and cat owner has access to affordable spay and neuter services and every companion animal is treated with kindness and respect.

Geographic areas served: Placer County, California

Programs: Shelter operations - see attached list of accomplishments

adoption and education - see attached list of accomplishments

spay/neuter program - see attached list of accomplishments

Community Stories

28 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Board Member

Rating: 5

I've sat on the boards of 30 non-profit organizations over the last 30 years, and the Placer SPCA is the best run non-profit organization with which I've been associated. All of their staff members are utterly dedicated to the organization's mission, and the staff and the volunteers do an incredible job every day maximizing the resources provided to them to the benefit of companion animals that come into their care. I don't know if I've seen a more dedicated group of people from top to bottom associated with a non-profit.



Rating: 5

I am honored to help Placer SPCA help abused and homeless animals in our area. Their kind and heartfelt attention to these abandoned pets is wonderful. Each animal is given the equal opportunity to be evaluated for possible adoption. They also screen potential "pet parents" to make sure the animal is going to an appropriate and loving home. I work at their thrift store and love being able to donate my time to bring much needed funds to the organization. I also am a 10 year member and donate as much cash as I can throughout the year. It is a pleasure to help these great folks and this great group do their best to help those beings without a voice.

Previous Stories


Rating: 5

My husband Lonnie and I choose to continually support the Placer SPCA for hundreds of reasons and in many ways. We feel the most important thing is the constant thread of compassion and kindness they show the animals and those of us blessed enough to live in Placer County.

With every encounter whether it be a surrender or adoption, I feel that the animal will be or has been cared for in an appropriate and humane manner.

Placer SPCA’s staff has consistently proven themselves to care more about others, both human and animals, than they do themselves. They are selfless volunteers who bring empathy and encouragement to the most needy of our community…those without a voice. By helping the most helpless, they encourage my family and I to support them in anyway we can. We help with more than monetary donations by being a constant cheerleader for their cause, bringing in our recyclable bottles and cans, volunteering and shopping and donating at the thrift store and donating food and other needed items to the shelter.

Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Wise words and those that we feel are followed very closely by the Placer SPCA.

The Placer SPCA gives those that can not speak a voice, those that can not defend themselves a safe haven. I have personally been involved with stories of abused and injured animals being made whole and given a new happy life due to their efforts.

LeeAnn Dickson

General Member of the Public

Rating: 3

We no longer support them, as we choose to support other local groups that don't have the fundraising machine this group has. There are shoestring groups doing as much or more for animals, and they don't turn away animals because they come from outside Roseville. Placer SPCA is very choosy about the animals it takes, meaning many of the least adoptable have no place to go. That's why they can claim such low euthanasia rates. It's really a form of cheating.

Comments ( 1 )


placer-spca 10/20/2011

We are sorry for your experience and would like to talk with you further. Please contact Matt Green, our Director of Operations, at mattg@placerspca.org if you wish to learn more about our policies and procedures. In summary, the City of Roseville does contract with us to accept all animals including strays and owner surrendered animals from the City of Roseville. This allows us to legally house strays from the City. We are not legally able to accept strays animals from the other cities or the county. We can however legally accept owner surrendered animals from these other cities and the county and we do. Additionally, we transfer animals from Placer County Animal Services after the legally required holding times and as we have space available. We do not select animals based on adoptability. On any day at the Placer SPCA you may see many animals available for adoption from cute puppies and kittens to 15 year old cats and elderly dogs of all breeds and sizes. We also, with the generous support of the community, care for major medical needs from heartworm treatment to repairing broken limbs, dental disease and much more. We provide care and shelter for more animals in Placer County than any other government or private rescue organization and yes, the largest population of animals do come from the City of Roseville for the reasons described earlier. We have a talented staff and over 600 volunteers who share close to 50,000 hours of their time to support the many programs and services we offer to the community. Over 1000 of our animals are housed in volunteer foster homes throughout the year in order to allow us to serve as many animals as we can. Again, we welcome the opportunity to communicate with you further about your experiences as we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Lastly, we would like to emphasize that there are a number of wonderful animal rescue organizations throughout Placer County and encourage our community to support their efforts.

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Rating: 5

As a person who loves animals so intensly, it was often difficult for me to do volunteer work inside the shelter without having anxiety. The good folks at the Placer SPCA worked with me for a year allowing me to try different volunteer duties. Now, I'm a sales associated at the Placer SPCA Thrift Store on Saturdays. I'm utilizing my God given gift of gabbing on the sales floor and all proceeds directly benefit the Center! It's a win-win!

1 Linda23456


Rating: 5

I volunteer with the dogs at the SPCA. I have enjoyed helping people pick out there new family members. One lady and her son came in with very different ideas of which dog they wanted. After meeting the dogs each of the two people wanted a different dog. Both family members were willing to give up their first choice to make the other person happy. After much discussion and counselling little Mo went home.



Rating: 5

As many family's today we are a very busy family and I simply didn't have the time to take classes and volunteer. The reason I initially started was my daughter's persistence and love for animals. I am ashamed to say I was not looking forward to it because I felt way to busy between full time work and raising three teenagers. But from the very first orientation I felt this sense of urge to participate and have felt hooked and now look forward to it! If you can just take the time (even just 4 hrs) to be a JR team it is a bonding experience that both you and your teen will remember forever!!!



Rating: 5

I am a volunteer at the Auburn SPCA. It is a new shelter and I work with the animals and help clean in the morning. This faucility had 2 kittens that had colds and were on med's twice a day. They looked pretty bad and no one was going adopt sick kittens. I suggested they go to a foster to get well and I was told that all the fosters were full. I said I could foster and was told that you had to be trained in fostering. I proudly said I was trained in fostering and I took 2 sick kitties home to make well. My dog at home was a SPCA rescue almost 4 years ago, but she had never seen cats or been with them. She was not sure what to make of them, but soon she was mothering them. Within a week they were well and looking great and playing. When they were returned it was amazing how good the looked and acted. They were soon adopted. The faucility is the greatest and the workers and CEO are all pretty special people.

2 Sara23


Rating: 5

I have adopted animals from several rescue places throughout Northern California in the past but once I became a volunteer for the Placer SPCA two years ago I saw how they were above and beyond all the other non-profit animal rescue groups. They provide help to new pet owners and even pet owners that are not adopting from them with information, training, classes, and programs for free or low cost that you cannot get at other non-profits.

I have been a volunteer for two years and a foster volunteer for over a year and this group works hand in hand with the volunteers to provide the best place temporary home they can for these great future pets.

1 Su C.


Rating: 4

As a volunteer mentor, it is so rewarding to assist adopters to find the right pet, to know that they are going to a good home. Many people ask "how can you do this" but knowing that the animals are safe & fed keeps me going. Being a part of the entire adoption process is a "feel good" emotion.

I personally adopt older cats (11-15) as people often think they won't live long, or there will be behaviorial problems. But all they have done is bring me joy.

The shelter is like a community, where our one goal is to help animals find their "forever" home. I have been with them about 6 years. What you choose to do is up to you, ie walk dogs, pamper the cats, assist in adoption counseling, Petmobile, assist in training volunteers, and even foster care, You volunteer when it is best for you. They provide classes for all areas of interest.

PSPCA is truly a volunteer driven facility, with the heart in the right place.....A forever home for all the animals.

Johanna W.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Last year I found a Momma cat with several kittens, they were just days old. We decided to raise them and with that comes the responsibility to be a responsible pet owner.

The Placer SPCA educates and encourages the public to spay or neuter their pets as part of responsible pet ownership. For my new found momma kitty and her kittens this would not have been possible without help from SNAP (spay and Neuter Assistance Program). The application process was simple, and the Placer SPCA was very quick to respond to our request. We were able to get the momma cat and kittens spayed free of charge through agreements the Placer SPCA has with various local vets.