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The Best Friends Dog Rescue (in Cairo) is a good & noble idea that's been poorly executed. The first dog I got from them was a 4 month old puppy who turned out to be deaf & had ear mites. It took me and my husband forever & many phone calls to get the dog to begin with - & again to inform them she was deaf. The rescue said they could not take her back and WE needed to try to find a home for her before they would give it a shot. We said there was someone who had expressed an interest in her despite her being deaf, so although annoyed that we were forced to be a foster family we agreed if it meant keeping the dog from being put down. The dog was Beautiful and had a Great personality, was Extremely Intelligent but did not work well with our not-quite-2-year-old daughter. The puppy would jump on her & knock her down or play bite and get her too hard sometimes, she started to get scared of it because it would not listen (it could not hear her or us) when she said 'no dog' or "Owh! *crying* you Hurt me dog!". The puppy was wonderful in so many other ways though we couldn't see her being put down or going to a bad home. She walked WITH you when you walked together, she didn't really whine about anything, she quickly learned (in the space of a week) to sit in front of the door before we went on a walk so we could put her lead on & again once we went out the door so we could shut it behind us. So despite the dog being overly playful for the size of our baby & being deaf (we got rid of the ear mites), she was really a wonderful puppy. So we found the dog a home. After many phone calls and frustration at the rescue for being unable to be reached any time we called, we finally got in touch with them again and displayed interest in another puppy. It was almost 10 o'clock at night when we finally got to go look at the other puppy and there was a lot of complaining on their part for meeting so late. I work full time though and it would be another week to pick up the paperwork for the new adoptive family & before we could look at another puppy if we waited. Yes, you read that right, the rescue would not even get in contact with the people we gave the puppy to for paperwork to be filled out. WE were told WE had to do it because they didn't have time. At this point me and my husband both agreed chances of us getting another dog from them was akin to getting an ice skating rink in hell. But we met up with them, saw the puppy & my husband and baby girl fell in love with it. So I gave them even more of my money, filled out the neuter contract and took my newest roly-poly 8 wk puppy home. Over the next few days we watched him, noted that he absolutely COULD hear us...We also noticed he had worms. Even though they said he had been given a de-wormer they obviously had not paid any real attention to his health beyond giving the very least of the basic medicines. They had not treated for tape worms. We weighed our newest little guy and gave him the proper amount of medicine for his weight and watched as our round bellied little guy became skinny and underfed looking over the course of 3 or 4 days. He was still drinking and he was on a very high protein diet but still his weight and energy fell and fell until it finally leveled off. Two weeks after getting my puppy he is still anemic (low levels of iron in the blood, causing weakness and sleepiness) and hypoglycemic (low blood sugar because the worms were getting more of his nutrition than he was). He's a wonderfully smart little guy, loving and sweet. Both of these puppies were Bully breeds. The first one was a full blood American Bulldog. The second little guy that we still have and have since named Caesar, is a Red-nose Pit Bull mix. My little guy is just finally starting to put on weight & regain his energy with always available food and some sugar in his water. So what it really comes down to is these puppies are really good dogs who'll make wonderful pets, but the rescue is less than loving so don't expect your puppy/dog to come to you in good health. Expect a problem if you adopt from these ppl and expect to play phone tag endlessly. Their motto certainly seems to be "Once it's been paid for, it's Your problem, not ours".

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