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Review for Street Dogz, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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This non profit organization has been a blessing to me and my furbabies. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with them. Lord knows ever since I lost my home after ending a 19yr abusive relationship and not being able to afford on just my disability then being put out after owner sold house out from under me. Putting me and my dog with no where to go except in and out of weeklies and cheap hotels until disability check ran out and then evicted again. Ive exhausted all resources available to me and still after 6yrs on the streets on the housing help list and not able to get any real place on my own because they have all demand proof of 2-3x more than rent income even though I had proof of disability check to cover rent. And now because of being kicked out of every weekly in Vegas because couldn't afford 300 a week now my check only $790 a month. So forced to seek shelter wherever I can on the streets that will keep me and my pup safe from weather/predators and yes police unfortunately for constantly harassing and making move even in a empty lot. Just when I was giving up hope on all human kindness. I came across this group of people who actually found me and my furbabies living on top of a creek wash(will never live in the tunnels) someone if I remember right had told someone they knew about a woman living in the wash alone with just her dog and cat and how we had nothing and they would see me go out every day with my dog on a cart to fly a sign to get supplies for us. I believe it was the founder Sheryl's daughter that walked out to me hollering ahead before approaching that she was there to help me and my pets. That she heard about me and brought me supplies. I wanted to cry but held back. Because out here crying is 1 sign of weakness and people out here feed off of your weakness. If you have ever been homeless you would understand what I mean. Anyway she had dog food and cat food and toy's for them and blankets for all 3of us and food for me. This was about 5yrs ago when I met them. They have since then have continue to help me with supplies and even put us in a weekly for a week a couple of times. Getting us out of the heat for awhile. They have more than a few times covered vet bills and just recently covered getting my new puppy a stray I rescued from the railroad tracks getting him nueter and shots and micro chip as well as supplies needed to start training him and keeping him. They also helped me with my broken heart when after 11 wonderful years I had with my special heart Chance had to be put down because he had finally lost his battle with cancer. After a month of depression they asked me to help rescue a dog that was scheduled to be euthanize 3 days later. Ironically it was the exact same dog i had just inquired about on their website. So we were meant to cross paths as well. We saved each other. They brought me blue that exact night. I have since gave blue to a good friend and big hearted caring person that loves blue very much and they had a Bond much stronger than ours. I gave him up to rescue this new pup off the tracks because i saw something inside his eyes that told me he was worth saving and giving a second chance at a great life. First thing that needed to be done was have him nueter and again street street dogz came to my aid not once or ever questioning my needs. They even helped me to help give a little Xmas cheer to surrounding homeless I know. They litterely filled a dually truck with a extra cab which also was packed. Me and my dog had to sit on some of the supplies to fit in the truck own by Bob who is also a volunteer for street dogz. They gave me a ride back to my spot where Bob helped me to unload the truck load of brand new clothes for both men and women/brand new backpacks full of hygiene and snacks/brand new case of unisex socks and endless bedding and plenty of pet supplies for mine and the other homeless pets out there. It was amazing. They went above and beyond what anybody has ever done for me and especially to help the homeless out here. I will forever be grateful and in their debt for the rest of my existence. All i can offer at this time in my life situation is to keep promoting them and the amazing thing's they do for animals and the homeless as well. They have never nor do they ever have made me feel like I wasn't someone important too and that I matter in this world of ever judgemental people out there and they have treated all homeless as equal and matter as well. I constantly recommend them to those in need. Thank you sooo much Cheryl and the rest of street dogz crew for everything you have done for me and all of my furbabies over the year's I have been out here surviving. Which you guy's have been a huge part of that survival. God bless you guy's we luv ya

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