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Nearly 50 million Americans are disabled, and two-thirds of these individuals are affected by a severe disability. Of those 50 million, only 18 million are employed. Some of these nonprofits help these people lead self-sustainable lives.

Being disabled can include anything from a mental handicap such as autism, aspergers, or dyslexia to a physical handicap such as blindness, deafness, or paralysis. These disabilities affect both the individual and their family. There are organizations out there to provide help for these people since individuals with physical or mental impairments often need assistance from others to be able to live an active life.

Some nonprofits help out by building walk aids or bicycles for people suffering from such conditions as paraplegia. Others provide programming for the mentally disabled to help them reach greater levels of proficiency in communicating, learning, and self-care. One example would be training for the mute and deaf to enhance their speaking abilities, verbal communications, and to use residual hearing. Some other nonprofits make it their mission to fight for disability rights so that those who are disabled will receive equal opportunities as others.

Since families and friends aren't always around, it is important that organizations like these exist to help the disabled with their everyday needs, especially children with disabilities. Whether they be physical, mental, or learning disabilities, those who are disabled may find the resources they need at these nonprofits.

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