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Review for Lanai Cat Sanctuary Inc, Lanai City, HI, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

I am in no way, crazy. I am, however, a MAJOR PROPONENT AND ADVOCATE FOR CATS. I try to bring up the topic of cats when ever I can. I seek to help people see that CATS are NOT a problem. That, should there be a case where there are too many homeless cats, it’s a PEOPLE problem. I consider cats the “underdogs” of pets. Therefore, my natural inclination zeros in on the “less fortunate or the more likely to be disposed of ( either literally or figuratively )”. For someone unfamiliar to the transient nature of “Life in Paradise”, it would seem highly unusual to discover having a large cat population on the tiny island of Lāna’i, in Hawai’i. When someone working for island resorts ( or businesses that support the community ) in any capacity must leave the island(s), their pet cat is left behind 9 times out of 10. An island as small and unpopulated as Lāna’i has no veterinarian on island, which leads to these left behind cats not having been spay or neutered. Left uncared for, and unattended, cats can multiply over the years into hundreds, and more. This is NOT something THEY are doing “wrong”- rather, it is NATURE. And, since most people feel it’s not a good thing to have such imbalance, then I once again stress- it’s a people problem.
So, along come Kathy Carroll and Loretta Hellrung! Just as ANY grassroots organization begins- they just WANT TO HELP! They want to find homes for the kittens & cats, they want to get them neutered and spayed, they want to feed & care for them until they have homes. They had no idea they were headed towards a lifelong journey that would fulfill a dream they are yet to have!! Along the way, they recruited many of us to help with whatever we could. The journey for each and every kitty angel that has aided in the creation of one of the Most Incredibly Successful Cat Sanctuaries in the World, has been such a VALUABLE & REWARDING Life Experience.
There have been so many newspaper & magazine articles written, so many TV Features about the Journey, that I will allow you to research and enjoy without editing. Please visit our website: and view the gratifying work that has BROUGHT us to where we are now.
Instead, I will somewhat fast forward to where we ARE now- we are closing in on nearly 700 cats!!! 700 soon enough, and each and every one is guaranteed to live out their lives cared for and protected in an incredible enclosed outdoor facility ( with several protective structures, food, veterinary care and lots of staff ) ! That is, unless they are fallen in love with, and adopted to a personal forever home!! Which happens to be our “Pet Goal”!! Along with, insuring the island bird population is also protected ( when cats are abandoned and left to survive, they must hunt to eat ) . There are many wonderful “outcroppings” & residual benefits of this Saving Cats endeavor. The rewarding satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of all the volunteers and staff over the years. It began so humbly. Kathy. Loretta. Alberta. Lynn. Becky. Amanda . Yvonne. Mike. Kawena. Dr. Lisa. Jezel. Dave & Jill. Lynette. Barb and myself. Take a look at our current team, led by our Executive
Director, Keoni Vaughn. His humanity and lifetime experience is only topped by his sincere love of cats and what he does! He brought over Joe Adarna to manage the Sanctuary and all its day to day operations. We have so many great volunteers and staff now, my heart is filled to the Brim with Gratitude!! I know that every single person that has contributed in time or money has been significantly & positively impacted by- CATS!!! I know that EVERY VISITOR, whether a Lāna’i student or resident or one of thousands from all around the world have found our Lāna’i Cat Sanctuary the HAPPIEST PLACE, ANYWHERE!!! When we are free to travel again safely, PLEASE PUT LCS at the TOP of Your List!! Your HEART WILL SMILE !!

Role:  Board Member

Review for Aslan's Cats Inc, Verbank, NY, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

Once I visited this CAMP OF COMPASSION, they had my heart!!!
I have included them in my top 3 BEST NON PROFITS of which I donate as often as I can to insure they have the resources they need to carry on these CRITICAL AND EXCEPTIONAL Acts of Kindness. I only wish more people could visit! Especially now, in these strangest and most trying of times, we NEED all the HUMANITY & GRACE we can demonstrate and share. The benevolence of these two women and their staff SHINES LIKE A BEACON!! I’m INSPIRED AND GRATEFUL for all their dedication & humanness.

Role:  Donor

Review for Maui Nui Marine Resource Council Inc, Kihei, HI, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

They are a dedicated group and very well organized. They provide all types of community service and take an active role in helping educate people on taking control of our most wonderful resource.

Role:  General Member of the Public

Review for Aslan's Cats Inc, Verbank, NY, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

Somehow, through other Cat Sanctuaries, I discovered Aslan's Cats. I found it heartwarming that these otherwise, disregarded felines would be taken under the wings of "someone" compassionate enough to CARE about "undesirable and high medical needs" cats. Well, I've been donating for about five years, never being able to get there and SEE their work. Just recently, I did. And, These ANGELS- Hilary Harris and Sabrina Hansen- are JUST THAT!! Their LOVE & DEDICATION is OVERWHELMING and their CARE for these IN NEED kitties is EXCEPTIONAL, in BOTH-EXTRAORDINARY EXPERTISE, and COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE. I was truly AMAZED at what they accomplish on a shoestring budget and how much HELP they need- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DONATE AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE to Help Them CONTINUE their pledge to create a life of LOVE & CARE to these beautiful kitties in need. THIS Sanctuary and it's Founders are a BEAUTIFUL AND POSITIVE LIFT to THE HUMAN SPIRIT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HUGE, COMPASSIONATE HEARTS AND FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE, SABRINA & HILARY!! YOU INSPIRE!!!

Role:  Donor
aslans-cats (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

We are forever grateful to you Maddy for your selfless help & generosity. We follow in your footsteps as you are a beacon of light in what can be called a dark world some times. THANK YOU for being YOU.