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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: to provide a lifelong sanctuary for cats that are leukemia positive.to give these cats the care that they deserve with ongoing medical care, top quality foods, vitamins, supplements,a cage free environment where they roam freely within the sanctuary ,and where they have access to an enclosed backyard at all times.

Target demographics: feline leukemia cats

Geographic areas served: animal rescue

Programs: Rescue leukemia positive cats from kill shelters and streets provide them a lifelong shelterproper food and vet assistance to ensure their health and well being

Community Stories

12 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

4 Andrea109

Client Served

Rating: 5

My Mother passed away in September of this year and left behind a sweet 4 year old cat, who happened to be Feline Leukemia +. Since I knew I was not able to take him in, I started contacting shelters to see if they would take him. Same story all around... No, because he is Feline Leukemia +. I know how much she loved her cat, (Mr. Kitty) and euthanizing was just not an option for me. A friend of mine searched for a place that would take him, and suggested I contact ASLANS Cats. I immediately did a Google search, read their website from top to bottom, and just knew that this was where he belonged. I got in contact with Hilary, who happily accepted Kitty. We made arrangements for me to come up (I live about 3 1/2 hours away) and bring Kitty for his new life. I was given full access to the sanctuary, inside and out. These cats are all free roaming, and they ALL get along. It isn't even just getting along, but they seem to be bonded. There is a bed for every cat, food is always available, and there are enough "bathroom facilities." The cats are very peaceful, and they are in a loving home. They give these cats a chance at life, to be cats, and I think it's wonderful. I was also informed that I would get picture updates, and email updates, and was offered the opportunity to come up and visit whenever I wanted. Very impressed with Aslan's Cats, and extremely grateful they are here.

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aslanscatssanctuary Thank you Andrea for this wonderful review of Aslan's. We do our very best to run a well run organisation. Our cats are our utmost priority as we do everything possible to provide them with a loving , safe, environment filled with a steady supply of good food, and comprehensive and timely vet care from our wonderful veterinarians in Rhinebeck. Our cats are safely contained in an enclosed backyard where they have access to the outdoors without bothering anyone nor being attacked by predators. Please feel free to visit us anytime .

6 Jamie Aitchison

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

Aslan's Cats not only does an amazing job improving the lives of FeLV cats, they also help the public understand that FeLV is not a death sentence, and these cats deserve a long, happy life. We were honored to award a grant to help them continue their important work.

3 snowleopard


Rating: 5

After moving to Brooklyn, i was introduced to an abandoned, but majestic male cat named Fluffy by a neighbor. Fluffy was in bad shape. He walked feebly, and had copious amounts of discharge coming from his eyes. A posse of feeders, left him living in a delapidated, crumbling building, in freezing temperatures, without vet care. I trapped and rescued him with the promise from one of the feeders, a neighbor, that she would adopt him. After bringing him to my vet, and finding out that Fluffy was in late stage FIV, my neighbor no longer wanted him. I was devestated, as my cats are negative and I could not risk exposing them in good conscience. I had heard that an old friend, Sabrina Boudot Hansen, from my days in theater that I hadn't spoken to in years had started a sanctuary for Luekemia and FIV positive cats. I called her, praying that she would accept him. To my relief, Sabrina called back immediately, stating she would make room for Fluffy. A week later I saw a video of Fluffy's in his new home. Fluffy was in what may best be described as an Austin Power's bachelor pad complete with his own hammock and an electric fireplace warming him. There were changing colored lights and music playing, (Sabrina informed me later this was to keep the cats stimulated when she or the staff were not playing with or cuddling the feline residents!), and I saw Fluffy had already made friends with two other FIV positive felines! I had known Sabrina never did anything without %100 commitment from my days in the conservatory with her. I knew she had been in a Tony nominated play shortly after graduating, but later learned that after moving to Los Angeles and being given the ultimatum from her then husband;"It's me-or the cats! Your cats go!", that Sabrina, on limited funds, rented a separate apartment for her beloved cats. Sabrina presently is in a happy marriage, and dedicates her time to raising funds for her sanctuary. Sabrina keeps a low profile, but is a hands on founder. The cats at Aslan's Cats, are Sabrina's special needs children. Aslan's Cats is a Shangri-La for sickly, and once unwanted cats. It is truly a magical place. I am so happy for Fluffy. He is now happy, warm, safe, loved, and getting the intensive, ongoing medical care he needs. A big thank you to Aslan's Cats!


Board Member

Rating: 5

I am a board member of this organization and am proud to say that I am part of a wonderful 501 c 3 that helps cats diagnosed with feline leukemia.

Aslan's Cats provides a service to the community where there are currently few places that properly care for these cats that have very few options in life.

My wife Sabrina and Co-Founder Hilary work tirelessly to provide these cats with a loving home environment where they are well fed, given much love ,and have comprehensive vet care which is vital to the care of the cats at Aslan's.



Rating: 5

i Have been to Aslan cats regularly since they began their incredible mission and have been impressed ,with how they do this tremendous task with happiness and goodwill all round the staff are incredibly dedicated and everybody seems happy to do their thing...no cages anywhere and happy cats abound in the yard...
I wish this organisation a long life...B.Boudot


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

My first interaction with Aslans Cats was in 2012, after five years of searching for placement for three FELV positive cats, Millie, Little Girl and Whitey Boy, a/k/a Sinatra or Blue Eyes. All originated from Brownsville, Brooklyn, a hell on earth for animals, a high crime area with bullets flying daily. Having been around the block, I am aware there are times when individuals with good intentions actually cause harm to animals when operating a sanctuary, which can quickly turn into a hoarding situation. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT ASLANS. Arrangements were made for intake into Aslans. The day arrived, was I making the right decision, after all the three lived with me for so long, would they be happy in new surroundings? Sabrina Hansen picked me up at the Poughkeepsie Metro North Station and we proceeded on our way to the sanctuary, where I met Hilary Harris. A quick once over was all it took to know I made the right choice for Millie, Little Girl and especially Whitey Boy, who was a flirt. A tour of the facility removed all fears I had for their well being. Plans were in the works to dress Whitey in a costume for Halloween, inviting the community to meet Aslans residents. Sadly, Whitey Boy would succumb to FELV. Some months later, Angelo would follow and sadly, he too would succumb to FELV, but his final months were lived to the fullest. In August, 2014, two additional cats became the latest residents. I had not named either, leaving that to Aslans. But if I had to name them, it would be Lucky and Luckier. Of course, I wanted desperately to visit with Millie and Little Girl and thought for sure they felt the same about me. After all, we shared five years together. Well, they wanted nothing to do with me and both picked themselves up and exited the yard where they had been sun bathing and entered the sanctuary. Did they remember me? Perhaps and that is why they made a mad dash to exit, thinking there is no way we are leaving Aslans. I am grateful to Sabrina and Hilary for providing a safe haven for FELV cats. As for my crew, I no longer worry about them, they forgot me long ago. They are happy, content and loved. So on a warm summer day, I made the return trip to NYC, with a smile on my face, knowing I made the right choice as the residents of Aslans lounged in their individual beds inside the sanctuary or sun bathed in the yard, all that was missing was lemonade. Regina Massaro/Spay Neuter Intervention Project (SNIP)


Client Served

Rating: 5

Dear Readers,

I very rarely write online reviews of organizations, but I had to say a few words about Aslans Cat Rescue.

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a position no one wants to be in. I had taken in a stray cat -- a small , dear female cat -- who, according to a first test result seemed to have come in contact with the FeLuk virus.

I was desperate. I had rescued the cat and now I was being told that she could not co-habitate with my cats and that no rescue would take her. I was advised to put her to sleep. I called every rescue organization in Buffalo, NY, and those who called me back gave me the same advice: euthanize the cat.

I could not do this. And finally, I found Aslans Cat Sanctuary. First, I found their website -- and I was there for hours! I The mission of Aslans is to give cats with the FeLuk virus the best possible lives -- excellent vet care, excellent food, beautiful shelter, and, most of all, love. Here was a place where these poor cats, whose only fault was a hard life, would be safe and protected. Their dedication to the cats other people -- even those in rescue organizations! -- won't help touched me deeply.

Later that night, I worked up the courage to write Sabrina at Aslans and tell her about my little cat. And before even an hour had elapsed, there was a message from her and a number to call. She assured me that my little stray would be welcome at Aslans, Suddenly, a situation that had seemed hopeless was full of hope. After looking at the site, I told the little stray that everything would be ok.

As it turns out, the test had been a false positive -- so we would not need to make the trip to Aslans. But I know that others days will bring others cats to my doorstep -- and on one of those days, a cat who really is FeLuk positive will come to me. Now I know that I can find help for these cats at Aslans. I'll never have to look at a cat and say, "I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do."

I am deeply moved by Sabrina and her volunteers' dedication to and love for these animals. They are doing a hard thing -- but instead of turning away from suffering, they are turning towards it, and stopping it with love and knowledge. Yes, in addition to taking care of the cats, the founders of Aslans are dedicated to educating humans about the FeLuk virus.

Some day, I hope, and I know they do too, a place like Aslans won't need to exist. But in the present, this sanctuary is essential.

Please visit the cats of Aslans. They have so much to teach us.



General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have the pleasure of knowing Sabrina Hansen and her dedication to cats who need the most loving care. She founded ASLAN'S Cats to provide excellent sanctuary for FELV cats. She is a fantastic and generous individual who have done an amazing job in rescuing these terminally ill kitties. Her sanctuary provides medical vet care, food, shelter, and endless love for these cats. Please support her organisation by donating.



Rating: 5

Dear Great Nonprofits,

I am very happy to have an opportunity to express my high respect and admiration for Aslans Cats, an organizations whose mission and work is to provide shelter and care for one of the most unfortunate of all cat populations, those who are found positive for Feline Leukemia. These cats have very, very few good options. Most shelters or owners will have them put to death for fear of contagion or because their medical care can be expensive. Aslans Sanctuary opens its doors and provides a home for these otherwise doomed animals. The cats at Aslans live free roaming in a house and huge, fenced backyard. They are given all the care, love, attention and comfort that all cats deserve. This is no easy task for Aslans. They don't have a huge donor base because they are not able to do adoptions. There funding depends on grants or people who have surrendered a Feline Leukemia cat. It is also a difficult task to love and care for cats who may or may not have a normal lifespan.
Aslans receives calls for help from all over the country. The need is indeed great for this sanctuary.

I have been a volunteer there for about a year and I never stop being amazed and thrilled by the work I see being done by Aslans Cats. I do hope that this organization will be considered for your review.
Denise Carson


Client Served

Rating: 4

I was asked to help a friendly cat found in a lot by a friend who feeds there. This cat was sick, and tested positive for feline leukemia at Humane Society NY - my friend and the Humane Society were both suggesting I euthanize him. I did not want to do that, and was in a predicament where I did not know what to do. I could not bring him home to pass the disease to my cat. I called Hilary, who I knew for years from another organization, and she kindly agreed to accept this cat! I was so glad for him. He should be able to live out his life. Not only that, she arranged for a holding place till she could pick him up a few days later. His health deteriorated after the Hum. Soc. visit sadly, but the woman and Hilary treated him with IV fluid, stronger antibiotic, etc. and he is doing much better. Now he can live with other cats in a peaceful setting outside of a cage. I don't know what I would have done without Aslan's Cats. Thank you.
UPDATE: April 2 2013 - Wilson, the cat, got much worse after this review, with 106 fever, and other problems, but Aslans Cats, founded by Sabrina Hansen and Hilary, went above and beyond what most people would do for him. He got great treatment at their veterinarian, and as of today, appears to be stabilized and will go home from hospital to live out his life at the sanctuary. Sabrina gave me updates on him - they don't give up on cats like Wilson, when most people will euthanize them. Wilson purrs in spite of not feeling well; he is a sweet friendly cat.