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Review for Another Chance 4 Horses Inc, Bernville, PA, USA

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OMG Avoid these people AT ALL COSTS and DO NOT give your money to them! It lines THEIR/Christy's pockets and thats about all. its NOT a rescue tho she may talk a good game and have a few poster horses to promote herself with, its just another word for MAKE-A_BUCK off bleeding hearts. They work with a BROKER and MANY of these AT RISK in need horses are in fact NOT at risk-meat buyers do exsist but they only will pay SO MUCH per head/per pound and will not pay the 500-600 as much as 2000 etc that she asks for her horses so they are in no threat off becomeing pony steak. You just need to do a little internet research to find that out. At first out of the goodness of my heart I put a "down payment" on a few "needy horses" that I wanted to ultimately own. Well those funds went to HELP the horses and they ended up somewhere else so those fund were magically GONE tho I was thinking it was a downpayment on some broker program horses. I was mad but the anger passed. A year later, I "purchased/adopted" 4 horses from them and paid to have them trailered quite a long distance to me. I was ASSURED by Christy that the one was ABSOLUTELY beginner safe and the rest were gentle etc. (all by text as it seems she cannot speak on the phone) They sent me pics of them in quareentine but somehow after 3 weeks there none had put on ANY weight-hmmm. What I saw where these horses standing next to horses with snotty noses (severe enough to be possibly strangles) and were given just a handful of hay cubes on the manure soaked stalls at their "farm" or "holding area" which is someone in the middle of no where and not on their farm-or they call it THE OTHER FARM where the horses arent even seen daily???. When they arrived, The one had a blown knee and had to be put down within 72 hours. The other one was a neurotic and severe weaver with a HUGE swollen hock. She was also aged, very thin and nuts (this was suppossed to be the beginner safe one hand picked by Christy. HAHA. Totally NOT ridable by anyone!) After the farrier and vet looked at this one I contacted Christy wanting to rehome it locally-basically wanting to put it out to pasture to die in peace as nothing more could be done for it. She said I HAD TO SEND IT BACK TO HER. I said no way Im putting a half dead horse on a trailer to go for a 900 mile trailer ride are you NUTS?? We had to put that one down. Her emails become threatening and harrassing (to the point I was in tears and contacted an atty. She couldnt give me a straight answer as to why you would abuse a horse by putting it on a trailer to send it 900 miles after it had just sadly been trailered 900 miles and was DYING!) Her yahoo group harrassed me. I had to change my email. The 3rd one was lovable on the ground but he was a severe cribber (not disclosed to me) and also unridable by anyone without velcro on their butts, he also was not drivable as advertised and had white line disease (also arrived with shoes DANGLING off him). I kept him for almost 3 years as a pasture pet, he coliced once a month without fail and I FINALLY found a home for him that didnt mind his regular colics and cribbing behavior (even with a collar on). The 4th one was SEVERELY foundered, not disclosed to me. When the farrier went to work on her he was horrified. She was put out to pasture where she remains on my farm as a lawn ordament. I basically called in our family attorney over the one horse when she wanted me to trailer it back tho it was dying and he laughed and said he would be MORE than happy to take her on, that I legally owned these horses and that was that. I have almost haldd a century of horse exp. yet I was duped. This horses werent TRUE rescues in any sense of the wrod as a TRUE rescue actually rehabs and knows the horses it offers for adoption. I lost $1000's not in just buying them and trailering them and vet and farrier and feed expense but in having them put down almost as soon as they arrived!!! I do hope people will see the light about this gal and do their homework. If you want a horse from an auction, go there youself, do NOT trust this Christy person! Shes just a horse trader hiding behind "being a rescue". Rescues dont work with a broker to sell neglected/sick and dangerous horses to the public! (Brian Moore I believe is the name of the broker but Im not 100% and have heard she works with several for that under the table cash in pocket profit) The sad part is is that MANY of the horses offered wil either a) get someone hurt and are NOT what they say they are or b) have so much wrong with them that they NEED to be put down on site. This is a SCAM not a rescue. Youve been warned. REAL RESCUES will go to the auction themselves if they want to look for a horse that needs TLC and then they will take it and totally REHAB it before offering it out. Most "rescue" horses now days come from private owners on hard time. Christy tho continues to try to get grants to help fund her horse buying needs, but in the process she not only hurts people she HURTs the horses! Not to long ago I saw 2 locally that came from AC4H offered for sale..same thing, they were not what she led the person to believe they were, they were younger horses and not in ill health but they were plum dangerous, and the lady was giving them away for free. That speaks volumes. Just because her daughter can ride a horse up and down the aisle of barn while she coos in the background to make a 2 second video doesnt mean the horse was safe. In my case a BEGGED for a video wanting to see the one horse I wanted ride...and she could not provide it HMMMMM that should have been a red flag for me but I was too big hearted trusting and stupid. I hope others will learn from my exp. pardon my typos. Ive read thru enough of these comments to see the truth and I have to wonder why someone isnt shutting her down. The 5 star comments are coming from family and friends only afraid to loose their pocket cash. SOMEONE NEEDS TO SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATE THIS NFP AND PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. If she wants to be a horse trader....fine, thats her business, but AC4H needs to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS AS A RESCUE because they are NOT a RESCUE!I do have to ad I was contcted by a TB org. wanting a referrnece on Christy as she had applied for a grant with them. I told them my story. I had pics and video and vet and farrier report with dates to back me up...they declined her grant on what others had told them and I was the person to just slam the door shut for them and BOY did that make me feel GOOD. They found that she was NOT acting in favor of the horses!!!! YAY And the only way I can post this and feel good, is that Ive moved since this experince. JUST AVOID this whole clan and let the law step in...karma will find her.

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