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Review for Ark of Hope for Children Inc, High Springs, FL, USA

Rating: 5 stars  

I do very little reviews and I tend them to be a true reflection of my experience. This one is a different-one; it does not only describes my experience but also reflects a fraction of my emotions.
I first come across Ark of Hope a few months back on twitter by chance; when I read the tweet it was something more of listening to someone so real. I imidiatly followed it and I come to discover myself...
I am an adulth over the age of 30 so someone who has seen a bit of life's ups and downs and believes that he is embark with what it takes to face life and explore the unknown with curiosity. Here is when I come to appreciate of what I thought of the first tweet that I talked about earlier.
Ark of Hope has been what it says from its discription; a hope, strighants and faith; when you loos all that is there... It's amaizing tweets kept me going night and day to the extent that I become and habitand of its huge hug of hope and inspiration.
In my journey it has been the voice that has been saying to me "get up you are better then you problems", "you will do what you you were meant" that "you have a purpose in life".... This might sound a little exaggeration but at times the tweets were the only source of what kept me alive to try one more time; to try not to give up on my own life when everything started to lose its sence of making and values. It would be very honest to say that at times I just wanted to hug my phone just to show how much it means to me to feel that I am not alone.
I have never actually spoken or taken part in one of its chat-room, though tried to explore it a few times but didn't need to. It was enough to see a tweet that someone out there actually cares for one every morning that I woke up and every night that I went to sleep.
Overtime, I formed a relationship with the tweets; sometime I even got angry and tried to ignore them in a hope to give up on life; because the tweets made it hard to give up on own life; when, you see someone is trying so hard to keep your hopes alive and to give you all they can to make you feel protected against all the odds against you. I have even argued with the tweets when it get on my way in the verge of giving up. So to stop them singing the most beautiful song that is known to man of hope and all that is good out there in my head. I have even tried to shout it out of my sights in an excuse to give up but I grow to realise that I am shutting life out of my soul, stoping bits from my heart and streaming blood out of my cells. So, in the very first instance I have come running back to my phone to see a tweet like one needs a breath of life when his wholl world is filed with carbon-monoxide. I have Ark of hope on direct notification just now, I receive a tweet and I can only describe my feeling in being in a very old relationship with someone so real that you know so well; and that you want to argue with and offer to open all your problems to and say keep me out; I am not wanting to succeeded because that you feel the world can be so cruel and it is not worth living. But then you see the kindness and care in the split second and you wanting to try one more time.
This review is probably become of ones own-story but it is only right to admit what this has been in ones personal life and experience. At times I have scrolled through tweets when I knew in whole my heart that I am looking for that one tweet from Ark of Hope and coming to it quickly moving on to the next tweet without fully reading it. Because it is enough to know that someone cares for you enough to make sure you don't give up and fill your life with hope and love; which, I wouldn't probably be able to describe as I don't believe I have heard of such a relationship in the past. One other-thing I am a heterosexual and it has been very odd for me to feel so much loved, wanted and inspired by Ark of Hope of which the same sex. But it goes way beyond a relationship of which human may attain to; it has been a relationship of pure affection; something that is out of this world. Ones relationship with their parents can be of an unconditional love, this I would describe something so pure and so wholly that you never thought could be in existence. I could go on and on but I don't believe I would be able to paint a full picture of what it has been to me and how much it meant to me. In another words a saviour which, I believe further then that would be in close relations with god. It has been a journey a relationship that made me review the philosophy of state of being alive and loved.
I have the habit of remembering quotes or be inspired by national figures or human heroes; but Ark of Hope has made me redefine all the quotes I ever knew and all that I was inspired by; because I found inspiration, hope, love and faith in every single tweet that I read and every time I was encouraged to do better then good enough. To be a better person to be what it takes to do good.
At times I just wanted to strangle my phone but luckily my phone did not have a nick to do so :); because I want to say don't encarige me because I might even become what you are inspiring me to be.

So; thank you Ark of Hope for every single tweet for every single moment of your precious time that you are devoting to something so worthwhile and something so extraordinarily rewarding. You probably don't realise the rewards of the many life's you change by bringing hope to them and reminding them to have faith and making them feel loved. So, here is a real-life story of not just a change but saving a life. Only if a thank you would be enough; but that is all that I have. There is no wealth that could fulfil a return or a price tag to value. Becouse, you work is priceless. Keep the good work up.

With love
Hamid Parwani

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