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Review for National Vaccine Information Center, Sterling, VA, USA

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Regardless of what a person's political beliefs are, if they live in America they know very well that pharmaceutical companies have released a great deal of most untrustworthy scientific literature about the safety and efficacy of their products. Vaccines are pharmaceutical products (!), yet the trend has been for each of these companies to be regarded by the totality of the general public as “the devil himself” when it comes to pills and to be regarded as angels when it comes to shots. I am a direct relative of a medical doctor who founded what is today one of the largest charities in the world, which has given untold numbers of vaccines around the world in an effort to eradicate infectious diseases. My relative could not have known about the problems with vaccines then, but we don't have that excuse today and that is partly because of the efforts of NVIC. I can tell readers plainly that vaccine manufacturing has *long* been one of the most dishonest industries in human history and that the government agencies promoting the shots in concert with that industry have done more than their share of regularly lying to the public.

The 1979 CBS 60 Minutes segment on the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine disaster was an excellent example of real journalism; I believe the mainstream news did that sort of thing infrequently then and never in more recent years. The industry knew that neurological injuries would result and released the shot anyway. That formula (foreknowledge of neurological damage → callous release of the product) has been repeated so many times in America that we are now reaching the point where the nation can be considered very significantly crippled by that factor alone.

Now here's another picture of honesty (I'm truly not being sarcastic) from the June 1st 1984 issue of the Federal Register, daily journal of the US government, regarding the live oral polio vaccine:

“However, although the continued availability of the vaccine may not be in immediate jeopardy, any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.” [1]

None of the people who mistakenly wrote 1-star reviews here can possibly refute the quotation I just used because it is straight out of the mouth of the US government—provably so. For this reason I implore those reviewers to delete their 1-star reviews until such a time as they have done some independent investigation (which necessarily means looking at both sides) rather than just repeating what we all were trained by the mainstream news to believe in.

Here I have only just given a couple of starting points for the reader so that he or she may begin to see the cracks in the edifice of immunology. Why should that be such a great surprise, when the official US health agencies openly refer to *next year*, 2020, as the beginning of the “post-antibiotic era” (their terminology, not mine)? Aside from vaccines, antibiotics *were* the other supposedly-wondrous allopathic intervention of the modern era.

We are living in a time when a few individuals have been using science (i.e. thorough control of what is published in scientific journals) and technology (i.e. the surveillance state) to perfect dictatorship. I'm not referring, primarily, to communist China. I'm referring to America.

Really, NVIC is actually far too moderate for my personal taste. They just promote free access to information about the risks and ostensible-though-not-actual 'benefits' of vaccines and they simply promote medical informed consent (which by definition is actually the freedom to refuse medical interventions for oneself or one's child). To use the words of Joel Wallach, DVM ND of Dead Doctors Don't Lie: “[Allopathic] doctors have legislated themselves into a protected monopoly.” Personally, I'm anti-vaccine. It took me years to get there. At first I made wimpy statements like: “I just want safe vaccines.” But anyone who has been studying this for a while knows as I do that (just as I said before) vaccine manufacturing has been one of the most dishonest industries in human history. That alone is more than enough to make a decision: if the industry is dishonest, then don't buy their products and inject your babies with them. But it seems to me that maybe the world has really needed organizations like NVIC (which appear to be rather moderate) because some people have had a tendency to reject the truth if the truth didn't sound very moderate at first. But that's only a tendency. I trust that people are maturing; they can handle the truth. So my difference with NVIC right now is mainly just a stylistic one. Now NVIC has long tracked the pending legislation in each state and sent out action alerts any time medical freedom (medical informed consent) was under attack. This is a very valuable service, and should be continued for as long as the would-be allopathic dictatorship may be expected to continue its steady march forward in enacting unfavorable state and federal legislation.

Medical kidnapping of children for the purposes of the three most tyrannical 'disciplines' in allopathic 'medicine' (oncology, immunology and psychiatry) has occurred in very large numbers here in America; medical kidnapping of adults has also occurred in large numbers. The problem has been much larger than the topic of vaccines and much larger than the field of medicine itself, but I would have to say that:

(a) I like and generally agree with the speeches I have heard by NVIC Director Barbara Loe Fisher and
(b) I value the informational services provided by NVIC including but not limited to what I described above

For these reasons, I give an overall thumbs up.

Thank you!

John (Health and Homestead Consultant, Oregon, United States)

[1] Federal Register. Vol. 49 No. 107. Friday, June 1st 1984, Page 23007. To confirm this quotation, see Page 255 within the PDF scan of this issue at the Government Publishing Office webpage:

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