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Review for Life Unlimited of Virginia Inc, Annandale, VA, USA

Rating: 1 stars  

I only want to see the animals receive the best care. When I arrived at Rikki's Refuge, I thought I could make a difference and I did my very best, arriving half an hour early everyday, took no lunch break, and stayed as late as I could to accomplish as much as I could. With time, I noticed a drinking culture developed and it was prevalent at Rikki's Refuge, and it was encouraged by Sanctuary Manager.

Then a drunk employee ran over a napping cat. I was absolutely furious. The person who hit Rocky showed no remorse. I couldn't talk to this person for days. This was the first time in ages I had to fight so hard with myself to keep my rage under the lid. The CEO was there the day happened and saw the cat for herself. I thought the CEO would recognize something was wrong. Days, weeks, went by nothing happened; but the sanctuary manager has had an ongoing sexual relationship with the same employee, which continually resulted both of their departures from the property (almost) all day. While these two employees were off the property, being paid for it, the rest of the staff struggled to keep things going. Morale suffered.

A person on meds reported to the CEO what had been happening and nothing happened. Meanwhile, animals were dying (are dying). The young employee (Cat Killer) recommended to medical staff members to throw away meds instead of administering them and she was found by other staff members to have actually done this. While animals are dying, this staff member is actively and continually ignoring them. This staff member needs to be fired and she needs to be in prison for animal cruelty and neglect.

This was my breaking point as an employee. While this was happening, while CAT KILLER and Animal Neglecter are drinking on the property, and frequently disappearing, while I kept finding animals without food or water down in cat runs, or filthy unchanged water in Doggie Downs, with piles and piles feces, WHILE ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING, the CEO had the gull to send ME a letter (no criticism ever, ever happens face to face. Could there be a major flaw in communications at Rikki's?) for coming in late and leaving early???? When I had put in the 40 hours a week she took away my earnings?? How dare I be an honest employee! How dare I not have sex with the sanctuary manager! How dare I give the animals their food and water! How dare I not partake in consuming alcohol and marijuana! How dare I try to contact my sanctuary manager that I had to get my teeth pulled, which my dentist suggest was as an emergency, and have the paperwork and mouth to prove it! I was not fired for being a bad employee! I walked out! I left! And then I felt guilty when I thought about how the animals would be alone if I left! I turned around and went back! And then! My "boss" told me I was not welcome because I left without telling anyone even though he did that everyday! Also, he was holding a beer in his hand when he told me I was terminated! You know! That is fine! Rikki's Refuge can step on me, when I know, and the other ex-Rikki's employees know, I have a good heart! Cat Killer does not and will never have a heart! She clearly does not have a conscience!

I will fight everyday until Cat Killer and Animal Neglecter are gone from Rikki's Refuge! I can't get my teeth pulled but that girl can run over a cat and it is fine! So yes, I am disgruntled! These animals deserve better and Rikki's Refuge refuses to improve! Rikki's refuses to open its eyes and see the truth that the animals there are dying because these two people do not care and this girl is actively letting them die! But that is fine! I hear animal cruelty is in these days!!

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

fire Lauren Todd and Doug. These two individuals do not understand animal empathy and Justice For Rocky will do its power to ensure these two individuals never work with animals ever again.

Role:  Former staff