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Review for Good Karma Puppy Rescue, White Lake, MI, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

This will be a very long review and I really hope everyone takes the time to read this review. I was a foster for Good Karma Puppy Rescue for 6 1/2 years before personal life changes happened and I was no longer able to foster for this amazing rescue anymore. Char the director of the rescue is an amazing woman and cares so deeply about all animals! All of the fosters that have been fostering for this rescue for years have been truly amazing friends to me and my family and awesome animal advocates for animals all over the US! Some things I would like to address from other peoples reviews are as follows:

the first review where someone mentions the mothers of the puppies... Where are they? Most of the animals rescued by Good Karma Puppy Rescue are animals that have been dumped by their owners to very high kill shelters in Kentucky. More times than not a litter of puppies are dumped at the shelter without mom. Meaning the owners would like to keep mom but don’t want to deal with the puppies. There have been many times where Char has worked with the owners and paid for the spay of mom (to prevent future litters) and she stays with her owners and puppies and once done nursing her puppies come up here to Michigan to find their forever homes. That in no way shape or form is a puppy mill! We are talking about a very poor area that does not have any type of spay or neuter programs in place. So a lot of residents do not get their animals fixed because they cannot afford it. Which of course leads to an overpopulation of unwanted animals that are then dumped at the shelter or dumped on the side of the road and left to fend for themselves. I personally fostered many moms that were brought up from Kentucky with their puppies. I personally fostered many adult dogs that were local surrenders, adults found as strays and not claimed by their owners from Kentucky, adults found as strays here in Michigan and not claimed by their owners.

Another review I would like to address is the health issues of the puppies. NEVER in the almost 7 years I fostered puppies and adult dogs for this rescue were health problems hidden from adopters. If a health issue did arise after adoption Char ALWAYS made it right by returning the adoption fee and offering to do whatever else she could to help the puppy. And never were intestinal parasites dismissed as “no big deal”! As for intestinal parasites being easily transferred to humans I am no veterinarian but the 6 1/2 years that I fostered in my home, I had very young children of my own who were always putting things in their mouth and eating food with their hands and never once did any of my children get an intestinal parasite.

As for the review from the “volunteer” I don’t even know where to begin with this one as there is SO much misinformation in her review. I know who wrote the review as she was a one time foster for Good Karma because she was a terrible foster, upon further research into her background she is not a recommended foster from many different rescues here in Michigan. As for her comment about being paid to foster all I can say is good for Char for being able to afford OUT OF HER OWN POCKET to pay fosters. Some fosters did accept the offer while other fosters did not accept the offer. Because in the rescue community we know the demand for fosters is high and not many people are willing to foster. All of the supplies for each litter are paid for and supplied by the rescue. Chars response to the fosters about the background of the animals are sometime vague and that’s because Char herself is not given much info from the shelter where the animals come from because again most of them are dumped there with no explanation. As far as lying about breed that is not true! It is a best guess by a veterinarian based on the look of the puppy and mom if they happen to get her along with her puppies.

As for the review from someone who didn’t get the puppy they wanted because of their work schedule I TOTALLY agree with and will stand by any rescue that won’t adopt an 8 week old puppy to someone that is gone 8 hours a day! For the health and well-being of the puppy it is not good to leave them crated 8 hours a day 5 days a week with only one potty break in between. That is setting the puppy up for failure and to eventually be surrendered back to rescue because it is going potty in the house and going potty in its crate because that is what it was taught from an early age. Eight week old puppies also need lots of physical and mental stimulation. That cannot properly be done while crated for 8 hours a day. so again puppy is surrendered to rescue because it won’t stop chewing furniture or bouncing off the walls when it is finally let out of the crate after being in it for eight hours a day.

In conclusion Good Karma Puppy Rescue is an amazing rescue filled with wonderful volunteers who truly care about the health and well-being of all the animals in their care.

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