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We are an interracial married couple with physical disabilities and we have selected House of Hope to shop from based on their charitable contributions. We have always purchased between 100.00-150.00 whenever we have shopped here. To be candidly honest, we purchased furniture TWICE from this place at 25.00 per delivery on December 5 and 9th of 2009. June 17th2010 we purchased a floor model television and some other times (totaling guestimate 180.00+) and we were told again that the delivery for the one model was 25.00. The next day the volunteer delivery guy called at the end of the day complaining that he had "other deliveries" (he was suppose to have called us in the morning so that we would confirm the plans or make the delivery on Friday June 18th. He complained about our stairs being too steep and we said that they are not steep at all (we could not live here if they were steep) and he has delivered to us before and there were no problems about this in the past. Next, he calls us at 7:54am Monday Today June 21, 2010 (knowing that NO one would be at House of Hope to confirm or deny this or that the ladies who checked us out in the first place would be there). He asked, "Do I know how much this would cost?" and I said, "Yes, 25.00 as we were told on Thurs and what we paid in the past." He said that it was 45.00 and up and I said now, you had Friday and the ladies could have quoted that on Thurday the day when we paid for this item. I rejected the delivery and told him that we will have to deal with this on Wednesday (because House of Hope staff are not there until Weds. and he knew that.). Then he arrives and I was very firm with him because he was totally dishonest about the price and for making us show him the December reciepts so prove this. I was astounded by the hostility of this demand. We found the reciepts and we called and left two messages each at House of Hope and Project Hope to discuss this. Then the delivery man tried to call us under a false dialling and hung up because we have Privacy Manager. All four women who answered the phone between House of Hope and Project Hope were incredibly wicked and extremely robotic in their hostility. They all were volunteers and said that this man had a "Heart of Gold" which is a gross over estimate concerning the situation and as they were not there when he spoke to us with this nasty tone of demand. They all lied and said that we did not want our TV and that was not true and that we rejected the delivery and Lisa proceeds to read this list of policies and this was not the point. She refused to resolve the issue and asked imappropriate questions such as "Did I know the lady who rang me up personally." I said no, and that we simply just shop there and what does that have to do with changing the price AFTER we paid for the item and then not telling us until 20 minutes before the delivery man arrives. This was such a hateful set of people and Lisa kept on about him being some man of God and I said, the man of God would not treat us in this manner. I believe that this was a very prejudice action against us as many behaviors have increased as of late all over. There is a prevasive sense of hatred and we are quiet people and we avoid people as much as possible as a result. We were treated as if we were the wrong-doers when all that we did was pay for the item and agreed to the original terms of the agreement and they were the ones accusing of being confused. This is another affront to our disabilities as it was way out of base to even say this to me. What was confusing about it? There was no"misunderstanding" because if that was all that it was, then, they would have taken responsibility on their end of it and had just allowed the delivery to stand as was written on our reciept. For the other lady to scratch out the original agreement AFTER we paid for it and then not to call us or tell us was criminal. We did not have that kind of money, we only had what we agreed to pay and then to threaten us of taking our paid item and placing it on the floor and not refunding us. We never asked for a refund, however, we know that they destroyed this television out of spite and hate and something needs to be done. I have written to a board member in Manhatten and Molena IL (their head quarters) and i hope that he will call back and get the general concept of what we had to report. No, I would not recommend this place as the volunteers are prejudice as the day is long and disrespect and they do not take responsibility and they are DISHONEST people to place themselves over God that they are superior people. Their names are Peggy, Lisa, and Karen and the delivery man. These are rotten people and i have never treated them in any manner other than kind and they are hidious in their behavior being a Christ centered claimed charity. They never followed anything from scripture and they yelled over me and accused me of being "confused"..these are personal insults as a person and I can't simply go to purchase anything because they decide that I am not human enough to be treated with the same dignity as they were treated. This is not an exaggeration of words. This was an ugly verbose and hateful transaction and if they can't treat people of disabilities or of back ground correctly, then they (regardless of your color) will find a way to prejudice YOU. We will BOYCOTT this place. They need a reality check in their behavior immediately. There was absolutely no reason for this treatment. We have been faithful customers to support this charity and there was no need to repeatedly and robotically stand up for a disrespectful person who was hostile to us BEFORE the delivery. He was a heart of rocks and not gold and he is not God as they said that he was. ALL of the volunteers need training on how to treat ANYONE who comes to this store and they need to be trained on how to handle issues when they arise and learn to take care of the customers who pay to support this charity and not act as if we are a dime a dozen or as if they are superior because of who they believe that they are. Particularly the women as the women in most of our service industry today are so immature and poor in their behavior. Men seem to be more to the point and do not always hit below the belt. The women are argumentive with other women and if they want to be seen as professional , then, they need to learn how to resolve problems in a manner to better serve the public rather than being insecure of their place in society. They would benefit by not acting so competitive and mean-sprited in the work place as it seems to be the behavior of choice. There is too much of this nasty and humilating expression exchanged to those who are willing to resolve the issue rather than to drag it out and take responsibility for their mistakes. They need to not drag out their person view point on their favorite people. If the employee or volunteer expressed disrepectful behavior, then , it needs to be addressed. Just because a volunteer or employee is a Heart of Gold to YOU or the Right hand of God to YOU does not mean that he is treating OTHERS in this way. Last time I checked, he appeared to be basically human. This was such an ugly experience.

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