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Review for GREY2K USA Education Fund, Arlington, MA, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

Grey2k doesn't care one bit about they greyhounds. Payroll, travel and lobbying make up 90% of their expenses according to their tax returns and there are only have 6 full-time employees. They have been known to manipulate data, steal photos without permission and doctor them up. To top things off they opposed a bill in the Florida legislature a few years ago that would've made for stricter safety standards in the greyhound racing industry. They are a smart bunch of people that should be using their brains for something other than scamming people out of their money.

Role:  General Member of the Public
carey2 (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

This fake "review" is part of an organized campaign by the dog racing industry to post negative comments here. It has no basis in fact whatsoever. For example, the claim that we opposed a Florida bill to impose stricter safety standards in the racing industry is a flat-out lie.


Review for GREY2K USA Worldwide, Arlington, MA, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

Sharing from my timeline; feel free to copy and paste onto your own!

As both a retired racing greyhound advocate and an attorney, this crap from Grey2K makes me furious! Shelley has dedicated a good portion of her life to promoting retired racing greyhound adoptions (and she has, for many years, had over a dozen at any one time living with her in her “Greyhound retirement home” (I’ll post a picture from her annual Christmas cards in the comments). Both she and her husband are veterinarians, and she is a former racing greyhound trainer.

When I started out adopting greyhounds over 20 years ago, I bought into the anti-racing propaganda. The sport has improved, but even back then, about a year or so after I adopted her, I spoke with my first girl‘s breeder, who gave me a lot of information on her and was thrilled that she had found a great retirement home. Since then I’ve come to know many people involved in the greyhound racing industry, and the love they have for these dogs is just amazing.

You’ll always find rotten apples in every profession, including greyhound racing. But that type of person is a rare exception. Why are adopters such rabid fans of ex-racers? Because they’re fantastic dogs, and their trainers are a big component in why they are so amazing!

Grey2K holds itself out as a charity, but it’s not a 501(c)(3) organization, and, contrary to what many believe, donations to this group are NOT tax deductible. I always check out charitable organizations Charity Navigator before I even think of donating (and you should too); you can find Grey2K‘s information here:

And you may not know this, but you can look up any charity on guide star and commented files federal Form 990, you can see exactly what it’s financial situation is. Here are a few salient facts from Grey2K’s most recently filed (2016) Form 990 (the organizational income tax return; my numbers are rounded to the nearest $100):

Total revenue: $596,800
Total expenses: $619,200
Operating LOSS: $21,500
Executive compensation: $106,400
Other wages and salaries: $125,200
Lobbying: $123,400

So you really want to help racing greyhounds? Donate to your local adoption organization, or any track-connected adoption group. Look into their fundraising and operating costs before you donate. Most retired racer adoption groups are run strictly by volunteers and give the money raised directly to care for the dogs. That’s where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. Not with organizations such as Grey2K that give NOT ONE PENNY to the dogs!

Role:  General Member of the Public
christine (Nonprofit Staff) wrote:

This fake "review" was posted by a dog racing supporter, as part of an organized campaign to try to drive down our review score on this site. GREY2K USA works to pass greyhound protection laws, phase out dog racing and promote greyhound adoption. We have a strong record of accomplishments. Thirty-one dog tracks have closed or ended dog racing in the U.S. since our formation in 2001. During the same period, gambling on dog races has dropped by 70% and greyhound breeding has declined by 60%. We have passed sixteen major greyhound protection laws, including prohibitions on commercial dog racing in Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Arizona. We are an efficient non-profit organization. In 2016, 81% of all expenditures were used directly for programs including legislative advocacy, ballot initiatives, legal research, and public education about the cruelty of greyhound racing. Greyhound breeders resort to cynical tactics like this because we are ending their cruelty.