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Causes: Health


Results: We were located at St. Joseph’s Medical Center Center taking care of Oncology patients (women & men). At St. Joseph’s our volunteers visited Barrow's Neurological where we cared for the brain tumor patients and also visited patients who were receiving Radiation. We also had a relaxation room where patients could receive soothing facials or relaxing hand and foot massages outside of the hospital room environment. FIM also has a children's outreach, All About Us Kids, which served the children at Phoenix Children's Hospital and Maricopa Integrated Systems, seeing the child from the burn unit and all other childhood diseases. AAUK pampered the children and their mothers, provided them with toys, manicures, and games.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Over 4,000 cancer patients

Geographic areas served: Phoenix-metropolitan area

Programs: Provide a monthly "In Celebration of Life" Tea Party for the Cancer Patients, where hundreds of patients have found a day away from the medical worries, meet new friends, and truly celebrate life.

Community Stories

58 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

Face in the Mirror (FIM) is the most wonderful charity in Arizona. I am a twice breast cancer survivor and FIM has done so much to raise my self esteem and make me feel happier and attractive. They hold a monthly tea party for everyone (men, women, children) who have had any kind of cancer. They offer free beautiful wigs They give us free beauty products that are not loaded with toxic ingredients. They make us feel special. Every month at the tea party they have special presentations which are fun, interesting, and informational. I feel very blessed to be in Arizona. I used to live on the East Coast and they had nothing as wonderful as this. I donate to FIM because while there are other good cancer organizations, I feel that FIM has been the best. I have also made fabulous new friends here and we support each other. Thank you FIM. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to FIM.

Client Served

Rating: 5

The teas are amazing. New things to learn not only from the podium although I personally love being presented with good information and new perspectives of how to look and deal with our issues and concerns. At the teas we all also learn from the people we sit with and the new friends we make. FACE IN THE MIRROR is amazing.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I went because a friend who was familiar with the organization recommended I go. It was a wonderful lunch, speakers and beauty products, all free of charge. They make the ladies feel special. It's really a wonderful organization.

Client Served

Rating: 5

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Brain Cancer. I was given 2 years to live & didn't know where to turn. No one around me understood what I was going through because they hadn't been in my shoes. Not that they didn't care, but because they just couldn't possibly know the fear of what lied ahead.
Face in the mirror foundation means so much to me. They do understand, Barbara has been there to see her sister suffer as we have, and She brings cancer survivors together, who do understand, and it allows us for that one day for to communicate with other cancer survivors, from newly diagnosed to long term survivor, and from brain cancer to breast cancer... no cancer is excluded.
We are made to feel we matter, feel beautiful and get much needed pampering. I have made very special friends through Face in the mirror, and have friends who have received the massages and wigs, and facials in their most dire moments. What they do for us on our Journey is priceless, and puts a smile on our face, as we escape, even for just a couple of hours, our daunting treatments, Doctors visits and days stuck in bed.
in 2015, my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and lost her hair. I knew where to go, and I took her to Face In the Mirror's Tea party. She was given a wig, and the smile on her face was priceless.
If you are considering donating to Foundation that makes a difference... This is the one. They have touched my life, and gave me precious memories with 2 dear friends who lost their battles with Cancer. I am forever grateful to them and for what they do.

Oh and by the way... on the 28th I celebrate 9 years, and on the 26th, my sister celebrates 2!!- FIGHT THE FIGHT!!!!!

Sharon Shimek

Client Served

Rating: 5

I have found the volunteers of "Face in the Mirror" to be compassionate and passionate about what they do. They have always been available and create a supportive environment for cancer patients. Going to their luncheons, getting massages, and receiving wonderful skin care products and make-up helped me feel feminine and pretty after a double mastectomy. Face in the Mirror is a wonderful organization.


Client Served

Rating: 5

As a recovering Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma patient, this organization has been a godsend. It has been there to lift my spirits, make me feel beautiful again, and give me a monthly outing to look forward to where I was treated like a queen and able to visit with others who understood what I was going through. I am able to "let my hair down" and share with my fellow cancer patients without censoring my words. We receive a beautiful meal, free organic personal Shaklee products, a massage/make over and wig fitting. This community "gets us" and knows what we need and desire. Thank goodness for a nonprofit that's main goal is to bring joy and hope to cancer patients.

3 boopwithbetty

Former staff

Rating: 5

I have been volunteering/working for Face In The Mirror for 9 years and I love the mission of FIM. Following are some of the beautiful words received from patients that have been touched by FIM's Mission. These words are the reason I LOVE my job.

Face in the Mirror has been a Godsend to me. Without FITM, I wouldn’t have had any real support or anything to look forward to (hugs, company, food, etc.). They have been fabulous & a ray of sunshine in a very dark time

Face In The Mirror is my main source of love and caring in what is so often a hurtful and painful world

With cancer, fear has enslaved my soul – but “Face in the Mirror” has given me a spirit of courage to fly and live again. So now when I look in the mirror, I see the face, of strength, hope, and a beautiful woman surrounded by all that life should be – Love

Face in the Mirror changed my cancer experience, changed my outlook in such a positive way. Thank you! Those who don’t have FIM are really losing out. I am sooo appreciative of everything FIM has done for me and my family.

(FIM is an) amazing organization that gives me strength and meet new people on the same journey. God has provided this great organization to be loved upon us.

If Face in the Mirror didn’t exist, I may have given up. When I first found out about FIM and came to my first tea, I thought “what a great organization”. I wanted to give back for the love they showed me.

Face in the Mirror has given us hope…. I have been able to go to a place where others have shared my journey and there is so much that I do not have to say…. It is all understood. I leave here with a full stomach, kind, wise, meaningful words….. and thoughts. Face in the Mirror is an experience filled with dignity. The product has helped me since my skin changed after cancer.

Face in the Mirror has helped me through the past 7 years feel more like a woman! They helped me fix the devastation that cancer did to my body. I am woman hear me roar.

I’ve met and made Friends with a lot of persons. I appreciate and love all the staff from Face in the Mirror and I feel all their love and they all care for all of us. I enjoy all the tea party’s I come to. They make me laugh, and we share the journeys we’ve been through, and feel supportive.

I love Face in the Mirror. It helps with my healing process to be surrounded by others who have and are experiencing the same thing. If we didn’t have Face in the Mirror, it would be a sad day. God Bless Face in the Mirror.

Face in the Mirror helps with feeling that you are not alone. Meeting others and connecting is important. Seeing survivors gives us hope and belief that you can live – again.


Client Served

Rating: 5

Face in the Mirror Foundation is a wonderful nonprofit and deserves recognition and funding. This is a foundation that truly gives. There is no standing in line or paperwork to fill out in order to receive. We, as cancer patients are given quality product for our faces. After treatment, the skin on my face changed so much that I did not know what to do. In walks a volunteer from Face in the Mirror while i was receiving treatment in the hospital and not only does she treat my face and hands to a massage, she dresses my face up in the most soothing makeup and then leaves me enough product so that I may continue on my own. Plus, I was invited to a tea party that occurs once a month. At the tea party, the tables were decorated with cloth and fresh flowers in vases. Volunteers wearing pink jackets were engaged in all sorts of activities from making sure I had a name tag and serving food to applying make up on newcomers to the tea party. I was provided a delicious lunch, more product, uplifting testimonials from cancer survivors and words of wisdom from a speaker. Any time I need product, I just call the Face in the Mirror office and they will send me product to my house or have it waiting for me to pick up at the next tea party. Over the years I have observed the faces of the women who regularly attend the tea parties. They look more relaxed; more content than they did in the beginning days of attending tea parties. I think this is so because they have a sense of belonging. That is the by product of what Face in the Mirror has done for us: we belong; we are part of a group; a holistic, upbeat; awe inspiring group that has been through much. Face in the Mirror provides us structure to be present in the moment and share our thoughts, concerns, smiles and joy with others who have walked in our shoes and others who are there to root us on. It is meaningful that the concept for Face in the Mirror originated with one of our own whose fight ended too soon and Face in the Mirror was started by someone close to her. So many layers; so much emotion; so much life is contained in the Face in the Mirror Foundation. It is a Foundation like no other, and therefore; deserves support in the same intensity that it gives.

6 Lucia S.

Client Served

Rating: 5

This foundation is top notch. Everyone speaks to you with love and so caring. I've had fun each time I've gone...


Client Served

Rating: 5

Going to a Tea Party is a celebration of life. There is so much caring and kindness .....it uplifts the spirit.