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As experienced pet owners, my family and I decided to adopt a pittie as our most recent family member back in July of 2010. We'd done all of our research & were really excited to add a pitbull into our lives. In particular, I was really happy that the CBBR rescue seemed to have the best interest of the dogs in mind - requiring a lot of family information, doing home visits and producing a contract that required adopting families to only rehome their new dog through CBBR if unforeseen issues did arise.

I've never rehomed an animal before & I've dealt with my fair share of destructive behavior, medical mysteries, personality disorders and so forth with our previous pets. Additionally, I've been doing dog training since I was in the 5th grade. AND, I'm a puppy foster care parent for our local humane society. However, our newest puppy is a case that even I can't handle. She's sweet in almost every way, but she's extremely fearful of small children and puppies...this causes her to react in an aggressive manner. My husband and I are planning on having more children, so a dog that is terrible with small children is just not an option. We'd had our puppy less than a month when we realized that this was a serious issue. We immediately contacted CBBR and let them know our concerns and told them that we would not be able to be the puppy's forever family.

We were told that it must be the way we were holding the leash. We were told that we were probably introducing her incorrectly. We were told to go see a bahaviorist (in fact, we were told to go see Patricia McConnell...for those of you who are not familiar with her, that's like saying to go see Caesar the dog whisperer...yeah, I'm sure we'll not only be able to afford those kinds of services, but it will be SO easy to get access to that kind of person...she hasn't taken new clients in about 10-15 years.)

So, we took our puppy to two different puppy socialization classes (as in, two semesters worth) and saw two behaviorists (both found through Patricia McConnell's website). We reported back to CBBR with her progress and let them know that she still needed to be rehomed. We were then told that we hadn't seen the right behaviorist.

So, we then saw the newest behaviorist, who agreed with the first two behaviorists: The puppy has issues that can be worked on, but she is generally fearful/not confident and it is her personality to be scared of small children. In other words: We can't change the underlying issues and she needs to be in a more appropriate home.

It is now over a year since we told the rescue that she needed a new home. They won't return phone calls. They are terrible at returning emails (if they return them at all.) They blame everything on the family. They do not honor their own contracts. We've sent them her updated pictures and bio three times now, and she's still not on their website for adoptable animals. THIS IS A TERRIBLE ORGANIZATION. THEY DO NOT SEEM TO HAVE THE ANIMALS BEST INTEREST IN MIND. If they did, we would have had concerned organization members contacting us once in a while to see about the puppy's progress, perhaps doing follow-up home visits and see about finding her a more appropriate home. I plan on posting this review as many places that I possibly can so that other people will not get taken in.

Review from Guidestar