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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Economic Development, Human Services, International, International Economic Development, International Relief, Microfinance, Philanthropy, Voluntarism Promotion

Mission: Our mission is to promote charitable giving among students and young professionals in the global community; to drive a movement of creative altruism, unparalleled giving and preservation of diversity and culture; to bring hands on volunteerism to our local communities and hope to our global society; and to create and maintain a diverse community that learns through multiple perspectives.

Results: For a list of our projects and their results, please visit http://www.thaakat.org/our-divisions/

Direct beneficiaries per year: 3-500

Geographic areas served: Local, National, Global

Community Stories

21 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Client Served

Rating: 5

Opoku Boamah Clement is my name but friends call me "Righteous"

Thaakat adopted Konadu and has nurtured it into the strong school you see Today

Six years ago, I started a free school in Ghana. I had to work harder than ever to make sure my dreams came true. I could only support a few people because I had limited resources. Brother Austin a Peace Corp Volunteer at that time introduced me to the Thaakat foundation about Four years ago and Now my dream is a reality!

There are some challenges as a free school, but the school has seen Major Development in both infrastructure and Academics because of the unconditional love and support Thaakat foundation has given to the Konadu Foundation in Ghana.
Payment of workers’ Salaries, expansions of school buildings as the enrollment grows, supplies of books, uniforms, among others was a problem! I wanted to quit as I faced these challenges but Thaakat restored my hope! by Taking Care of all these for Konadu Foundation. Salaries are sent monthly among other payment when there is the need.

A lot of kids were denied the right of education because of the cost of transportation to take them to school in the nearest community which parents could not afford. Thaakat Supported Konadu Basic School with a school Bus to transport the students within nine Communities to Tanoboase back and forth at NO cost Every Day.
Electricity and Good drinking Water is among one of the biggest benefit Konadu has seen from our partnership with Thaakat foundation.

In Sports
We are the best School in Techiman North District in terms of sports. We won the "inter school" football competition out of 32 school in the group, won the inter District out of 8 district, the 60th “Independence day Cup” and now we the Zonal Champions.
I said this because Thaakat provided us with all the sporting needs and funds needed for Events.

We are not doing badly at all after we have won many compactions with the government schools in the district.

Thaakat provide funds for Teachers yearly Training to upgrade their skills and to ensure good teaching and learning practices, Teachers are motivated monthly by given some allowance if you become the best Teacher of the month!

Thaakat has helped us to pay for the YAWS vaccination, treatment of Typhoid etc.

Women Empowerment
96% of the people in the District are local farmers and harvesting are done once a year making Poverty level in my community very high. Men have travel to find money to support their families living the kids for the women to take care of. This makes life very difficult for the women.
Thaakat Supported a Mushrooms Farming I started to empower some of the women in the community. We are currently selling our mushrooms to the local consumers. Some of the mushrooms are also use to feed our students to improve their nutritional values. Going forward we wont to produce mushrooms for the international market to improve our income.

New projects
Due to our continues support Thaakat has been giving to the Tanoboase community and others, the school is performing very well in both Academics and Sports. This has course the enrolment to grow therefore we needs an infrastructure development. Thaakat has started a three Unit Classroom which is ongoing.
I am honored to be a brother in the Thaakat family."

Thaakat Foundation !! a Partner you can Always Trust !!!
PC: Lisa Weatherbee PWB



Rating: 5

Thaakat Foundation made one man’s dream of a free school in Ghana a reality.

I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and the person who introduced Thaakat to the Konadu Basic School, and I am consistently blown away by the progress that they have made possible together.

When Clement expressed a need for a new school bus in 2014, Thaakat rallied and raised the money needed within a matter of months. Because of that bus, kids are now able to attend school for free from six different communities where before it was just two.

In 2015 the main focus was getting easy water access to the students. After many, many failed efforts to drill for water, Thaakat refused to give up hope and kept providing funding to get water. Finally, the water well was established, and these young students no longer have to travel great distances with water jugs atop their heads.

These are just a few examples of the miracles that Thaakat made happen.

When I first met Clement in 2011, the school was just one teacher and a handful of students. Our collaboration with the Peace Corps gave us some modest growth in the form of beekeeping, pig rearing and a small initial classroom built from waste tires. That was two years of on-the-ground work with Clement. But once Clement connected with Thaakat, the school skyrocketed to success. A huge growth in students. More teachers and now they can be paid. More and bigger facilities with amenities. And their dreams and goals are continuing to grow with an outlook to getting electricity, and a computer learning program within the next year.

Without Thaakat’s moral, promotional and financial support the big dreams that Clement and I had five years ago would have never been realized. Trust me, we were working every day for two years in that little village of Tanoboase! It is hard to get things done without the kind of rare support Thaakat provided.

Josie_M has no idea the journey and hard work we have been through in the last five years to get to where we are now. She was misinformed about Thaakat’s involvement in the school and tried to make it her own after being so impressed with its success – success that was made possible by Clement’s partnership with Thaakat.

Thaakat adopted Konadu and has nurtured it into the strong school you see now. Have there been other contributors to this project? Of course. Six communities, institutions, Peace Corps grants, and countless parents and teachers who have volunteered their time to make Clement’s dreams come true. But only one non-profit has worked tirelessly to get them the sustained funding needed to make sure it both grows and remains a free school in Tanoboase - Thaakat.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Organizations like Thaakat are one of the rarest finds. Led by a team of young people who dedicate their day and night to keep this organization going.

I look forward to all Thaakat events. There are a few organizations that provide the transparency Thaakat provides its donors with, along with thorough and clear invoices to help keep track of donations.

It's amazing how successful the organization runs considering everyone only works on a voluntary basis



Rating: 5

I don't think there is a single person who donated that has felt anything more than proud for what they are supporting.

I remember reading a statement from one of Thaakat's site managers that said something to the extend of 'Thaakat has done in 8 years what some organizations take 20+ years to do" this was enough for me to find that donate button. I like their transparency and the fact that they have stood by these communities to not just give handouts but to transform them all around. I can't wait to see where some of the people they've helped are 10 years from now.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

UPDATE: The reaction from the Thaakat Board after reading this review was to send 2 personal emails to me, calling me, amongst other things, hateful, uncaring, selfish, ignorant and that I was "interfering" with their projects. Before adding - apparently without a sense of irony: "if you can't think of anything nice to say, stay out of it". I have also never met or had any contact of any kind with anyone called Austin, so I am unsure who has commented on my actions and intentions in a review above.
Not every experience with every organization will be positive and how an organization responds to such critical feedback speaks volumes. I have worked all over the world with various organizations, most of the time happily, and am doing so again now. Do I "hate" Thaakat? No.... Do I know, and have I worked with, other fundraising organizations that behave in a more compassionate way? Absolutely. I can only speak of my own experience; any facts can be backed up with written evidence. Opinions are my own :)

MY EXPERIENCE: I had a negative experience with Thaakat Foundation. They demanded ownership, access and full control (including private passwords!) of a website that I had set up, purely because it was about a project that they were donating to. As I had understood at the time, from the person running the project, this was a stand-alone project with several sponsors. I wasn't involved in any fundraising but the site manager asked me to help him recruit volunteers to various assignments. Initially they asked for full access to my website and social media accounts, but said they would understand if I said no. As this would have allowed them access to my private messages etc, I said "no", but said I would only post anything after discussing it with them. At this point., they demanded I remove the website, and associated social media pages, which I did. They offered no reimbursement, even though this website had cost in excess of $100 of my personal money to set up.

Thaakat Foundation, along with various other donors give money to a project in Ghana. Yet they initiated nothing and have never visited. The project grows mushrooms and has a school among other things - all initiated by someone else. I work in this sector and realize that is not that unusual with international charities if they are donating large sums, but I was unaware of Thaakat at the time. They do not even know the name of the man who initiated "their" mushroom project. (it was DONATED by a local permaculture organization, who instructed the site partner in how to use it. Thaakat neither financed nor had any input into setting it up - this is according to the people involved in the area). They have provided nothing at all in terms of practical teacher training, or sending skilled volunteers to work on projects that would reduce the long term financial dependency. They did however send a photographer who the Executive Director of Thaakat told me, would take awesome pictures for their website.

I cannot speak for their other projects but I confirm that the Ghanaian project is not run on any level by Thaakat. The mushroom growing, bee keeping and women empowerment groups are all ideas from somebody else. The project also receives big financial donations from other sources that Thaakat refuses to acknowledge.

By taking ownership of projects set up by other people in vulnerable situations, who depend on the donations and will therefore agree to any terms, Thaakat can infer that they are doing so much more than they are. As someone else said below, they appear to thrive on taking credit for the work of smaller organizations who do the real work on site. This is not that uncommon unfortunately, especially in the developing world and is something that perhaps needs to be addressed in general. However, the way that I was treated by Thaakat and the language used by them towards me both during this period (and update: since I have written this review) have shown me an organization that I really cannot recommend at all.
There are sadly, plenty of impoverished people around the world, all of whom need help as much as the next person. If you wish to donate money, I strongly recommend donating to a different charity .



Rating: 1

this organization pockets a majority of donations in "administraion expenses" and takes credit from smaller organizations abroad who do the real heavy lifting. the only reviews on here are thaakat members who are benefiting.

4 Nicole38

Board Member

Rating: 5

My experience in the Thaakat organization has not been the longest, but it truly has been one of the most inspiring and enriching experiences I have had yet! I have been in various events hosted by this non-profit organization and I have learned and gained valuable information and traits from each activity I have attended. Volunteering to help the community, supporting victims or those in need and promoting awareness of medical ailments such as those in need of bone marrow donations are just some of the many events that has changed my views on life. Thaakat has far exceeded my expectations and is a very organized, kind and thoughtful organization filled with dedicated members who are devoted to a similar cause. I absolutely love working with Thaakat and hope to continue supporting them in order to help reach its goals!

4 Sarah118


Rating: 5

During my years of being a member of Thakaat, I have come to truly understand what it means to serve. Thakaat is all about bringing courage and hope to others while serving and helping them find their inner strength. Every thing we do in Thakaat is purely self-less and bringing more to those who are in need of it. I have loved and truly enjoyed my time with Thakaat thus far, and I know that even greater things are in store in the future.

4 Christian L.


Rating: 5

Volunteering and being a blogger for Thaakat has been the most amazing experience I have ever had working with an organization. It is my favorite club on campus not only because it has a positive message, transforms local and global communities, but because it brings a sense of diversity to volunteerism that is especially unique and important. It is the most diverse group on campus but it feels the most connected . At Thaakat I feel as though I am to express my creativity as a writer, grow as individual by learning and serving with different cultures, and be apart of something great!



Rating: 5

My Thaakat Journey...

One day in April 2011, as I was scrolling through the Thaakat wordpress, I became amazed by all the things the Thaakat team had been doing. I asked myself, “I wonder if I can start a Thaakat chapter in Atlanta?”, and immediately I messaged Uzma Bawany Ali, the founder of Thaakat and my cousin, asking about it. From there, it became my new dream to establish a Thaakat Atlanta chapter because everything about Thaakat was inspiring. I realized how life is not just about the latest fashion trends or shopping all day, it’s about making a difference in someone’s life. I worked day and night to make it happen. Although it was a rocky start, I was determined to have my dream turn into reality because I knew that one day my hard work would pay off. The thought of being able to reach out to people in need kept me going. Of course, to make Thaakat Atlanta official, I made a Thaakat Atlanta Facebook account. On May 10, 2011 Thaakat Atlanta was officially founded.

On September 14, 2011, Thaakat Atlanta was officially registered at Oglethorpe University. Throughout the semester, we planned many events and tried to get involved on campus as much as we could. Today, we have 30 members on our team, including support from our family, friends, and professors. We are blessed to have passionate people on our team. Everyone on campus was always asking about ‘Thaakat’! It has been the most amazing experience to watch Thaakat Atlanta grow. My dream had become a reality in less than a year.

On April 10, 2012 we received the Dean’s Award to Thaakat for Outstanding Achievement by a Student Organization. That day my whole team could not stop smiling, we were all so proud of ourselves. I was on top of the world because all that hard work paid off! I am so thankful to God for my Thaakat team and all the supporters we have today. Receiving this award has motivated our team to work even harder and achieve even more in our upcoming years. Today, Thaakat’s mission is my mission. Thaakat is very close to my heart and I cannot imagine a second without it. Thaakat has changed my life in many ways and I feel like a new person. Truly, if you strive for a noble cause, God is sure to help you through all the obstacles you may encounter, so never give up. All this positive change has made me a more confident person, teaching me to never stop dreaming.

THAAKAT wants to give people STRENGTH! We come together on one platform to share our compassion of helping others in need. We use our strengths to make people's weaknesses into strengths. Thaakat promotes charitable giving among students and encourages our youth to be more involved in the community. Thaakat believes that we can make a difference, whether you contribute in a big way or small. Everything counts. We use our talents to bring positive change in the world for a brighter future tomorrow for people in need. It is about being unified as people. Thaakat embraces diversity and looks beyond social boundaries to find where the need it most. We all work towards the goal of giving people Thaakat (Strength).

Thaakat Foundation contains the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life! Starting a Thaakat chapter is so worth it! I wanted to do something in life where I could help people in need. I realized that all the little things we do together can create big differences in people’s lives across the world. It really changes your life and gets you to think outside of the little world you live in. Thaakat provides peace, love, and happiness throughout their organization, guaranteed!