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Review for SPCA Tampa Bay, Largo, FL, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

OK, enough of the negative comments by a small group of banded individuals who are determined to undermine the SPCA because of their own personal vendettas with past or present management. I have read the lies and half truths some have posted on this site, and as a 12 year volunteer of SPCA Tampa Bay, I would like to say the remarks posted here, by this particular group of x-volunteers , are merely self serving. They are the nasty and negative remarks made by a few dog-walkers who were not permitted to micro-manage a facility the size of SPCA. For example, the remarks about the organization only taking in "designer dogs" made me laugh out loud. It's ridiculous and untrue as are many of these allegations. I'm also seeing some very overt jealousy regarding the salaries of various staff members. This is merely an organized attack, a vicious "pack mentality" perpetuated by a few disgruntled but admittedly determined people, and it needs to be seen in that light. This small group of individuals obviously has no concern, whatsoever, for the welfare of the animals they champion on this site, as evidenced by their exiting the shelter, en masse, led by the most verbal and loudest of the complainers. I was there and I watched it happen. I want to ask them all now, 'How does whining and complaining online, from the comfort of your arm chair, help the animals'? How does spreading lies and making attempts to undermining a non-profit organization help the animals? Walking out and abandoning them because you couldn't have your way CLEARLY shows the depth of your concern. How do any of these people truly know what is going on at the SPCA when they don't make any effort whatsoever to take their turns working there, caring for the animals? They have absolutely no first hand knowledge of the work that is being done at SPCA by the dedicated vets, medical team and support staff. Instead, they are simply maligning the oldest and one of the best run shelters in the country because they didn't "like" certain persons in charge. I'll say it again, I was there and I saw it all come down. Management exists because it is a necessity. Workers need organization, supervision and leadership, and if you have ever been in a managerial position, you know you cannot please everybody all the time, especially some volunteers who come in to work and then stalk out when they aren't allowed to run things their own way. Dealing with living beings, in this case unwanted animals, is never easy. Hard decisions must be made at times, and they aren't made lightly or by people who are the MONSTERS this group would have you believe they are. The depth of caring and the relentless efforts made to rescue these animals and restore them to a state of health is ongoing, inspirational and truly amazing. I invite any and all to the SPCA to see for yourselves. Good work is being done to save these animals from peril and perish. Telling people to make donations "elsewhere", as one pack-member advised them to do, is NOT helping any animals. How does taking food and medication from the mouths of needy animals help any animals? It doesn't, the advice to donate elsewhere was given solely to spite the management. I don't understand it. It isn't human. Advice like that is unwarranted and again, self serving. SPCA runs solely on donations and a large staff of volunteers. Paid employee's salaries are modest and every penny is accounted for. Nevertheless, I suppose these attacks won't stop, this group has been "at it" all these years to achieve their end, which is discrediting the SPCA. But I for one am a financial supporter and a time giver and I will continue to be so. I know precisely where my donated dollars go, I see first hand the beneficial transformation in the animals that come through the doors, and I gladly do my volunteer work with the goal of finding all animals a loving home. SPCA has successfully re-homed thousands of animals each year. The animals are well cared for and comfortable. So please, judge for yourselves, don't be swayed by the verbal tantrums of a disgruntled few.

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