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Board Member

Rating: 5

My name is Renee Michaux and I was the person that was personally attacked in the first review that was posted about the organization. I was a volunteer staff member for UOC for 2.5 years and I have been with the organization for a total of 4 years. During my tenure with UOC I have never witnessed such a blatant attack on me or my co-workers. I have everyintention to fullest extent of the law of finding out who has slandered, "Slander Per Say" my name. My beliefs are this attack is associated with another employee who I supervise within the organization that has been an victim of several social media attacks and this situation has poured over into my life as well.

I believe that the person who wrote this review is very vindictive and will do everything within her power to attempt to hurt the staff member which I supervise and now myself. I have had several people to call my office to tell me that her family has said the same things to others that is in the content of the review that is full of falsehoods, lies, innuendo and warrant no additional attention.

It is obvious to UOC Board of Directors, UOC attorney's, my immediate supervisor, funders, supporters and organizational members that the person that wrote this review has never fulfilled the duties of a volunteer with the organization because the claims are not inline with the the programs that took place in 2012.

UOC did not have a "day camp" we had a summer camp in 2009, 2010 and 2011. During these times the organization contracted with a caterer "Pegues Catering" that provided the meals for the over 110 youth that were served throughout this time. When our caterer was not used we ordered hot meals for the youth each and everyday. If this were not so we would not have been able to service such a large program. The youth attended several field trips and attended several events while this program took place and due to a freeze in government funding this program had to end.

Scholarship Money: UOC did award scholarship money to the girls that participated in the pageant that followed through with their contractual obligations of the scholarship gifts. Over $3500 in scholarship money was awarded. Some of the participants failed to meet the requirements of this and this matter has been settled and closed by the approval of UOC Board of Directors.

Staff Pay: We have had over 35 employees employed at one time with UOC, and our payroll was never late. This is not a practice that the organization has ever participated in. Each employee has been compensated according to the NC Department of Labor and we have never had a payroll dispute or any complaints with NC Labor Board.

Volunteers in 2012: All staff were paid staff and volunteers did not work in our Conover office. UOC works in 31 counties in NC.

The organization specializes in Civil Rights and Social Justice Issues and I, myself have became a victim of what the organization tries to eliminate in NC. The majority of the work that we perform is completed through Civic Engagement Activities, Training, Education and Voter Participation.

Grant Writing: Each grant that the organization receives in the organizations name. There is no way that a developer could elude and keep secret the amount of any grant because board members have to sign off on each grant that is received or each grant that is applied for. The grants are deposited into the corporate account and each grant has their own earmarks, line items, and programmatic details that have to be adhered to according to the guidelines of the grantor. If a person is affiliated with a non-profit they would automatically have knowledge that there are several reports that have to be completed for each funder or donor.

My career spans in over 20 years of non-profit management and I have never been a victim of or accused of such heinous activities until now. I have managed budgets of over $10 million during my career. This is truly a personal attack against my character which has absolutely no merit and a blatant attack against our Board of Directors, Supporters, Members, Employees and Staff and we will work very diligently with the assistance of legal counsel to rectify this issue.

Review from Guidestar

Client Served

Rating: 5

When this organization had their summer camp in the past my 3 children attended this camp all 3 years that they had this camp. My children learned many new things such as, reading, math, social skills, science skills, they went on a lot of field trips to Carowinds, Wet n Wild, Asheboro Zoo, Tweetsie Railroad, Swimming, and the Science Center. They made new friends. The were trained in Anti-Bullying Programs, Cognitive Behavior Intervention Therapy. My kids were fed hot lunches each and everyday and the last year they were involved in the free lunch program that Renee the director set up. My kids were bullied at school and this program taught them how to deal with bullying. My children changed and were more outgoing because of this program. This program was free to all Housing Authority Residents and they did so much that I would not have been able to afford to do these things for my kids because their dad died. I have volunteered here in 2011 with being chauffeur for field trips and the people truly care about other people and our children My children still call Miss Renee and love her very much and Miss Laura and the college student interns like Tabitha and Nya. The federal government cut funding and the program had to end but I love them and I hope they get the funding back soon. I support their fundraisers because it helps them to provide programs for our youth. And they got me to register to vote and vote and I am 35 years old and I did this for the first time this year. We love you Miss Renee Mr.Brian Miss Laura.


Rating: 5

I have worked for this organization for quite some time now and have NEVER witnessed the misuse of donations or grant money. It is a shame that positive organizations like this fall prey to people’s mean hearts and ignorance. UOC has an impeccable reputation in the community, and it’s really tragic to see it tarnished by vicious lies. The organization targets youth and adults between the ages 18 - 35. UOC aids them in getting and keeping their lives moving in a positive direction. They have assisted people in 31 counties in the state of North Carolina through mentoring programs, voter registration drives, helping with college tuition as well as other programs. In 2012, the organization did not have any volunteers, only compensated staff was brought in to assist with voter registration. I feel like this is unjust, and a true misuse of social media. People SHOULD be able to post reviews, but not if it’s not for the greater good. False reviews should not be permitted. This was a personal attack meant to tear another person down. If you give a negative review, you should be required to back it up with facts (which this person has not provided). Past sponsors have supported us financially and continue to do so. Renee Michaux is an honest person that puts countless hours into the organization and does not deserve to be slandered in this manner. She would NEVER do any of the things that were stated in the other post. Anyone that is involved in the non-profit sector knows the countless hours that are required, but that is not why we do what we do. We do this work because we are passionate about furthering the organization’s mission. Renee is constantly coming up with innovative ideas and seeking funding for programs that she wants to bring to this area. On a daily basis she is involved in different types of legislative work trying to make this world a better place one bill/person at a time. We will not let negative propaganda take our focus off of the positive things that we are accomplishing in the community.

Review from Guidestar


Rating: 5

I have donated and supported this organization several times and they have sent me reports, pictures, and I have been involved on many different levels of this organization. I will always continue to support this organization.


Rating: 5

I have worked for this organization for a few years and have never had any problems with this organization. This organization has done wonderful things for this community and throughout 31 counties in North Carolina. I do not understand why someone is spreading these lies about this organization and the people who run this organization. I can honestly say that all donations and grant money have been properly used, however i do know that in 2012 we did not have any volunteers for any work that was done only paid employees. Renee Michaux is a honest person and would never stoop to these false claims that you have posted!!!!!!!!!!! I was also involved in the after school program and never not even once was a child not fed. We provided lunch, drinks, and snacks to every child that was in this program SO HOW DARE YOU..... Our past sponsors/donors have been doctors, lawyers, paralegals, and business owners. We will not let you bring this organization down with all your false accusations and lies. We will continue to keep doing positive things in the community and where ever else our services may be needed.

Board Member

Rating: 5

Its a shame that as much work and help that this organization has done all over this state and the tireless hours that have been put in to assist people around the state of North Carolina that someone would stoop this low to slander a person's name. Get your facts straight! I have been a board of directors member for this organization Renee worked for this organization for 2.5 years without a any salary so this is truly an attack against her salary. The person that wrote this review was clearly not a volunteer in 2012 because this organization did not use any volunteers in 2012, (all 30 staff were paid). This organization has to report every funding stream and their are total reports that are due each month. This organization has passed all audits and every dime was accounted for. This organization has not had their daycamp in the past 2 years but when they did the kids were fed hot meals each and every day. The kids went on field trips to the Zoo, Carowinds, Emerald Pointe, Linville Caverns, Lake James State Park, The Catawba Science Center, the youth went swimming every week. These are accounted for activities that were in the budget and over 60 youth were served. This organization has employed college students and seniors.

The scholarship funds were paid to students who turned the proper paperwork in with documentation from their schools.

This organization is an education and training organization that has never had a bad review until now and obviously is an attack that has generated from Facebook because no one knows Renee's maiden name. This is a personal attack and you have attacked the entire organization and the employees, funders, volunteers (that actually do volunteers here).

A non-profit is not owned by anyone, it is a public charity. Renee is not the founder of this organization, she is an employee with an impeccable reputation and respect from the organization and funders. This organization has over 30 paid employees and they have never been paid late and they receive salaries that are competitive to the areas that they live in. This is just a personal attack and we will get to the bottom of it. The mission of this organization and the integrity of this organization will continue.



Rating: 1

I was a volunteer for this organization in 2012. It is a complete scam, there are activities held; however the funds are never seen afterwards. There was a scholorship fund that was suppose to go to college students, but they never received them following a pageant. Rene- the owner is always arguing with the other owner/boyfriend; it is an extremely unprofessional atmosphere. They attempted to run a daycamp and the majority of the time, the children were not being fed, where was the money and Rene would not take the initiative to do anything following any arguments with B. Rene absolutely refused to share any information about Grant Writing to anyone because she usually keeps the funding for personal use and/or gives L. (worker), very little or sometimes nothing. I can attest that most all funds that passed through Unifour Onestop Collaborative located in Hickory, and now located in Conover NC, has been misused! This organization needs to be investigated and I would not send any funding to them unless I was given a chance to see where every dime has been spent. Proper records, well no records are kept, except for in Rene Harrison Michaux's check book, which is where all funding has been placed and spent. SHAME ON YOU UNIFOUR!!!!!!!

Review from Guidestar