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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: Recue rhab and rehome unwanted dogs

Programs: During 2012 we rescued rehabed and placed over 250 unwanted dogs spaying or nuetering all as required

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Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

I adopted a Chinese Crested dog from Sally's rescue, 14 years ago. Sadly, I recently lost my sweet little bedmate, and love of my life. I would love to talk with Sally about finding me another little partner in Crested rescue to live my life with....Mary Baer


Client Served

Rating: 5

Several years ago I traveled 1600 miles each way to pick up my Marvin, a 9 year old Dachsund that had spent most of his years in a puppy mill. I had found him on Pet Finders and knew I had to bring him home. He was scared and timid and didn't have any teeth (puppy mills don't take care of teeth) but we got along ok with that. After the long ride home, Marvin hid under my bed for most of the first four months. Little by little we bonded. It took over a year to get him to trust me.... just as Sally Ives had said it would. He just needed security and love. Finally, Marvin realized I wouldn't hurt him and would lay in my arms for hours. He was finally safe... and home. Like any normal dog, he began demanding his dinner and jumping up and down when it was time for his walk. He was curious about all things, especially outside. There were so many things he had never experienced before; birds, cats, grass and trees, the sounds of cars and motorcycles passing by, his first vanilla ice cream.
For seven years Marvin and my female doxie, Taylor, did everything together; play, sleep, romp in the yard, eat ice cream and hamburgers from McDonalds on their birthdays. When she died at 14 late last year, Marvin (and I) was lost without her. He rolled around frantically; searched for her everywhere. He became more attached to me and followed my around the house.
Then four months later (Feb, 2014) my grand old gentleman of 16, Marvin, died in my arms of old age. It broke my heart. He was a good little man; one of the best dogs I've ever had; and I am better for him loving me. I thank Flawdogs and Sally Ives every day for saving his life... so he could be a special part of mine.

As for Sally, she's the best! She takes in hundreds of dogs every month just to save their lives and find them forever homes. You have to love your work (and animals) to do what she does. She is a Godsend for these little guys. Without her, they wouldn't live, period. They would be put down. That's what puppy mills do when the breeder dogs are no longer useful to them.

And for those who might complain that their new pet had something "wrong" with them ......... Sally didn't name it FLAWDOGS for nothing people! These little guys have had a hard life and yes they sometimes have a health problem or two. That's what life is like in a puppy mill. Well, that's where we come in; you and I. It's up to us to love them, to help them, to give them a better life. They aren't perfect, but neither are we and they accept us for who we are too. All they want is a warm bed, food and love, lots of love.

As far as a fee? Of course there is a fee. What do you think it costs to run this place? Sally's up before dawn, in bed way after we are, and feeds, shelters, provides medical care, and cleans up after all the babies that come through her doors.......... 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Do you really expect her to do all that for free?

Listen... Sally is the best thing that could EVER happen to these puppy mill dogs. She is the first step in giving them a better life. She is there for the dogs and YOU!

So now I'll ask you this: If you have room in your home or heart to bring one (or more) of Sally's beautiful babies home with you, GO NOW! Don't wait a minute longer!

And if you don't, or can't .... at least send FLAWDOGS a donation. Sally has a lot of precious little mouths to feed and she could use some help. Tell her MARVIN sent you. She'll know..............


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

A friend of mine got a puppy from Flawdogs this week and just found out that the dog has PARVO. Not a good place to get a dog. They get their dogs from puppy mills--'the puppy mill rejects', and then sell them to the public for $150.00 to $300.00 which is considered a 'donation'. No puppy date of birth, vet records, information, nothing other than a puppy whose health has not been verified by a competent veterinarian.
I feel for the poor puppies; sad conditions. I'm sure we saw over 70 puppies and dogs being cared by 2 women--impossible!!!!