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Client Served

Rating: 5

They helped my find homes for a litter of kittens that a stray cat had in my yard. They advised me on what I needed to do to care for the mom and babies, made the vet appointments when it was time to get them fixed and I brought them to adoption events, they posted them on-line and pretty soon found loving homes for each including the mom. What a relief!

Client Served

Rating: 1

We found an adorable small cat and were unable to keep her. She was so cute, and we live in an area with a lot of traffic, so we needed to find a safe place for her. We already have four rowdy cats, and wanted to make sure this cat would not be put down, so a neighbor told us about this cat rescue holding adoptions at a local Pet Smart, and gave us the phone number of a woman named Sharon.

We called Sharon, and she told us she would accept the cat, especially if we could make a donation to her charity. And she insisted that we not meet her at Petsmart, but at her home. Well, our neighbors took up a donation, and we were happy that we could make a $200 donation to her charity, so we met up with the woman, gave her the sweet little cat, and gave her the check for $200. She was not happy.

We were surprised to hear that she was not happy with that amount, and she mentioned that she would have to "spend several hundred dollars" on the cat, clearly expecting us to come up with more money. We told her we didn't have any more money, and she crammed the cat in a rusty, wire cage, and had us make the check out to "Cat Rescue". A week later, we received a call from a neighbor, who told us that when she asked about the cat, the woman reported back that she had NEVER gotten any money from us at all, but she took the cat anyway. Our neighbor was embarrassed, thought we had taken the money, and gave her an ADDITIONAL $200, and came home, telling everyone we took the money. Thank goodness, we were able to provide a copy of the canceled check to everyone, which, by the way, had been cashed the very next day after we gave it to her.

For a non-profit cat rescue organization, charging someone $400 to accept a cat just isn't right. We would have waited to take her to the ASPCA if we knew that was her deal. And the big lie about never getting the money really aggravates me. I don't know about the legality of how this was done, but I do know it was extremely unethical, and the whole thing had a shady vibe to it. This "charity" will never get another penny from us.

3 Erika32

Client Served

Rating: 1

How these people qualify as a non profit organization I will never know! They had an adoption event at Petsmart where I adopted a cat. They said the cat with cane although they had no cat carriers or anything appropriate to carry the cat home in. They sent me with the cat from Petsmart in an open box on a very rainy day and sadly by the time I got to my car the box was in pieces. Once I made it to my house and tried to get the cat back in the box the cat escaped from the dilapidated wet box and took off and was never seen again. I offered to buy a cat carrier before I left and they told me it wasn't necessary and then when I inform them that the kitten has run off they threatened to get a lawyer and sue me. Really that's what you have time and money for with your non-profit? Is this to people that you gave a cat to in an open box on a rainy day and it escaped? I'm not a criminal just an idiot for not buying a cat carrier before I purchased an animal from you. You people are terrible and should be ashamed of yourself! I've never seen such a bunch of disorganized fruitcake women in my life! By the way I'd love to hear from your lawyer my lawyer would enjoy that I'm sure she needs something to do!


Client Served

Rating: 1

After adopting an animal from Feral Feline Retreat, I would never recommend anyone to them. My husband, son and I adopted a 6 month old Golden/shep. Mix from FFR in mid April 2011. We were told that she was fine with cats and children. When we got home we knew we had a problem! “Lilly” kept trying to attack our 2 cats. We took her to Man’s Best Friend for training. She listens to commands pretty well now but still attacks our cats. We have worked with her for over 6 months and she is even worse with the cats—trying to bite/attack them. One of my cats got so stressed out that he stopped eating and so far this week I have spent over $1200 on him.
The previous week I emailed Sharon and told her that it wasn’t working out with Lilly. I gave her my reasons—she won’t get along with my cats and she is way too rough with my 4 year old son—even nipping him on the hands and face. My son was always gentle with her—not like most young kids would be.
My husband also called her to discuss this with her. He also told her that he had a co-worker that may be interested in her but he owned a pit bull. Sharon asked my husband what ethnicity this coworker is. Really?? Does it matter?
Anyways, our contract with them states that if we can’t keep her, we have to return her to FFR. Otherwise we would have found her a new home. Once contacting Sharon she told us that she couldn’t take her back and we would need to bring her to Petsmart every Sat & Sun until she gets adopted out. I told her that we couldn’t do that—We live in Spring, more than 30 miles from the Petsmart they use. She requested current pictures which I sent her.
She then posted the pictures along with a description on Petfinder.com. In the description she stated that Lilly was 6 months old (she is actually 11 months), great with cats and children and that she had been returned due to the owner’s illness (yes, I do have fibromyalgia but that is not why she was returned). I was then notified that they had a family wanting to adopt Lilly. I was worried that this family may have cats or small children in their household since her description of Lilly was deceitful. At that time I emailed Sharon about how I felt Lilly may just be returned since she wasn’t honest in her description. Sharon emailed me back saying that the couple didn’t have kids and it was an older couple. I was suspicious since she didn’t say that they didn’t have cats. When we met Sharon at Petsmart today so Lilly could be transferred to her new owners, Sharon quickly grabbed the leash from my husband. She was very rushed and it seemed like she didn’t want us to meet Lilly’s new owners. We went to our car to get all of Lilly’s belongings and came back into the store.
Upon returning to the store we met with the gentleman adopting her. The first thing he asked was if Lilly was good with cats. I couldn’t and wouldn’t lie to this man. I told him “no she isn’t” and then Sharon started acting like she didn’t know what I was talking about. She told me that she thought I was returning Lilly due to my son (in her description it was due to my illness, remember)! Here she is lying again!!! I told her no, that we were bringing her back due to her aggressiveness with the cats and with my 4 year old son that was now afraid of her. The gentleman looked up at us and said that his oldest daughter had passed away and one of her last wishes was for them to keep her cat. So they have a cat. I’m sure this cat is very sentimental to them and Sharon was going to put this cat in danger just to quickly re-home Lilly. I can’t believe it.
I can’t help but wonder if she knew Lilly didn’t like cats from the beginning. We are on a very tight budget but in the 6 months we had her we ended up spending close to $3,000 on her. We wouldn’t have spent that kind of money on her if we were just going to give her back. We tried everything we could think of. This was my son’s first dog—and he wasn’t a bit upset to give her back because he was so afraid of her—but she is great with kids right??? Give me a break Sharon. I would think those in rescues would want to place a pet with the right family…not lie to just get the pet out of their hands.
Update: I just noticed that someone changed Lilly’s description to say she is good with kids but doesn’t say anything about cats. Come on, Lilly lived in my home for over 6 months. Why not be honest so Lilly can find the forever home she deserves? Is it that hard to say: Lilly is not good with cats or young children!!!!