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SAHC Sacramento Arts History Consortium

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Arts & Culture, Arts Education

Mission: To provide services that stimulate cross cultural dialogues and cultivate new ideas about art in Sacramento

Results: We have increased our programs and reached double of our audiences. We have expanded on our services online and our following.

Target demographics: students and young professionals between the ages of 11-30 of all races.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 500

Geographic areas served: Sacramento Metropolitan Area


The project, Exploring the Power of Art, examines the impact art has in reconstructing

societies which have been subjugated to different forms of violence and marginalization

(e.g. segregation and discrimination). The project consists of three phases, which will

investigate the different roles art can play in re-developing communities. These phases

are: a symposium, a workshop and a photography exhibition.

Phase One: An engaging and interactive symposium, History Talks: Reconstructing

Societies and Developing Identities, is being organized in conjunction with the Art

History Club at California State University, Sacramento and will be held at CSUS

Saturday, April 9, 2011. Speakers specializing in the topic will be coming from

Colombia, Japan, New York, Southern California, Texas, and other regions to participate

in the discussion.

● Through the symposium directed at the targeted audience, experts and the

audience will discuss the role of art in the process of social repair and review

moments in history where art has been utilized for such purposes.

Phase Two: An interactive workshop, Me/We: Empowering Youth Through Art, will be

held at Capitol Heights Academy, an Aspire Public School, from September 12-15, 2011.

The workshop involves children (ages 8-10) creating a public mural with a well-known

Sacramento muralist, Shane Grammer.

● As an artistic exercise, the workshop uses art to empower under-served youth

by creating recognition of their work and skill. This acknowledgment serves

to motivate the students towards pursuing higher ambitions and education,

which is the philosophy of Capitol Heights Academy, “College For Certain.”

Phase Three: An eye-opening exhibition, Latin American Photography: The Realities of

Poverty and Social Identity, will be held at the Blue Line Gallery from November 2011 to

January 2012. The exhibition will display photographs of Latin America by artists and


● The exhibition will engage the public with a culturally and socioeconomically

distinct show that demonstrates art as an educational tool for bridging

suburban communities with those who are ignored or forgotten by society.

The show will reach a culturally diverse youth and family audience.

● The exhibition will display poverty as a lifestyle in Latin America with the

hope of spreading awareness and understanding of how marginalization

perpetuates poverty. We offer a new perspective on the impoverishment of

South America by conveying the spirit, attitude, and courage of the Latino

who characteristically manages to endure, regardless of limitations.

In line with our mission statement and our belief in art, Exploring the Power of Art will

create an understanding on how art is essential to the social, political, and cultural

development of societies.

Donor & Volunteer Advisory

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Community Stories

10 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Raquel G.

Board Member

Rating: 5

My involvement in SAHC has tremendously impacted my professional and personal development, while allowing me to explore, design, and execute projects I could have never done without the support and commitment of the SAHC members. SAHC's mission is that of becoming the premiere source of art history for the region. An ambitious yet solid goal that is slowly and steadily growing and gaining strength as more projects are created, and more people are getting involved and participating. SAHC is a great organization for a young, creative professional who is committed to art and wants to expand his/her experience, skills in arts administration, and project execution.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

This non-profit has a lot of future built into both its board as well as it's initiatives. I ran across their work one day when picking up my child from Capitol Heights Academy. This young lady had decided to put together a mural job in attempts to bring the children together of the after school program my son was a part of. He seemed to be more excited about his work painting the mural than he had been about any other task he had taken part of at the school in a very long time. Our conversations on the way hom from school seemed to have more life and I was so happy to see him as enthusiastic about things at school than ever before. It allowed both me and my son to get closer. I had the opportunity to attend the final awards ceremony the young ladies put together once the mural was complete. It was quite a spectacle. The leader was a very ambitious young lady that seemed to have a strong desire to make a difference in the community. From what I hears the mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson, attended one day to check out the work. She has lots of potential, as does the organization itself. I would like to take the time to thank this organization for their work in the community as well as for their ability to truly bring people and families closer together.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

The Sacramento Art History Consortium has been doing really cool staff and their services are pretty unique in the community. There is really no other art organization in Sacramento that does or provides anything similar to the services that SAHC makes available. The one project that caught my attention the most was the exhibition "latin American Photography: The Realities of Poverty and Social identity." The photos were incredibly touching and the the team made a great curatorial job. My friends and i were realyl impressed by the quality of the work and research that had been put into organizing this exhibition. For the first time i felt that i was challenge by the work of art and that was forced to engage with the photos in a totally different level. The statement and the catalogue that were produced really explains the purpose of the exhibition and its commitment to enhancing an understanding of the latin American as well as the impact of visual media in our daily lives. The work of SAHC has been really productive for Sacramento and i really feel that artists, curators and art historians can really find a niche within this organization.


Client Served

Rating: 5

I had the opportunity to attend the Symposium: "History Talks: Are in Reconstructing Communities and Developing Identities" and i was really impressed by the expertise of the speakers in discussing the use of art in social change and it's impact with creating a sense of identity and some times even a sense of purpose. The variety topics discussed and the quality of the symposium was really high, for the type of academic events that are often available in Sacramento. Having the chance to meet the speakers and hear about their research made me understand art in a different way. The work done by members of SAHC is truly relevant, important and innovative for the greater sacramento art scene!

Mikayla R.


Rating: 5

SAHC is an absolutely great non-profit to volunteer for! I have had the honor of being an intern this Summer, and not only is the work we do fun to put together; it is truly meaningful to the Sacramento community. What could be better than that?

Client Served

Rating: 5

SAHC served my elementary school in Oak Park. For a a very special week they came in and created a mural with my 4th and 5th grade reading intervention students to reward them for a job well done. The director was extremely professional and fun! The fabulous local artist, Shane Grammer led the students in a spray paint mural that is now displayed proudly in our gym. SAHC worked well with me, my school, my parents and most importantly my students!



Rating: 5

As a donor i have been really impressed with the work and impact of the Sacramento Art History Consortium. I have been supporting their workshops and their exhibition and the end result has been truly mind blowing. The children of "ME/WE: Empowering Youth Through Art" all learnt valuable lessons about their role in their community and art a tool for social change. I was able to visit a day of the workshop and SAHC members were doing a great job at introducing art historical and some context to the tradition of graffiti and street art, while the artist was providing a lot of the technical content. The final mural looked amazing and it was a huge experience for the school as a whole. Also, The exhibition seemed to be an incredibly well organized project. The photos were breath taking and the hard work was evident in the perfection by which the catalogue was published and all the educational materials were provided to the audience.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

SAHC plays a fundamental role in the dissemination of the arts in the Sacramento region. They richly augment the artistic and intellectual resources available to youth through programming that is both stimulating and far reaching. SACH is lead by extremely smart and passionate scholars with strong ties to the Sacramento area, which allows them to understand the needs of the community. They have recently begun to tackle an issue often overlooked and ignored in our schools: bullying. SAHC visits elementary schools to provide helpful resources to children who have experienced bullying as victims, witnesses, or architects. SAHC’s most recent endeavor is truly admirable: they use art as a medium to engage children and to solve social problems. In empowering our children and youth through art, I believe SAHC has the qualities to become an organization with larger scope and reach. The values, mission and the human power of SAHC have my strongest endorsement.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

SAHC is a great space to help disseminate information, not only with art history but also in thinking about ways to expand the mind and other areas of study. As an economist i realized through the activities of SAHC the importance of the creative mind, especially as an entrepreneur. The young professionals leading the organizations are an awesome example of the type of entrepreneurship needed in Sacramento. I truly admire their efforts and appreciate their services. SAHC is innovative and engaging in ways that no other organization in town has been.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

SAHC has been an impacting experience for my child who participated in the workshop "Me/WE: Empowering Youth Through Art." The mural project gave my son the energy and inspiration to be more creative and gain more self-esteem. The mural became a huge symbol of the school and my son and i are always proud of his individual contribution to student community.