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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Children & Youth, Human Services, Victims Services, Youth Development Programs

Mission: Silicon Valley FACES builds an inclusive and caring community free of bias and bigotry. We do this by bringing people together through educational programs and supporting victims of crime.

Target demographics: Elementary, middle, high school and college students, as well as adults in Silicon Valley and Northern CA; victims of violent crime in Santa Clara County

Direct beneficiaries per year: Educated 8,000 students and 1,000 adults about the value of differences and the personal impact of stereotypes and discrimination. Enabled more than 4,700 students to critically examine the Holocaust and modern genocide. Empowered over 650 students and educators at 14 high schools, through Camp Everytown, to create safe and inclusive school communities. Inspired over 2,000 students, through the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Art and Writing Contest, with Dr. King’s messages of non-violence and social equality. Assisted more than 9,500 victims of violent crime, helping them overcome the trauma and rebuild their lives. Engaged services of more than 150 volunteers, bringing educational programs to the community and assistance to victims of violent crime.

Geographic areas served: Silicon Valley and Northern California

Programs: Building Connections (Grades K-5) Camp Everytown (high school) Common Ground Enrichment Institute (entering 9th graders) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Writing, Art & Multimedia Contest (high school) Extremes of Hate: Holocaust Education & Critical Thinking Studies program (middle and high school students) Leadership Today (college students)

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

The reviews on this site about Silicon Valley Faces' Education Program appear to be on point. However, the non-profit agency houses the Victim Compensation Program which has not been reviewed.

I have worked for this agency since it was NCCJ, which then changed their name to SVCCJ and then to Silicon Valley Faces, or just Faces now. Unfortunately I can't say that it's been the best agency to work for ever since it became Silicon Valley Faces.

Management is lacking in leadership skills and there are several faces each manager wears. the executive director has admitted that she has no idea what each unit does other than what she perceives. Because of this the victim compensation program is lacking direction and morale is at an all time low. Add the lack of raises or even a cost of living adjustments and you've got the most depressed and repressed employees. Plus there is a salary cap so even if you're the best employee there and you've reached that cap- NO RAISE!!

The executive director feels that each employee should be working for the agency not for a paycheck but for the mission. Yet each mission is different. The education program is different from the victim compensation program mission. Mind you, the executive director is a nun who has no family to support and probably has great benefits through her order. So while each staff member deals with $50.00 co-pays and no COLA she sits back and gets to judge us on whether or not we are here to fight for her mission. I suppose living in one of the most expensive areas in the United States means nothing to her. And I suppose working for the agency for more than 5+ years still does not show commitment. And if the new bill which would raise minimum wage to $15.00 per hour passes, people working retail would make just as much as a new employee here. So the college degree that you worked so hard for means squat because 1) you'll never get promoted and 2) you can make just as much and probably more working at McDonalds (at least at McDonalds you have a chance to become a manager and get pay raises).

As far other managers go they only hold productive employees accountable for their actions. If you are lacking the ability to multitask they do not hold that lacking employee accountable to correct their problem. Rather they pick on the employee who can multitask and pass the lacking employees work to the already stronger employee. So here's the message that is silently promoted: get hired, do mediocre work and it's okay because there is a better employee who will pick up your slack.

And, if you're pregnant you officially become a black sheep and burden on the agency. They (all managers) will act as if you being on leave is a very bad thing. They will not accept a disability statement from your physician and if they do it is reluctantly. Then they will overload you with assignments, probably with the hope that you quit. They take the entire joy of pregnancy and the joy of becoming a parent out. Here's a tip: if you get to a point where you become disabled and need to submit a disability statement, do so with an employment attorney present. As you'll read later on, they make rules up as they go and don't exactly do things legally.

I know most are probably thinking that pregnant women are a very protected class. And they are- just not at Silicon Valley Faces. There is no proper Human Resources Department to protect the employees. Rules are made up on the fly. If you're well liked the rules are adjusted for you. But if you're not on the not-so-liked list all rules are adjusted to make your life a little harder.

Silicon Valley Faces has nothing to do with those who have been victims of violent crimes. They are two separate agencies that, for some odd reason, are housed together. When you have an executive director that has admitted she has no idea what we do, it's time to find a new executive director. One that understands the emotional and mental impact it has on a person.

I've seen this place go from a wonderful place to work to a depressing agency. The victims compensation program is a wonderful program. It's the place that houses them that is not. I say stay clear of employment with this place. Unless you never and I mean NEVER want to advance your career and love being treated like a piece of garbage.


Client Served

Rating: 4

I attended Camp Everytown, which is a Silicon Valley Faces program. I could tell the program really changed a lot of people and opened up their eyes to some of the struggles people in their immediate community face whether it pertains to socioeconomic status, race, religion, or prejudice. I think it really brought the group closer to cultural proficiency.

1 Tacoleby W.


Rating: 5

Silicon Valley Faces is a non profit that has a goal of creating a safe community free of Bias and Bigotry. Silicon Valley Faces has a plethora of programs that help them in their mission but the one that stands out the most is camp Everytown. I attended camp Everytown four times and each time I have gone I learned something new. I went to camp as a sophomore and senior in high school, and I just recently went as a counselor in march 2012. Camp Everytown focuses high school students attention and promotes learning by taking students out of their daily environment and guiding them through intense interactions that provoke deep insight and empathy for others. Students experience group exercises about self-identity, race, cultural & ethnic issues, family relationships, gender roles & equality, peer relationships, and conflict resolution. They identify opportunities and solutions to human relations issues specific to their school, and they brainstorm action plans to recreate the Everytown environment on their High School campus.


Rating: 5

I decided to volunteer at Silicon Valley FACES because I attended one of their programs in 2003, Camp Everytown. The camp changed my life because it opened my eyes to my own potential as a leader. The work they do and the things they believe in are inspirational and encourage me to believe that positive change is possible. FACES helps young people and adults alike to confront issues of prejudice, domestic violence, and bigotry that still exist in our community. I've found FACES is a place where passionate people come together to create a better community for all, and I gladly volunteer my time.


Rating: 5

I have worked with SV Faces for over a year in a volunteer capacity as well as participating in their community outreach events. This is a great organization that seeks to make an impact at both the level (our youth) and the subjects (tolerance and understanding) with not only the deepest but also most transferable impact. As a volunteer I am glad to spend time working with an organization which such good leadership and direction, clearly moving the entire organization along the best path as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. As a local business professional who works with others in SV Faces areas of action, I am always glad to associate myself with the work they undertake and help spread the messages they are putting into the world.


Rating: 5

Silicon Valley FACES is a great organization. I have had the opportunity to work with them on several events such as Camp Everytown. SV FACES provides many opportunities for people to come together and appreciate cultural differences, as well a provide volunteer opportunities for those who want to get involved in the community.