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Pathways Core Training Inc

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102 Decker Ct Ste 200 Las Colinas TX 75062 USA



2014 Top-Rated Nonprofit
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Reviews for Pathways Core Training Inc

Rating: 5 stars  

Long, but hopefully worth it. If you're a doubter read this! Let me start by saying I attended the class 8-9 years ago, so know this isn't a just-finished-the-class-and-im-still- on-a- high reviews. For those of you tough guys/gals who swear you'd never attend something as "girly" as Pathways, I was one of you! As a matter of fact the only reason I attended was because my wife, who had attended, told me she wouldn't sign the divorce papers unless I attended the first two classes. Fine! I said. Anything to finish this marriage. I'll start by saying I attended the entire courses after that in addition to another class addressing spirituality. We still got divorced and I'm no more "religious" than I was. I tell you that because one of many things I learned there was you attend because you have something inside you know isn't right, not you want a certain outcome such as "I want to stay married", "I need to believe in God" or whomever your culture says you should, or "everyone tells me I should." If YOU don't see the need because you don't see anything you need to improve, don't go! But if you look hard enough you might find something you want to resolve. I met drug addicts, emotional/physically abused women/teens even men, teens and adults who had been molested, adults who grew up with no mom, an alcoholic father, molestation, etc. (that last one was me), and lots of people who just wanted to improve the quality of their lives. If it's important enough for you, it's important enough to everyone in there. It doesn't change who you are. I guess you'd say it changes "what" you are and don't like. I read some other reviews that called it a cult. If an organization that helps you discover things about yourself that are affecting you, never tells you what's wrong with you or what you should believe supports you, is there in the future if you need them and never bugs you to keep worshipping the golden idol by showering money on them during or after your gone, then fine, call it a cult. "So why do they charge to attend?" First of all the hotels you stay in and other amenities aren't free, but more important for me I wasn't going to put in that much money and not get every dime's worth! It shows a commitment. There's no skating through or fooling people there into believing your sincere if you're not. No, I don't work for Pathways or even volunteer. I was someone who attended and can say without a doubt it was worth every minute. Lastly I guarantee some people I know would say I wasted my time because I'm not cured. Absolutely 100% true. I didn't get all of my answers, but what I did get out of it was as much as what I was willing to put into it. And if you were interested enough to read this entire post feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to discuss it more

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Rating: 5 stars  

This training totally changed my life. Before going through Pathways I did not have my own voice and I felt unworthy and unlovable. After going through the entire training, I can now stand on my own and speak up for my needs and for myself. I feel worthy of being loved for the first time in my life. Every single person I have seen go through this program has made a dramatic change. Some people are scared of change and therefore will say negative things about this program. However everyone who has worked this program to the fullest, has walked away a completely different person - for the better.

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Rating: 5 stars  

My husband and I just graduated from this program. It has completely changed me as a wife and as a parent. I've got the tools now to be the wife and mom that I've always wanted to be. Having my husband go through was amazing for our marriage because now we can speak the same language. When one gets upset with the other, we can ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. It's also strengthened our rationship with God. I will forever recommend Pathways to anyone going through a hard time.

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Rating: 3 stars  

1 person found this review helpful

I went through this training over a year ago. I was recommended the training and told it was "emotional enlightenment". I went thinking it can't hurt and was appalled by what I went through.

1. this training is like boot camp. Cold rooms, people barking at you, being told where you can put your things, oh and you have to sleep in a room with someone you don't know. So while there not responsible you could be sleeping next to any number of dangers. All of these seem like red flags when you sign a waiver holding the organization not responsible for you upon entry. I was literally followed to the bathroom.... Theyre concerned the emotions involved will lead people to self harm..... But then they deliberately berate you trying to envoke some self awareness? Last I checked the volunteers who helped administer these trainings have no psychological training, and are making judgements about what they've seen of you in a short time. It's scary because a lot of people seeking needed help will think that this is good for them - they will believe in these "teachers". Hell some people will stay with it just for the attention. You are encouraged to share your feelings, and regardless of how real it may feel, some people don't know they're attention seekers and this kind of training just fuels what they likely needed therapy for in the first place.
2. This screams "for profit". During the weekend they promoted the walk, during the walk they promoted the continuous classes and sponsoring people you know so they can be part of your "core circle". They're are class members who are begging to get sponsored for class before each session..... Or selling things in the hotel lobby to show they're commitment to change. Attendees Are encouraged to do whatever it takes to ensure they complete the training. You can say it's all about self awareness and experience based trainings but even at three hundred dollars a weekend, well say sixty people a class, oh and only two paid members of staff for the class - you can't tell me there is not some aspect of profit in this. In addition you are asked to sell raffle tickets and go to organizationally promoted events. I don't recall not feeling like I was being up sold the entire time.
3. They encourage partners take the training seperately...which for brutal honesty with yourself and what kind of relationships your in I can understand - but I went through the whole thing and am having a hell of a time figuring out where they encourage you to work together while working on yourself. A LOT of trainees are divorced and In New relationships with members of their training. When you isolate people..... And encourage them to work more with in their class instead of their partner - that is WRONG. I feel bad for the people who have lost their loved ones for this half ass version of family. You absolutely should work on yourself to be better for your partnership but it feels like this training works you away from your partner.

Although there are things said during this training that are true and are definently good to be reminded of and and hear... And do as exercises I would say most of this is a money scam. I hope the members who joint truly get the help they need.

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Rating: 1 stars  

3 people found this review helpful

When I first left the Walk I had reservations but since being gone my opinion has gone downhill. It is supposed to be a nonprofit organization but so far I have spent a lot of money and the only support I have received from my TA is to be beaten down. The other thing I noticed is if you were there following another member of your family the facilitators seem biased towards the family members that had already been there. Also they have you sitting in a cold room for hours without regard to your physical needs. I have been ill every since I left.
Further they only have one trained thearpist there. The rest of the staff are just people who have received some sort of condensed training. I thought about letting my daughter attend but now that I have experienced the after treatment from my TA, who supposedly went through this condensed training, I have decided it is the worse thing I could do for her mental wellbeing.

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Rating: 5 stars  

4 people found this review helpful

I just wanted to leave a review, because I read these reviews and some of the negative reviews almost dissuaded me from going.
My wife went through first, and I was terrified. I didn't know if this was a cult and I didn't understand the connections she made (and made really bad assumptions about her connections with men in the class).
If you read my review and your spouse went through first, please KNOW that the Pathways program expects personal boundaries to be kept. If this is a fear for your spouse, please now that the one on one work you do is with the partner of the same sex. Please know that there is a bond that's built between ALL classmates, not just male or female or individuals.
With that said, I came out of this being broken from abuse as a kid... to feeling whole, complete and ready to take on the world. If I could say anything, it would be PLEASE trust that this works, and yes LONG term. Every single person that put in the effort in the class came out a very different person. No one that was working was left behind. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but also the best thing I've ever done!

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Rating: 5 stars  

3 people found this review helpful

I went through this training in 2013. This training has completely changed my life. My family and friends have went through which has changed their lives. This program really has it designed a certain way for true and lasting results. The training will be what you put into it and you come up with your own answers. They are not given to you. This program helped me give love and receive love. It has helped me learn how to be the mom I have always wanted to be. It helped me give my kids what they needed for so long. It helped me give what I needed to give to myself for so long. All I can say is thank you thank you to pathways facilitator and all of the volunteers that keep this program going.

I see a lot of comments on the price and the environment. What you will get out of this program cannot be defined by any amount of $. How it changed my life is priceless.

The environment can be challenging at times but life is challenging. How would we grow if we didn't experience challenges in the training and be able to experience challenges out in the real world just like everyone already does. The program equips you for the challenges that we all deal with.

It's only hard! There is not a thing that I would change in this program. Every challenge that I faced ended up being part of my training and has helped me outside the training room in my life dealing REAL problems.

I highly recommend this training and know that it takes a lot of courage to do something different. Pathways gives you that support that you just might need to make a change.

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Rating: 5 stars  

2 people found this review helpful

@Starting2Notice ... the reason the reviews are written on the same day is that someone posted this site on one of the Pathways Facebook pages and asked people to leave a review about the program, good or bad. No ulterior motives... We just didn't know about this site until then.

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Rating: 5 stars  

10 people found this review helpful

These trainings helped me to create the life that I should have been living for the 48 years before I got there. I began the journey in 2010 and have attended every training they have. Teen Family Camp helped my husband and daughter learn to communicate with each other where there was none before. The parent training helped me to look at my parenting style and become a better parent. The spiritual training helped me to reconnect with God after I had turned my back on Him, blaming Him for hurts I had experienced.

It's not always easy to look at ourselves in a truthful way... the saying "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." Well, that's true. If you can get passed that and really look at the truth of who you are, how you got there and what's in your way of getting to where you truly want to be, then this training is for you.

I found my heart again in this training and as for my husband and I... it saved our marriage, our family and our future! We will be celebrating 27 years of marriage this year thanks to Pathways AND will be experiencing our first grandchild as a couple, together. That is worth every penny spent on the training I received. The facilitators, training assistants and everyone involved in this training truly have hearts for this mission.

Truly life changing!

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Rating: 1 stars  

3 people found this review helpful

Anybody else notice that a lot of the positive reviews for Pathways are submitted on the same day? Kind of a red flag don't ya think?

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Rating: 2 stars  

9 people found this review helpful

I am sorry! The best place for anyone to get help, is through Jedus Christ! But being around other people, is a great tool you do need, to help maybe figure things out due to other people's experiences.Having to pay$1000 or more, to be put up in a hotel , and not be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at appropriate times and having to bring your own snacks because you don't eat properly and dehydrated because they keep you up a hours of the night! They deprive you of the strength you need to go through something like this ! It is exhausting, stressful, and very hard on the body! Lack of sleep and lack of good nutrition, is not made for a good recovery process! People need to be aware and be careful of these kind of practices! Get God in your life like I did, he doesn't require or ask you for money ! God is the healer of all healers! He will provide you always, proper meals when they are needed. He wouldn't deprive you of the things pathways does and the way they do it! I am not saying you can't or won't get something good out of pathways, i am just saying they need to change their practices on how they treat and care for their clients!

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