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Art affects a person's senses, emotions, and intellect. Among many things, art can teach people to think in a new way, help children with learning disabilities, and explain a culture movement. With current budget cuts, many schools are forced to make cutbacks that often involve the arts. This is tragic.

Since arts in school are less prevalent than before, it's as important as ever to promote the arts. These nonprofits provide art programs for youth and adults to express themselves through an outlet they do not normally gain access to. This could come through community murals, choirs, or a cultural arts center. Sometimes promoting the arts is as simple as a trip to a museum exhibit or a film screening.

These organizations may also help out by providing free artistic productions for the community to view such as the opera. Others help by offering training in music, graphic design, singing, dance, acting, photography, cinematography, or drawing.

So find the artist in you and help out with various activities such as community painting classes, plays at your local theater, or school concerts and shows. Make an effort to keep the arts alive in your community by finding an art nonprofit near you and helping out.