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Review for Blue Missions Group Inc., Miami, FL, USA

Rating: 5 stars  


I see, hear, and think of this organization and the word I react with is “happiness”.

Why does it make me happy? Why do I love BLUE?

I look back at my experiences in this organization and I think about all the moments when I felt this happiness. I realize that I first felt it when we simply showed up and gave the people of the campo new faces to see. I felt it again when we simply introduced ourselves, struck conversation, and started making memories with them. I felt it again when we simply hammered nails, dug trenches, and brought clean water and sanitation to these people who didn’t have it before. What is it about some of these simple things that actually made me happy? Each of these things I was doing made people feel love and they brought out such big smiles! Simple, yet so powerful!

Being in the campo, this is all done so effortlessly. And I question, why? Why is it that we’re able to be so humble, loving, and HAPPY in a place that has so little? Thanks to BLUE Missions, the answer is always that we’re able to live in the moment.

Because of BLUE, I had the opportunity to expose myself to life in the campo. Because of BLUE, I was able to put away my phone and embrace and contribute to what was in front of me. I realized that the people in the campo don’t lack any more than we do. Just as we have all these material needs that we’re able to give, they’re able to give the richness in love that they have. As simple as that, it’s made me learn exactly what the world was created to be. A home for us all. A place to build love, uniting everyone.

So thanks to BLUE Missions and the beautiful lives in the campo, I have not only learned how to be happy in the campo, but I have learned that it’s meant to be spread throughout the entire Earth.

Being apart of this organization and receiving these experiences have challenged me to let these lessons learned transform my life and work through me EVEN back home. I now know that we are born to share the blessings that we have. It is our purpose in the world and that is ultimately how we will all be our happiest. CHOOSE to live in the moment, magnify the good that you can engage in, and contribute to from wherever you are in the world.

Even if it’s Monday.. it’s a new week, a new day, a new moment! We get to learn or work to enhance our lifestyles. We get to be surrounded people. So it’s all a choice to make it a happy Monday if we want it to be. Simply bring out your own smile to bring out someone else’s smile. Change up the ordinary tasks for the day and bust a move.. who knows if someone will join in and laugh too!

Thanks to BLUE Missions, I now know that this is living. And living doesn’t mean existing, it means choosing to love anyways, which means choosing to give anyways. A smile, a question of how someone’s day is going, any helping hand to show that love is present in the moment.

Live. Love. Give. They all mean the same thing to me!

Often, what many people want and need is right in front of their faces, and there are many who don’t see it...

"No one can snap their fingers and make someone happy. What you can do is help people to see what is useful for them to see. What you can do is point and hope they look.”

Now, being an intern, I was able to point and hope the volunteers looked. And when they did, I was able to help them give of themselves. This was the best part of my experience this summer. It was a feeling like no other when I got to see them reach clarity with the lessons that the BLUE experience is all about.

I realized a form of giving I am capable of. Bringing out what makes us passionate and simply ourselves. Doing that every moment of every day. Giving it to those around you, whether it be knowledge, talents, or even just a positive attitude. Be the one start the ripple of giving what we have to offer to the world.

I couldn’t think of anything more awesome than this organization and the people in it. So as many times as I’ve said “thank you BLUE”, I can’t say it enough for making a simple water drop picture be a reminder for me that each day of life is precious. Thank you for being a family open to all, waiting for the entire world to be bold, say yes, and join in on your mission.

Role:  Volunteer