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Lotus Survival Foundation

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Causes: Breast Cancer

Mission: Support and education for breast cancer

Programs: Through research and continuing education lotus survival foundation assists those living with breast cancer to better manage their personal and professional lives

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Board Member

Rating: 5

In 1997 my sister was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. In 1999 my wife was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. In 2003 my mother was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. Needless to say, my life, marraige and family has been impacted in a significant way by breast cancer. My family were very fortunate in that we all had very good health insurance to cover treatments and other related concerns after treatment. However, many women are not so blessed. Especially women in low-income environments. They are often single mothers or individuals without any support system in place. Lotus Survival Foundation (LSF) was established to help just such women. LSF, though a nascent organization is helping uninsured and disadvantaged women through the difficult time during their recovery from breast cancer. Through retreats and other meetings, LSF helps to rebuild women's lives ; body, soul and spirit. As the women participate in LSF's retreats, their lives take on a renewed sense of hope and purpose. It is always wonderful to hear the testimonies of how LSF has helped them through difficult and dark period of their lives and have them come out full of light and life. Without Lotuse Survival Foundation, many if not most, of the women would have little hope for the future. This is why, when I was asked to serve on Lotus' board of advisors, I quickly said "Yes!" Lotus is meeting women's needs where other organizations are not. Without LSF, there would be a gaping hole in many women's lives as they recover from breast cancer.


Rating: 3

I support the Lotus Foundation as I know Claudia does a lot for the local community and she also personally took the time to enlighten me all about their mission. Also, I got a chance last year in 2011 to attend the Lotus fundraiser and meet a few Cancer Survivors and was pleased to hear from them how much they benefit from being a part of Lotus.

Board Member

Rating: 5

Lotus Survival Foundation is a vital part of the recovery process after cancer treatment. Without non profits such as Lotus, cancer survivors are left by themselves to pick up the pieces. After undergoing chemo and radiation, survivors need somewhere they can go for help and guidance, and that is exactly what Lotus does. Lotus is engaged in easing the path back to normalcy, and helping survivors find a close community where they can feel at peace with their surroundings. As someone who has been working with cancer survivors for 3 years, I am inspired by the work that Lotus does, and have heard first hand how important it is to have an organization that is dedicated to providing survivors with lifelines to help ease the transition to post-cancer life.


Rating: 4

This non Profit organization meets a unique need that is many times overlooked when battling such a difficult desease (Breast Cancer). The aim of this organization is to heal the soul and spirit of the individual suffering such a devastating diagnosis and although lots of money and effort is spent on medical treatment for this horrible affliction - not much is gained for the emotional, and mental devastation the person has to endure. I believe in my heart that this approach - in conjunction with the medical advances afforded by other efforts could be the difference between life and death in many of the cases.

Board Member

Rating: 5

I was privileged to have seen first-hand the wondrous effects of the inaugural Mind, Body & Spirit Lotus Survival Foundation Retreat on the women who were suffering with breast cancer and those who had survived it. It was, without a doubt, the most moving and inspirational experience of my life.

Just watching the strong emotional bonds that developed between the women participants over the span of those five days was proof enough of the retreat's effectiveness in boosting the women's morale through the support of others in similar circumstances - others with whom, unlike the individuals back home who were among their family, friends, and coworkers, these women felt secure in confiding their deepest worries, fears and struggles with the disease that ravaged their bodies, their spirits and their lives. The impact of that freedom to release their burdens on these women who shared their distress was overwhelming, as was evidenced by their tears of joy and relief at now being able to ease their soul of such pain.

That coupled with the valuable answers the women derived from the topics covered by the speakers (ranging from handling their finances in spite of difficulties posed by their cancer treatments to managing the effects of the illness on them physically and emotionally, and more) testified to the program's tremendous worth, as they also contributed immensely to restoring these women's sense of control over the various aspects of their lives covered by the speakers, thus further boosting their ability to cope with the hardships brought to bear upon them by their suffering.

Without the Lotus Survival Foundation's Mind, Body & Spirit Retreats, I cringe at the thought of how dismal the lives of these women would have been as they faced their illness alone. I thank God for having inspired Claudia to have founded Lotus Survival Foundation in the first place, for all that its retreat did for those wonderful, brave, women, and for granting me the grace of being able to witness the miraculous transformation that took place in those women as a result of her kindness.

With all sincerity,

Karen Raines
Raleigh, NC


Board Member

Rating: 5

I have been involved with the Lotus Survival Foundation (LSF) less than one year and have seen first hand how this foundation has helped many survivors with education, survivorship, emotional and spiritual healing. It is amazing to me how the Foundation has already made such a difference in many lives and exciting about the potential to help many more men and women in the future.

The nutritional and educational information is invaluable not only to those who have been diagnosed with cancer but more so for prevention. I now look at this Foundation as essential in the Breast Cancer fight because of its opportunity to work with low income, minority families who might otherwise be overlooked.

LSF is making a real difference and Claudia’s love and compassion for helping others is what all foundation work should look like.

Thank you!

Debra Simonette
Creative Gifting, Inc.