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Seeing Eye, Inc.

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Causes: Animal Services, Animals, Blind & Visually Impaired Centers, Disabilities, Eye Diseases, Blindness & Vision Impairments, Health, Human Services

Mission: The Seeing Eye is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to enhance the independence, dignity and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye dogs.

Programs: The Seeing Eye's programs include a Genetics/Breeding Program, Puppy Raising, Dog Training, Canine Health and Course Instruction for 300 blind people each year from U.S. and Canada.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 3

This organization maintains their mission of providing assistance dogs for the visually impaired. However, I am not so sure that the work from the "higher ups" comes from the heart. My family has invested 21 YEARS of volunteer service to the seeing eye.

I grew up and had a family of my own and it turns out that my daughter has a disability.

Where else would I feel comfortable getting a family dog?

2 years later and we still have not received a call for a dog. And we have even fostered a dog during covid (who just graduated the program).

I have been passinate and proud of my service to this organization since my childhood. But having delved a little deeper, I'm not so sure about my allegiance to them. I have just entered the world of disability advocacy, and I think there's unwholesome behavior by some employees here.

Praying the mission of providing guides for the blind stands strong and true...but I have a feeling this organizations I'll intentions will soon come back to bite them.

4 Lisa192


Rating: 5

I've been volunteering with TSE for about 10 years as a puppy raiser. I've always been impressed with the entire organization. From executives, to trainers, kennels staff, and puppy coordinators...every one has always been professional and hard working. They could not possibly take better care of the dogs/puppies, and their breeding program is fantastic! The more involved I get, the more amazed I am at how well run it is. I've been involved with other larger non-profits, and money seems to get wasted...not at TSE. They seem to watch every penny to ensure that the money is going where it belongs....back to the students and dogs. Thank you Seeing Eye!


Client Served

Rating: 1

I am happy to see that there are some success stories from The Seeing Eye. With the enormous amount of money they receive in donations and spend on their organization they should be over-the-top fantastic. Unfortunately I cannot say that my experience with them has been positive. They provided a dog to a woman I work with - a woman who has no business having a dog. She has some emotional instability and makes poor and inappropriate decisions. She is abusive and negligent to the poor dog and when I reported this to The Seeing Eye they sent someone to assess the situation. He stated to me that the dog is hers and she can treat him any way that she wants to including whipping, beating and kicking him (I've witnessed all three). He told me that if she says she's giving the dog food and water that is good enough for him after I told him that she lies to me and says she just gave him fresh water when I'm standing there looking at a dry as a bone dirty bowl. They did not do any adequate assessment to even determine her need for a dog as she doesn't go anywhere but work and church and she has private transportation that takes her from door to door , she does not use the dog while she's at work. Since she returned with the new puppy she claims to have all kinds of foot ailments, different ones every week, as excuses to not walk him. But the rep from The Seeing Eye stated that a two year old lab doesn't need any exercise. What, really????!!! In what world does he live in? They have proven to me that they have lots of money, from donations, to spend on breeding programs, training the dogs and covering all the costs for the new owners to travel to the facility and be lavishly cared for during the three week training period. They also proved that they think of these dogs more as inanimate objects rather than living creatures. I want to believe that what I've experienced is an exception, but they've done NOTHING to correct it and do not plan to. I would have to give them negative stars.



Rating: 5

I have been a volunteer at The Seeing Eye since 2007, and it has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to witness first-hand the difference this organization has made in the lives of blind and visually-impaired individuals from around the country. I consider it an honor to be able to work with an organization of this caliber.



Rating: 4

My decision to support The Seeing Eye was made after I saw a dog guiding someone through Manhattan. I watched in amazement as they navigated the crowds, avoided obstacles on the sidewalk and crossed the street with ease. The confidence that I saw in both the dog and the person was absolutely incredible! Impressed does not even begin to describe my feelings for this amazing organization.

14 Proverbs1527


Rating: 2

The Seeing Eye is an incredible organization. They have restored independence for thousands of blind people through their incredible dogs. My problem with the organization? Given that it posts higher expenses than revenues annually, why does their president earn nearly $300k annually + benefits? Doesn't seem reasonable that a relatively small organization president is truly worth 75% of what the President of the United States earns! It makes me wonder if the board is engaged enough to be overseeing such important issues.

Review from Guidestar