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Causes: Military & Veterans Organizations, Veterans

Mission: The Key Objective of PVA is to restore spinal cord injured or diseased veterans' bodies and lives as close to those of Americans not suffering spinal cord dysfunction as possible. This is accomplished through programs which:  Advocate for and monitor the delivery of appropriate and high quality health care benefits and services and promote medical research to cure spinal cord dysfunction and related problems.  Assist in identifying and securing benefits for veterans with spinal cord injury and disease.  Provide information and opportunities for health promotion, recreation, employment, services, sports and camaraderie for spinal cord injured and diseased veterans.  Educate society on the attitudinal, physical and legal barriers which persons with disabilities face and influence the removal of those barriers.  Involve the public in national and local activities while providing cooperation with and seeking support from groups and individuals who believe in PVA’s mission and objectives.  Educate the public with simple and effective ways to prevent and reduce the risk of spinal cord injury.  Inform the public of the current and ongoing needs of America's veterans.

Target demographics: Veterans with spinal cord injury, disease or dysfunction located in the mountain states region (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana)

Direct beneficiaries per year: We currently have over 650 members.

Geographic areas served: Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming

Programs: Liaison/Service MSCPVA serves to coordinate and communicate with the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Health Center and other veteran's health services which directly affect our membership. MSCPVA currently has full-time National Service Officers who help our members: • Navigate the Veterans Affairs office. • Represent and advocate for each individual veteran in preparing and presenting claims and appeals for benefits. • Monitor the healthcare provided and continually advocate for our members, ensuring the best medical care available is provided. • Work with the VA care providers and administrative staff to provide support, training and assistance to resolve any and all issues. • Direct veterans to immediate financial assistance in the instance of housing or living allowances. Sports & Recreation This program provides tangible health benefits, support, opportunity and camaraderie for all involved. Sporting Activities • Weekly Bowling Leagues in Aurora, CO and Colorado Springs, CO • Host of the Annual MSCPVA Invitational Bowling Tournament • Host of the Annual Rocky Mountain 9 Ball Tournament • Collaborate with Wheeling Sportsmen, Outdoor Buddies and Cherry Creek Anglers to secure annual fishing and hunting events for members • Winter Sports Clinic • Fishing and Boating • Hand-Cycling Recreational Activities • Monthly Poker League for members and their families •“Lunch and a Movie” a monthly event - a way for members to get together to enjoy discussing specific educational topics and entertainment, another opportunity to build camaraderie among the Chapter’s members. • Annual Membership and VA Appreciation Picnic at Cherry Creek State Park Mentoring • Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp • Kid’s Day at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games • PVA Day at Easter Seals Membership Allocation Grant Program MSCPVA provides grants to our members and associate members to participate in a variety of recreational programs. The Chapter’s goal is to provide its members with opportunities for recreational involvement at whatever level of physicality they prefer, from passive interaction to elite competition. The Membership Allocation Grant Program provides monetary grants and encourages members to experience a sport or recreation activity of their choice. $100.00 educational grants are also available to members who wish to further their education. Additionally, financial support is given to members who attend BOD-approved PVA national program events, like the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. This grant program encourages even greater involvement of MSCPVA members. The Chapter strives to establish feelings of camaraderie and community involvement for each of its 600+ members. Whether a member is involved to compete and win, or just for the pure fun of it, MSCPVA’s events provide an opportunity for everyone.

Community Stories

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15 Colorado Veteran

Client Served

Rating: 1

I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran with a severe spinal disease combined with gun shot wound and reconstructive surgery issues. I was initially represented by the DAV in applying for service connection for my combat injuries and found their service and support to be a self-serv type group. They point you in the right direction but fall short at giving direct assistance. Frustrated, I sought patient advocate care through the PVA Mountain States Chapter. The representative that assisted me was much more helpful in filling out my appeal for the associated issues that accompanied my combat injuries, but the entire process took over 4 years to get 100% permanent rating. The PVA rep told me they provide life long support and care, but after my initial appointment, I ceased hearing from the PVA except for a monthly onslaught of unsolicited junk mail and a monthly magazine oddly just filled with corporate advertising. Their absentee approach didn't cause harm, after all, I am a grown man and shouldn't need an organization to hold my hand through the fog of military processes. It is nice getting any help when you are on 15-20 meds from drooling on the forms. The staff that ran the office I went to were nice people and I was impressed with their level of professionalism. Their rep that talked with me knew more then any other volunteer I had talked to and can say made a great difference on my decision to switch PVA over as my VHA patient representative.

3 years later I got a letter from a PVA 'NSO' who claimed she was my representative and the letter stated they were checking up on me and asked if I needed anything. Surprised, I called her back and told her of my compound needs and her response was - we are just checking in. Zero follow-up and no help was offered or given. Another year passed and I received the same letter. I wrote PVA back so I was clear in expressing my medical needs they said they would help with and again was ignored. Their response or lack of made me think the PVA only helps us initially to get signed up to report to congress and donors they are serving the most injured vets. They sure made me believe in their offers for assistance but I can affirm that I received no additional assistance other then a couple minutes of their time on the phone getting signed up with them and a couple more minutes of answering basic questions to get help filling out my appeal for my service connected injuries.

I recently discovered leaked sensitive what I thought to be private information I only shared with the Mountain States Chapter reps being shared with part time employees at the VA. I found it very inappropriate this info was shared, but apparently I signed away my privacy rights when I made them my VHA rep. That information being with people that had no intent of ever helping me and god knows who else made that the final straw. The PVA was fired in my case for negligence, ignoring my privacy demands, total failure to follow any issue up and for abandoning me, the veteran when I needed help the most. The PVA promised help getting me back to work, they promised help with adaptive sports for physical therapy, they promised help with my spinal disease with access to specialists, they promised help getting adaptive equipment,.. I received zero assistance with vocational therapy, zero adaptive sports involvement, zero help getting to the spinal injury specialists, zero help getting adaptive equipment, zero help in my home - I had to get my wheel chair, crutches, knee braces and adaptive devices directly from the VA on my own. The PVA is full of hot air and promises.

If there was a rating below the F they received by charitywatch and charity navigator I would say they earned well below that. They should be put out of business for fleecing donors, ignoring veterans and pretending to be govt associated using military titles and military nomenclature to fool donors, vets and Congress about their level of service. They put a couple wheelchair bound vets in pictures and a couple positions on their staff to make everyone think they are ran by vets for vets. Nothing could be further from the truth. In what world does a charitable staff need a 200k+ paycheck while offering nothing but a few minutes on the phone to veterans and a yearly party to waste more donor funds? My direct experience with the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization over 8 year period is that they are as close to frauds as you can get in what they appear to offer veterans. A person off the street that gets PVA advertising receives more financial help then veterans do, I hear they get a nickel in the mail each year. This is only my experience with one chapter, but I don't know how donors can put up with organizations that disguise charity expenses with annual trips to expensive resorts claiming to get together to benefit veterans. The PVA is a sham as my advocate. [sham] noun. 1. something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax. The volunteer advocates that worked at the VA were more effective patient advocate then the PVA could ever be and they take two months to answer a response with usually a non-responsive answer that makes you scratch your head. Results can vary so greatly though from person to person, many people in the health business have no business being there. Kind of like how business has no place in charity. I couldn't find one thing that the PVA accomplished in Washington DC to justify going there, other then its a great excuse to have an executive salary with paid expenses, or be an attorney and we all know how much DC lobby attorney's are hurting for money.