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National Center For Missing And Exploited Children

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Causes: Crime & Law, Crime Prevention, Domestic Violence, Human Services, Protection Against Abuse, Victims Services

Programs: Missing child case management: provide technical assistance to law enforcement, state and local government agencies, public and private agencies, victims, families and the professionals who serve them in the prevention and recovery of missing children; provide referrals to victims, parents and other family members for victim and family support services.

information and case analysis: provide technical assistance and data analysis to assist law enforcement in their efforts to locate and recover missing children and victims of domestic child sex trafficking and to locate and apprehend noncompliant sex offenders.

community outreach: develop and deliver safety and prevention resources for families and professionals focusing on child abduction, child sexual exploitation and internet safety.

Community Stories

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I reported my suspicions to the organization many times over the years and have always been shocked at the responses and stupidity of the Missing and Exploited Children Network. Just recently I began receiving insulting and derogatory e-mails from an apparent unknown source. When I followed up the sender confessed she was an "employee" who had her professional (such as it was and is) e-mails forwarded to her home and personal e-mail addresses and then responded. As my tips and reports over many years have now been confirmed and vindicated as "worthy" (if not solving the cases), I believe it is in the best interest of the public to know how dubious this "charitable" organization is.

Ron May

11 Karen75

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

i am finally starting to evaluate all these organizations that ask for my money. it is super disappointing and sad that they are actually exploiting the public. greed is taking over this country in the name of charity. scarey and sad


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

The salary of the President/CEO over $800,000 is obscene. Noone is worth that much money. And I will not be donating 1 penny to this charity. It may have a 4 star rating but I won't be contributing

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Client Served

Rating: 1

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a disgrace. It clearly is no longer the organization that John Walsh once envisioned. My daughter was abducted by her mother in November 2008. I gave only 1-star because my original case worker was a rockstar and true advocate for missing children and their left behind parents. She is no longer with NCMEC and is working within another division of the State Department. I was very lucky to find someone at Team HOPE who has had a successful recovery and has been an absolute God send to my daughters case. If it were not for these 2 people, I would have left zero stars. Other than that it's been all down hill with the NCMEC. When I needed an advocate and voice for my daughter, the NCMEC refused. When I was told the NCMEC would help look into things for my daughter's case, they never got back to me. Recently, my daughter's file was seceretly closed without consulting with me at all. I found this out third hand and raised holy hell when I did find out. My 2nd case manager lied through his teeth on several occasions regarding my daughter's file. Mind you my daughter is still not with us...it's going on 2-years now. As I continued this fight for my daughter's honor, we made many ally's at the State Department. Through though those allies, we found out that the NCMEC has been telling the State Department mistruths about my daughter's case. Yes they do talk. When I approached the NCMEC about the discrepencies, do you think they had any interest in fixing what ailes the file? NO! In fact all I have been getting is the typical song and dance I have been getting for over a year now. When my daughter's file was seceretly closed they had the NCMEC "yes man" assigned to corral me and keep the damage to a minimum. He told me that he could actually read the 2-year history of the case back to me...BUT would not make actual copies so I can see the discrepancies for myself. Let me get this straight...my case manager is a proven liar and the NCMEC is not sharing good information with the State Department and I am supposed to trust the "yes man" that he would actually read 'everything' in my daughter's file? No thanks. I took my chances with the Freedom of Information Act. Based on a letter sent to me dated October 19, 2010, the NCMEC is clearly trying to hide something. They declined to give me copies of my daughter's file; hiding behind their "private, non-profit" status and is "not subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act". There is more but I think you get the point. So, 90% of the NCMEC's funding comes from the Department of Justice. That explains the Congressional Mandates that the NCMEC is held to...but rarely follows. We will see where this goes. If someone were to tell me 2-years ago that I would have an easier time winning the battles in Mexico (where my daughter currently is) than I would in my own country, I would have told you that you were crazy...BUT that is exactly what is happening here; in large part because the NCMEC's lack of desire or accountability. I recently spent a week in Mexican prison for something I did not do; not directly because of the actions of the NCMEC (or should I say 'inaction') - BECAUSE it was their inaction that PREVENTED US FROM BRINGING MY DAUGHTER HOME A YEAR AGO and indirectly causing my incarceration in Mexico! My advice to you if you are a left behind parent, email me directly and I will help you through the pros and cons of the NCMEC. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS ORGANIZATION! They are more interested in retaining their generous taxpayer funding year after year than they are doing the right thing for children. John Walsh would be disgraced by today's NCMEC.


Client Served

Rating: 5

Great organization. They are the only group in the nation educting kids and parents on the dangers of the internet and child sexual abuse and the only group helping to identify the victims of child pornography nationwide. My experience with them was wonderful. They provide resources beyond what any police department could ever do on their own. Thank you NCMEC