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Causes: Arts & Culture, Health, Historical Organizations, Homeless & Housing, Interdisciplinary Research

Mission: The Carrizo/Comecrudo Nation of Texas, Inc. shall be a organization serving the cultural, social, educational, spiritual, linguistic, economic, health, and traditional needs of the members and descendants of the CCNT, Inc. and other Native Americans groups while sharing and preserving its cultural, social, educational, linguistic, economic, health, spiritual, and traditional knowledge with the citizens of Texas to promote awareness, understanding, and cultural diversity.

Results: -In 1998 filed for Federal Recognition -Introduced both the Deer Dance and Bear Dance back to the public -Harvest Dance -have identified over 500 members that were lost and unaware of their identities.

Target demographics: preserve and maintain C/C culture and identity

Direct beneficiaries per year: 210 people with their genealogy. over 500 people in C/C presence thru education

Geographic areas served: Texas

Programs: Language Classes, bringing back our bear and deer dance, providing the atmosphere to positively maintain the Lifeways of the Carrizo/Comecrudo a part of Texas History

Community Stories

8 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

hi my name is janet lee dominguez i am writing my story here to see how we can become a state and fedral roncized tribe that we are a real tribe of texas and that i respesent of my tribe as bieng an enrolled tribal member that would like to this nonprofit of carrizo comecrudo be a federal and state tribe of texas instead of nonprofit organization and asking forvyour support on getting our story heard and published out there in the state of texas and commuity our carrizo comecrudo tribe has been funraising for our events every year to keep having our lifeways and ceromonys to be held at the carrizo comecrudo tribe on our land that we have as a place to have them we dont have of our own to call our home and other sources that we need to keep our beautiful tribe alive if we could get all the suoport that we can as donations land tribal housing im sure we would live in tgem we are stay strong and possive for our land our people and our cicrle of all of our relations and to honor our ancestors history of our lifeways and understanding the meaning of our languages our clans and lifeways and im am asking for any help nd support of this nonprofit organization to be noticevof texas in floresville san antonio we are a tribe that been apart of texas for many decades of the orginal people of texas are are the carrizo indians from the lower rio grande valley and been proud to be called a carrizo comcrudo tribe of texas of orginal people of texas.i am from the bear clan of my tribe in our language we say glam potsum which means bear clan which i represent my clan bieng bearcof my ancestor clan and to understand my lifeways came from and the history that goes with it but ee do exsits but not reconized at all were bieng forgotten and our ancestord are not bieng rememberd we honor them we sing with them ee dance with them and heal them to remember them and our culture of indigious native american we need help and fundings to keep our circle of lifeways strong.nayema paye'sl means thank you AHO.


Rating: 5

The Carrizo Comecrudo Nation of Texas is doing great work, and important work, in preserving the lifeways, traditions, language and culture of the Esto'k Gna people, one of the original native peoples of this area now known as Texas and Northern Mexico. They are also very involved politically in social and environmental justice issues and have been taking the lead in Texas in protecting our sacred mother earth and waters against the major corporate oil and gas industries. They are also on the frontlines of the "No Border Wall" movement in Texas where for the past nine months they have set up Camp Yalui (Butterfly) adjacent to a community cemetery where the they are working with the people there to protect their land, the remains of their ancestors that are buried there, and the natural wildlife that will be disrupted and affected negatively by the construction of this border wall. Support how you can. Nana pele'x/thanks. Nawaso'l ment yawet/All our relations.

Teresa Soesd I.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I was able to get connected to tribal relatives in Oregon because of the strong cultural container the Carrizo/Comecrudo Nation of Texas has sustained. It has greatly benefited my and my family's lives and enriched our understanding about our tribal ways that are so innately ingrained in our internal pedagogy.
They also work tirelessly to preserve our natural resources to address global warming and live to sustain a world to leave our children.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Carrizo/comecrudo tribe of Texas,,,fighting to keep the water clean, air clean, and our life ways alive for many generations to come.
Soo many positive things to share regarding the tribe, always displaying their will to never give up and continue fighting against large oil companies who pollute our earth.
Keep fighting and stay strong relatives....

Carrizo/ Comecrudo Tribe ✊

Desiree Garcia M.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

The Carrizo Comecrudo Nation have been a leader against injustices, environmental concerns, and basic human rights in the community and globally. The Carrizo Comecrudos are actively seeking federal recognition. Regardless of that we continue participating and teaching our culture, life ways and language to our descendants. It would be an honor to be placed on your award.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

The Carrizo Comecrudo Nation of Texas has been a voice for Indigenous people like my self and family in all things. They have fought to protect water in poor communities, they have stoof by family that were victims or crime. The Carrizo Comecrudo Nation of Texas has has volunteers provide free services to the elderly including remodeling and transportation to medical appointments, and food donations for years. Many homless or transient people have heard word of mouth of the work they do and have reached out to them at all hours of the night and never to be turned away but rather being cared for until back on their feet. They are not big but have the biggest hearts in the community. They stand as the only identified Indigenous organization in central and south Texas that does this kind of work and service for people of native ancestry and associated family and friends. They do not turn people away if they are not Native they still help as they believe all humanity is one family.

2 Andrew99


Rating: 5

The Carrizo Comecrudo Nation is a nonprofit whos purpose is to carry on our language, our cultural traditions and to bring cultural indigenous awareness to the Great state of Texas, through education of our tribal history and through our tribal events. We welcome all those who are interested to attend any event that we have. If you have any questions or would like for us to speak or perform at any of your educational events please contact us through our website

2 onebigjuan


Rating: 5

The Carrizo/Comecrudo has been a large piece of missing parts of Texas History. C/C have been a in Texas since first contact. A contributor in assisting other plains tribes to maintain there identity and their lifeways. The C/C are also known for their participation in the settling of the Texas and Mexican border. Although much of these important contribution have been left out of the Texas history books. Mainly being left out because of their original connection to the rich ranch and farm lands that now are being utilized into major fracking oil businesses.

The C/C filed for federal Recognition in 1998 in effort to save the sacred sites and reclaim countless of remains that are still held in many Museums. The 3 federally recognized tribe in Texas are not indigenous to Texas and are not really assisting in the regulations of NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act). The Act has not been ratified in Texas so it is used ostentatiously by those wanting to hold on to remains and artifacts. It is not the fault of the other Tribes since they have become part of the misread and misinformed history in Texas.

We are very interested in bringing a sense of better educating the public to Texas history and the presence of the Esto'k (Carrizo/Comecrudo) of the land called Somi Sek (Texas). We bring a rich and long-lasting presence even though the landowners want to deny the presence of original Texas Natives the evidence is without a doubt available, from the pictographs to the Texas Railroad Commission Archives. The Culture , language, and the lifeways have ultimately survived a misinformed history that has always wanted the Indigenous people in Texas to stay out of the picture. A history being very partial and biased toward the original people of Texas since time immemorial. The Documentation and Evidence is there it just takes much funding to acquire it. Thank you for your consideration.