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Special Forces Assn

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Mission: The sf assoc serves as the voice for the sf community, perpetuates sf traditions & brotherhood, advances the public image of sf and promotes the general welfare of the special forces community

Programs: Wounded warrior & other vet programs

scholarship program

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It is very unfortunate that the rating of this organization is so heavily influenced by ratings by three individuals. One of them, Walt English, has been expelled from the organization. The others had and may still have some personal issues with some of the Board of Directors. The SFA did have its records checked by the IRS, due to some incompetence on the part of some of the Board who were simply not equipped, due to personal problems and illness, to perform their functions. The IRS has given the SFA a complete clean bill of health, and the records are now being kept up to date. This is an organization with nearly 10,000 members. It does a lot of good for a lot of Special Forces soldiers, both current and veterans. A shame that a couple of disgruntled people could cause it to look bad.


Rating: 1

The below was e-mailed out yesterday 3-7-11, based upon SFA
IRS 990 posted herewith on your site. The evidence is factual and overhelming that the SFA is up to no good!

Read all about it, Explosive news that rocks the very foundation of
the Special Forces Association. I have predicted many times that the
SFA would start to implode internally and here is the proof! According
to the Special Forces Association very own IRS 990s between 2006 and
2009 over half a million dollars has suspiciously vanished, and with
no specific explanations from Ron McCan, Mark Cooper, Mel Smith, Jack
Bonner or any of the other SFA NBOs past or present.

In 2006 the total assets on hand, per the SFA IRS 990 filed, was $2,000,534.00.

In 2007 the total assets on hand, per the SFA IRS 990 filed, was $1,752,837.00.

In 2008 the total assets on hand, per the SFA IRS 990 filed, was $1,555,635.00

In 2009 the total assets on hand, per the SFA IRS 990 filed, was $1,493,148.00

These are unthinkable and mind-boggling losses totaling of over
$507,386.00, that’s over half a million dollars? “Remember a man with
a gun can not steal as much as a man with a brief case.”

Where in God’s green earth has the money gone? That’s over $126,847.00
dollars of your hard earned money gone each year! Once again you have
let your guards down! How did this happen? Where did all that money
vanish? What did you as Chapter gain from the SFA NBOs spending this

Now if you still don’t believe something doesn’t stink in Denmark,
then just keep breathing in the air. And you have proved just how
stupid you guys really are! I believe you have been duped and you
didn’t even know it? Was it because you believe Ron McCan, Mel Smith,
Mark Cooper and Jack Bonner have been doing you such a great job, as
so strongly stated by James Ringland, Don Bendell, Chris Zets, and
those other morons? At this rate in a little more than ten years
you’ll be broke! But don’t mind me, what do I known? Let the facts and
figurers speak for themselves!

Oh one more thing, it is a fact that Ron McCan and the past and
present SFA NBOs have continued to count resigned members of the SFA
as part of the current total of members of the SFA, and we strongly
believe that part of the that total membership numbers contains
deceased members too? Check it out.

So my last question, for now is, do you enjoy losing on an average
$126,000 a year with no real explanation or proper accounting of the
losses? Who is stealing the money and for what?

Oh, I just can’t wait to see how much more you went into the red for
2010; I believe it’s another $180,000.00, which would put your total
assets at $1,313,142 for 2010. Gee I don’t wonder why the SFA NBOs
haven’t posted the figurers for 2010. I can’t wait to see how far off
the mark I might or may be correct!

These are my opinions, views and beliefs

This is Walt English still sitting in the Cheap Seats!

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

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Special Forces Assn

January 5, 2011

Special Forces Asso.