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United American Patriots is a relatively unknown non-profit because they work for a small and growing group of both active and former military service members. They provide support to individual service members because when they and their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters need UAP’s help it is for the worst reasons. These reasons are because their sons and daughters are in trouble and their families witness the abandonment and isolation of their sons and daughters by our senior military leadership. Consequently, UAP’s Defend the Defender program relies on small donners, the individual citizens scatter across the US who recognize the injustice of war crimes prosecutions as political scapegoating.
UAP helps, aids, and supports our military warriors and their families that have fallen afoul in combat of the politics of bad military strategy. UAP strives to maintain fairness and truth in a system where military leadership does not help.
UAP believes that the “war crime” cases they handle are actually political prosecutions of military service members that have followed their Rules of Engagement and fall under the combatant protections of the Law of War.
The unique issue produced by the Iraq and Afghanistan war is that the US Military has more of these war crime cases than all the other combined wars fought by the United States. This issue is a sharp contrast to our senior military leadership boasts that we have the best trained, the best equipped, and most intelligent armed forces in our history. UAP also believes that our service men and women are the best trained, equipped and intelligent warriors this country has ever produced. UAP is concerned, however, that “the best” qualification does not seem to apply to our general officers and calls out our senior military leadership on these conflicting messages.
Politicians speak in equivocations and make decisions and deals to narrow public scrutiny. The job of politicians is to move the public opinion needles between the American values of liberty and equality; between individualism and constitutionalism based on majority rule. General officers forget they are political amateurs in a two party system where the minority opposition party will always fire volleys of criticism at their decisions that test their intellect and their leadership metal. Today’s general officers seem to forget that the loudest item in the room is always the truth and that good decisions will stand up under scrutiny provided leaders have the courage to battle the criticism.
The interesting item here is that when it comes time to scapegoat the US warrior, the generals switch the rules from the battlefield Law of War to the constitutional Rule of Law. They use the Rule of Law to accuse the warrior of murder when the Law of War Rules of Engagement state that our warriors (combatants) have immunity for killing the enemy.
UAP bears witness to the judicial waterboarding of our warriors because our military leadership cannot make the political prosecute of our service member’s work without abusing the military judicial system. Washington DC politics have creeped onto the battlefield facilitated by our senior military leadership at the expense of the warriors, who are eyeball to eyeball with a treacherous enemy that does not take prisoners, tortures, and uses civilians as shields. UAP is the only non-profit dedicated to support and help our warriors who fall victim of this military judicial abuse.

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