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Review for Grace Unlimited, Dallas, TX, USA

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Hello, I'm Chaz Guice from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I'm 24 will be 25 Jan.7. I would like to tell you about my life leading up till now. Well i was the little league ball player, the one who always was active and played sports. Football was my life all through out school, i was in the gym or on the field. I had a few colleges who wanted me, and i was just perfect! Things couldn't get better! they got worse... One night back in 2006 that was the year i would have graduated, i went out to a pool hall to have some fun. That's when my life changed, i meet a few people that night playing a few games of pool for money. After a few hours of conversation and competitive pool playing, they headed out. Well i stayed for about 20 more mins just wrapping things up and than we left. On the way home we stopped for a bite to eat at McDonald's, We went in and started to order than as we went to find a seat i heard my name so i turned and there they was Kenny and his girl Tonya.That would be the couple we meet playing pool. That's awesome, at least that's what i thought back than. Kenny asked if we wanted to set and eat with them, we did. He asked what i had going on this coming weekend, i said not much why? Kenny asked if we would like to come to his party he was throwing.. Awesome we will be there! We exchanged numbers and left.
I was excited about this party i was invited to so the week dragged by. Friday came and i hopped on my motorcycle and drove to his house on Sooner Rd. When i got there the garage door was open and they were dancing, shooting pool, and drinking. I walked in and got a beer than started talking trying to get to know them better, bad mistake! Well i became close friends with Kenny, we had been hanging for about a week now. One day out of the blue he asked if i wanted to make some fast money! hm mm fast money? Heck ya! well that's when it all started. I began stealing and profiting BIG time, we would head out around 1:30 am and scout multiple wealthy neighborhoods. Just Kenny and I we would park the car in front of a random house than stroll around until we found laptops, purses, wallets, keys in the car whatever would turn a profit. I started making around 200.00 a day on a bad night. I left my mom's house and got my own.
It was the best, well at least that's what i thought. Boy how you can really get sucked up and become blind to the things your doing wrong! I had the nicest TV, furniture, Appliances, Guns... When you walked in my house there was all size flat screen TVs in the back bedroom, In the closet i had about 20 pair of Red Wing boots all sizes, Nike shocks, cell phones galore.. In my garage was about 15 pairs of chromed out rims, pool table, 40 ft race car trailer on the front curb. A 16 ft box trailer in the drive with a safe in it. All stolen, well it ended up being four of us doing this crazy, immature, and absolutely foolish crap! Kenny, Chris, Brandon, And I "Chaz", That was the crew. Kenny and Chris were older 23 and 22 maybe Brandon 19 and i 18 just turned!! ugh well Kenny and Chris knew each other for years. I knew Brandon for years, well about 6 months into meeting Kenny that night at the pool hall something happened!
My little sister Courtney asked if she could come over to watch TV. I had all the channels and it was the place to be. I only lived 3 blocks from my mom's house i was lucky when i found that house.. Well she gets there i let her in and i jump on the couch and start to doze off when, i hear BOOM BOOM BOOM and there goes my front door. I freak they yell on the ground and that's where i went. I can still hear my baby sister crying! It was sad to see her have to be there. Well they putt me in the back of a cop car and i sit for about 2 maybe 3 hours as they tear threw my house and load up vans full of merchandise! I was freaking out know cause they started to look in the attic and that's where i put the guns! after looking twice they did not see them? i was starting to wonder if they were still there? 3rd times the charm cause i hear them yelling they got guns.. Big guns! well i had AR 15, SKS, AK47, saw off 12 Gage.
Lord what was i thinking back than! I spent 14 months in the county jail waiting to go to prison. My gun charges caused me to have federal charge and the rest were state i pulled my state but can not pull the feds? do not know why. Well i went in and i did all i could to better myself. Prison can change you for the better or you can become worse. I stayed active with sports and studies, a friend of mine named Mike D. was a deaf guy and i learned how to sign and than i used that to help him get his GED. I can not imagine going back! it is a hell of a feeling to have all your rights taken. Every time i go to the refrigerator, I think about how good it feels. I am terribly sorry for what i did when i was 18. I have grown and matured in prison.
I was released a day before my 21st birthday. Oh i celebrated lol! Than i started a family and we were good till about a year ago. I left Oklahoma back in January when i finished my probation. I left with a woman named Danielle. We had 100 dollars a full tank of gas and that was it! Did not even have a cell! We went to Wichita to learn More about Occupy, We stayed there in the car for about a month, long enough for me to work at the daily labor and get enough cash to travel. Than we headed to New Orleans and survived there a few months out on canal in the French Quarters. It was a blast meeting tons pf new people and making money by her singing and i would draw the crowd in. Then it was to Jax Beach Fl. we lived there about two months, oh it was lovely., By the way yes we are still living in the car! and no we didn't stink! lol we took showers and got jobs but than around the end of that second month things got rocky between us.
I left and came back here to Oklahoma, just sat back and worked and finally meet a real woman who i love and we are happy! i would like to start my career now! I have been through a lot and now i feel like there is nothing that can stop me from raising to the top! I have the unique gift of conversation, I would say my people skills are at the highest. I want to be successful in life it is inevitable! I will not let anything stop me from what i can achieve. I made this quote up and i will live by it; I will do all i can today to succeed tomorrow! Everything i have wrote can be verified, i do not lie and i will never cheat myself from my future i will never give up! I will write 100's of people for grants and investments.. I will have my own store, i have done research and i have found the perfect location. The area is between Seminole Oklahoma and Shawnee Oklahoma, the profit margin is going to generate from consumers 18-35. I would be the only head shop for two hours either direction and it has great demand around here! I feel that in 10 years i could have 5 to 7 stores open, and show Oklahoma that i'm not just some dumb ex convict!
I'm starting school on or around 27, about two weeks away. I will be studying psychology, study of the mind. it's a wonderful thing! I just can't get any help!! I have been filling out forms after forms! NO luck! I was hoping that Grace Unlimited had any kind of grants!!! I would be forever grateful!
T Thank You!
Chaz O'brian Guice

PS. If there is any way you can help me i would be forever grateful!
I will do anything that i need to, I'm all ears. I know this story is not wrote out to the best, but its the first time i wrote this all down.
I guess you can call this my rough draft...

Thank you

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