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Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary Inc

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Rating: 5

I have community service and I like birds keep me calm


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Captain Barrett continues to take in homeless parrots and provide them with a happy home. With the downturn in the economy, the Captain has seen an increase in the number of birds whose owners can no longer care for them and who come to him for help. The Sanctuary is funded solely by donations, and 100℅ of the donations go to care for the birds. If anyone deserves an award, it is Captain Barrett and the Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary.

Previous Stories

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

As the owner of 2 macaws, I am amazed by the work done by Capt. Barrett at the Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary. Every bird in the Captain's 'flock" is well cared for, loved, and nurtured, benefitting from the Captain's extensive avian expertise. Captain Barrett provides a valuable service by taking in parrots whose owners are no longer able to care for them. Without his intervention, these beautiful creatures would have no place to go. Given the longevity of most parrots, it is very reassuring to know that there is a place like the Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary that can care for orphaned birds. Thank heavens for Captain Barrett and the Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I am a huge supporter of Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary! We bring them out to many of our events offering them free space in which they are able to raise much needed donations for their cause. This arrangement is a win-win for both of us, as Capt. Tut's Birds are fantastic entertainers and we (and our visitors) just love them!


Client Served

Rating: 5

In April, 2011 I contacted Capt Tut to consult with me on a 28 yr. old Yellow Nape Amazon that I recently acquired through my landlord. Because I knew the bird was mishandled I did not want to create any more problems or issues that he already had. My Yellow Nape was mistrusting of men, preferred women and did everything possible to intimidate anyone that came near him.

Capt. Tut took his time in explaning the grooming of the bird. This included drawn diagrams of various flight feathers, blood feathers, etc. In addition, he took his time sitting in the same room with the Yellow Nape and myself so the bird would get a chance to become acquainted with him. I was amazed by the knowledge that Capt. Tut had regarding these birds. In a short period of time, Capt. Tut had the Yellow Nape on his lap, petting him and stepping up on his hand. Considering the Yellow Nape's mistrust of men this was nothing short of a miracle.

The Yellow Nape now accepts men, no longer resorts to intimidation to gain control and my 11 year old grand daughter can even handle him.

I now have acquired two other birds via a death of a neighbor. Without the expert guidance of Capt Tut and I would have never been able to handle my Yellow Nape Amazon, let alone take on two additional birds.

Thanks to Capt. Tut's expert guidance, I now have 3 wonderful birds that I can take outside, walk on the beach with and share a football game with.

I highly recommend Capt. Tut to others and I feel that he is a bird's best friend.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Pinellas Suncoast Parrot Sanctuary was started by Captain Tut Barrett and his beleivers in what he does. Capt.Tut got out of the Marine Corps ending the Viet Nam Era in 1973. In those days Jimmy Buffett was still new and even Birtie Higgins was from this same home area. Capt.Tut was HONORABLY discharged and was blessed with VA benefits for all Medical Health Issues.
Capt.Tut was just a Parrothead and was born here in Tampa Bay area and even grew up and went to kindergarden on Gulfport Beach, he always insists that he was weaned on salt water and sand. He says that he could even swim before he could walk.
When becoming inactive reserve and coming back home he recieved his VA College Benefits and began college right away, you see, Capt. Tut was at his fathers side for awhile as he died of cancer in the hospital and never would get out. His last wish was, "Tut, you join the Marine Corps, they'll straiten your ass out !" . Back then you used to have to sign up for the draft as soon as your 18th birthday. Tut was only 17 and just graduated high school. He got the recruiter to go to the Hosp with him and a Priest while his father signed his approval with only the power of an X.
On July 4th it was the only day I was not with him because of the Daytona Firecracker 400. That day, he died. On Aug. 3 I left for Parris Island and graduated there while still only 17 and being told I can quit and go home because I was the sole serviving son. I refused to stop and go home when I promised my Dad. Even when my Mom and my Sister came to Parris Island with all the papers and I refused and stayed to complete.
I listened to Jimmy Buffett music and missed being home near the beach. When I finally got out and went to college I strudied business and worked a retail pet franchise store with large capacity. I worked only the Avian Dept.
When I left there I was offered to be Asst.Zoo Director for a local attraction and do the bird shows.
When I left there I went back to college and got another degree and Cert.Vet.Tech. then I worked The Avian Hospt. at every chance I got, even if volunteer as well as the Emergency Clinic.
I continued and grew and reached the Advisory Committee for the College that I started at out of the USMC. I also volunteered to be in anything to do with birds. I ended up co-hosting a radio program out of Seaword and Universal Studios on Pets and I was the Avian Rep.
Later I even recieved my Training for Bird Shows at Disneys Animal Kingdom.
Now, I started the non-profit license so I could try to keep saving so many parrots. See what I mean at wwwl.suncoastparrotsanctuary.org , I still do whatever I can to save all these birds. I really need some help to keep them all fed and healthy. We do whatever for these parrots and they do have along life span. Some as long as a Human Being. Please try to Help Them, Thank You