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The New Jerusalem Ministry and Charity Home

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and Charity Home
a messianic ministry for the propagation of the Holy gospel and actions of love and altruism, to one another.


____Tél: 0023773771002 / 0023794324327_______

Douala,June 27th, 2012

Shalom and heartly greetings to you , dear Pastors, dear brothers and sisters, and dear beloved in Jesus Christ,our Lord and Saviour, in this our beloved and caring site.
Peace and Perfect Peace,grace and love be given to you in the name of God our Father and Father of all,and of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Saviour.

May Peace, grace and blessings of YHWH the Most High be always with you, proclaiming the Revival of Repentance in the Name of Yahshua HaMashiach, Messiah of Yisra’El.

Shalom, and thanks in the name of YHSWH our Lord and Saviour, for considering this message, from so far YHWH's children living in a community of YHSWH believers, in this part of the world ,Cameroon, in Africa.

I am Rév. Johaness Dingome Biyick, a messianic Pastor, with a messianic and social ministry and charity home for poors in Cameroon,Africa.

I am a born-again, fulfilled, Messianic Christian, who believes that the Messiah of Israel is Adonai Yeshua Hamashiakh worshiping and letting other worship Him in truth and in Spirit, Him, YHWH, our God.

I have visited your website and found it very interesting and possibly helpful, and that is the reason why, inspired by the Holy spirit, I decided after prayers to write to you, dear brethren, for a spiritual and material assistance, about the following:

Our Ministry is made of many small groups of goodwilling men and women,young and old,widows and orphans also,motivated by the principles of the gospel, mostly on Love to all the children of God so much in need, from those abandonned in the hospitals,the prisons and other charity homes or simply,to those in the streets.

Our main purposes by creating this ministry were :

- To convert people really and truely to the original christianism based on Love one another teachings of the Lord Jesus-Christ the Redemptor and Saviour for all,and in promoting real virtues of altruism and in respect,for those we must help,no matter their differences.

- Our community participates in many chritian,social and humanitarian activities here, and is divided in two parts:

A- The Ministry Itself,
and it's Prayer Groups.
These are

- Serving in creative and new endeavours where the Gospel has not been heard.

To encounter and celebrate God’s presence in the life, history, culture and faiths
of the people among whom we live,and with no discrimination;

- Collaborating with all our prayer groups and members to live simply and in
solidarity with the poors and marginalized people,with charity assistance to the
abandonned ones in the Hosspitals,Prisons or other charity houses.

- Expanding prayer groups with multiple evangelisation campaign

B- The Charity Home,
supported by the Widow and Youth group of prayers meant in:

- Programs of Free food, second hand cloths,vessels,electro-
menager,food,bedshits,blankets or anything we're given, to the very
poor in our Charity Home, but also in differents areas where life is hard for some human beings, so in the Prisons, the Hospitals and some other charity houses.

- Programs of campaigns of prevention of prostitution,homosexuality
abortion, Aids, Malaria and other STDs,and tropical deseases which
are enormously killing young poor people here...etc, with a A youth group of prayers, that prays and educates people on the harms of pornography and all other sexual issues such as homosexuality and other forms of perversion,while helping those who are striving to be pure.

We particularly focus on children in the streets, victims of so many and wide abuses, by helping in bringing them with our limited means a kind of hope, healing, intervention, counseling, legal aid, support, medical referrals, education, safe-house in our Charity Home, wich actually has 25 rooms.

We try to provide intervention assistance for some of those abused children, as well as legal referrals and support groups of our ministry, and we also provide food, shelter, medicine, educational support, counseling, and other necessary care for those abused and needy children abandonned in the streets, by all.

This includes providing food, clothing, medicine, shelter, and project support of hospitals and schools.

Many of them, young girls as same as boys, are victims of AIDS, and mostly, alcohol and drug abuse too, so
we commit ourselves to reducing alcohol and drug related problems within them, trying as we can, to provide preventive, educational and therapeutic services and environments, for all those children, and, at times, we also have some adults who have nowhere to expect, and come to join our community.

Our supportive services are designed to enhance the quality and productivity of the lives of all these abandonned human beings, program participants, staff and volunteers from our Prayer Groups, mainly, to provide model leadership in the alcohol and drug provider community,
to develop and maintain a highly visible image to the general public as a provider of exceptional alcohol and drug abuse services.
We want to make sure that no one will be denied services based solely on an inability to pay for them, for our actions are completely FREE, and based simply on our christian values of love and care to one another, and mostly, the most needy, the poorest of all.

We are happy to consider ourselves, in His name, an effective and compassionate ministry.

Our greatest success and source of power is our Widows group of prayers first,followed by the Youth group, made mainly of volunteers and other school children, who visit poor peoples in prisons,hospitals or certain charity houses,and provide them with second hand facilities, like thosqe mentionned above.

Very dear ones,to essentially expand the gospel in this part of the world,which is quite economically and deeply poor,while ignoring some moral,human and social negative aspects and disasters which are occuring here,would be a big mistake.

So we try to do the best we can,with the Holy spirit assistance and in the imitation of the Lord Jesus Himself,as He did while on earth physically,and recomaanded us to do.

At least,that is our main motivation and source of inspiration.

Of course we can not save all the misery,but unable to save all the misery here then,but we are trying anyway at least,to do in the maximum of our ability,of our consciousness,our goodwillhood.

And in this,we naturally meet so many problems too.

In addition to all our projects I've presented above, we are actually building our own Chapel and leave rentage and this chapel,which will include a Christian Cultural Center,for the promotion,expansion and propagation of the Gospel,with free showings of DVDs,VCDs and other free reading and eventual distribution of christian litteratures,writings and documentations.

This is going to be,we wish,the central point for the promotion and expansion of the gospel and christian images too for those who don't have a TV , in the Central Africa region in particular,and Africa in general.

So, the main reason we are sending this message to you,is to beg for your spiritual and material assistance, in at least one of the following needs:

1 - Christian educational resources such as Bibles,with other instructive books, videos,audiocassettes,DVDs on Christian lives or concerts,public campaigns...etc,because we sincerely miss everything here for teaching,and our background education is based only on the Holy Spirit self inspiration.


We are GENERALLY very much in need and very immensely in need Bibles for distribution, and of all kind of Christian Litterature and other pamphlets for distribution and teachings,and DVDs (for our public show room in our Christian Cultural Center),in English or in French languages, for the two languages are fluently spoken in Cameroon.

2 - We would like you to help us also, with second hand goods such as cloths, bedsheets, shoes, rice, powder milk, conservs, soaps, plates, pots or/and any other second hand items that you can be of a greater help, for many peoples here, even those which can seem meaningless, or with very poor importance to you, and that we can distribute to our poor people here.

And also, we need them for distribution in our campaigns in the deep forest, for the pygmies population that we used to go to evengelise in the deep forest here, and who are in lack of almost everything,due principally to the fact that they reject any form of modern life and hang on in their ancestral culture.

These excluded human beeings, left in the level of animals,are totally abandonned by the society, and even the government himself beeing less preoccupated by those details,but much preoccupated by his economical and political crisis.
They are a hunter-gatherer people.
Groups establish temporary camps of huts constructed of bowed branches covered in large leaves (though today more and more homes are constructed following Bantu methods). The men hunt and trap in the surrounding forest, using poisoned arrows and spears to great effect. They also fish, using chemicals obtained from crushed plant material. Using fast-moving river water, they disperse the chemical downstream. This non-toxic chemical deprives fish of oxygen, making them float to the surface and easily collected
Women also gather wild fruits and nuts or practice beeking while tending to the children. The group remains in one area until it is hunted out then abandon the camp for a different portion of the forest. The group is communal and makes decisions by consensus.

Children's health is of a particular concern, as they are particularly susceptible to disease, often resulting in death. Their skills is mostly in their traditional medecine, which are such that even non-pygmies often seek out their healers for treatment.

Their religion is animist; they worship a forest spirit known as jengy also called Djengi or Ejengi, whom they perceive as both a parental figure and guardian.
But actually, christian ministries like ours, with social concern in addition, are bringing so many, to the lord.

3 -
And last, and not the least,we have here,this very important problem of potable water,which is quite important,in the large dimension of a catastroph!

We know that everywhere it is said water is life and it is true,...but here,water is becoming death.

We are very much concerned with this problems of water here,and almost all the spiritual leaders are concerned,because the quality of water in the suburbs here,is a clear and simple murder to the populations.

Water is killing instead of giving life here!

In all the suburbs and squats here,there aren't any water distribution system,and there aren't neither any water system at all in the new faster growing quarters and suburbs.

Even in the main towns,the actual systems are dating from the french colonial times,some forty years ago now,and no pomp or drill has been ever changed!
Majority of peoples faced to this situation,just dig wells nearby the WCs or the public discharges,unaware of the consequences of bathing with,or drinking such water!

Meanwhile, some Churches and other particulars are helping in making DRILLINGS,in the cloth underground.

But all the populations do not have access to those drillings,as one must belong to a particular church that own the drillings,or have money to pay from the particulars and other privates,who exploite it for sell only.

So, on view also of the general incomes here and general poverty of peoples concerned by the project here,we have put that plan also in the hands of the Lord on whom we rely to, to enable us at least, to dig about 2 to 5 Drillings which are necesarilly for the while, for all the poor people here too, and with no form of difference or distinction,to get clean,potable and pure water,to drink too,for free,at least,at last!

If there could be of any help you could be for us, with no obligation at all but goodwillingness only, we shall be very thankful for you, and thank the lord YHSWH, for have used you, to help ones of His poor peoples on this earth, under this sun which daily shines, for all of us,tough with different magnitude.

Thanks in advance for all and please, unite your ministry into partnership in Christ, with our Messianic ministry and pray for our work to spread the YHWH truth in our Country, and the whole of our continent too,for we are all Torah observant, and encourage all to refer back, in our hebraic roots.

Please do pray also for our services and our charity home of orphans..

4 - Finally, and personally, and if possible, please send me also a Laptop, with external strong disc possibility, and a Film Projector and screen, even an old or second hand ones, which can permit me to show the messianic preaches on DVDs in the villages, where there is no Internet,as in many country
villages in in africa.

Indeed, we will be very happy to see you if you so wish too,in the official ceremonies of the dedication of the Chapel and thanksgiving in the next christmas 2012 if God so agrees.

By that dedication,we want to honor God our Father and His son Jesus our Lord for letting this chapel finish,and recommand and bless all those who have helped us with their contribution in the realisation of this immense work.

This being an invitation already,we still expect you to confirm us of your paricipation,so that we arrange the visa requirements for you.

So very dear in the Lord Jesus-Christ,these are the five points help we can say we present to you,and hope that with the inspiration of our Lord Jesus-Christ,you will be able to humanly assist us,in the level you can,and no more!

Of course we won't ask you to help us with the entire projects,or to carry the whole of our humanitarian perspectives, but just to act with your heart,and do what God Himself will permit you to give in rescue,contribution and encouragement for us.

Dear beloved in His name,I have been very happy to let you be aware of the actual program we are on since a good time now,and the mission we have been revealed by Him Himself to realize here to these people of Him too,on His name and the only glory of Him alone,the Lord Jesus-Christ,and God His Father.

We hope that you have been able to appreciate our efforts!

We thank you also to pray particularly for us even so far away as you are,for God has no notion of distance.

Please,pray for us also for the on-going of our ministry and mission,and that this ministry be full with God's chosen children who are really willing to worship and serv Him,with no rejection or exclusion but Peace,Unity and love and understanding between all of them...

Pray for us also,that the Glory of God and His presence might be evident in our Ministry through our daily actions and blessings of love,...

Pray for us endeed,that we succeed to convert the majority of people here to quit their ancestral rituals and other traditions of sorcellery and witchcraft as it is so common here,and give all their lives to Jesus.

We do pray for you also,and with all our profound heart and devotion,that Him blesses your Ministry already one thousand time blessed ,and multiply by thousands,your gifts in His name.

With much Love and thankful heart,with all that you are for Him,we are happy to be your brothers and sisters too,in this lost poorest part of the world too,in His name,the Lord Jesus-Christ,the universal Lord and son of God,our Saviour and eternal redemptor,the reason of our living,and of our existence.

Thanks in advance for all and please, unite your ministry into partnership in Christ, with our Messianic ministry and pray for our work to spread the YHWH truth in our Country, and the whole of our continent too,for we are all Torah observant, and encourage all to refer back, in our hebraic roots.

Please do pray also for our services and our charity home of orphans.

Here we'll be all fervently praying for you, your blessed family, your staff your elders and our YHVH group.

And, while we are prayerfully expecting your kind reply.

May Him bless you abundantly too,that you always be that source of blessings,to others.

God bless you abundantly.

Yours Faithfully in the path and In love,

Pastor Johaness Dingome Biyick
Love One Another Chapel
BP 5000 Bonanjo

Tél: 0023773771002 / 0023794324327
.Lord, Here I am, Your servant, on my knees before You. Please use me to touch the souls of people in many needs, and also in need of You. #AMEN #

Scripture urges the church to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest of the Lord... will you answer the call from us ! "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field." - Matthew 9:38

You can also visit my Facebook Page, by simply searching for : Johaness Joszeph

Pictures attached are of me, my ministry, my Pilgrimage in Israel, my visit to a sister New jerusalem Ministry and Orphanhood for War Childres in Sierra Leone, East Africa, and some children of my charity home.
And the ones below are of the ministry in fulness.

The New Jerusalem Ministry is proud to acknowledge the very special and close relationship that we have with YHWH our God, with faith, love to one another and hapiness, upon all the temptations, persecutions of this world, and a material poverty, which has nothing, but to confirm us that we aren't in our home, here on this earth, under the sun.

The Mount Zion Assemblies of Yahweh (Yahuweh) our chapel is dedicated congregation of YHWH believers in the hebraic roots inspiration,and has always been a source of joy and inspiration for all the members of the ministry.
As one can easily see in the pictures below, Yahuweh is clearly at work in our ministry, redeeming lives, establishing the Torah and preparing His People for the glorious work of the Kingdom!


Pastor Levy, Elder Yeroboam ben Israel and brother Ioseph
The Joy of Our Faith

Deacons dancing before Yahuweh
Deacons of Yaoundé Branch

The Women at Sukkot
Trio Singing

The Youth

כִּי־יֶלֶד יֻלַּד־לָנוּ בֵּן נִתַּן־לָנוּ וַתְּהִי הַמִּשְׂרָה עַל־שִׁכְמוֹ
וַיִּקְרָא שְׁמוֹ פֶּלֶא יוֹעֵץ אֵל גִּבּוֹר אֲבִיעַד שַׂר־שָׁלוֹם
ki ye·led yu·lad la·nu, ben nit·tan la·nu, va·te·hi ha-mis·rah al shikh·mo,
va·yik·ra she·mo: pe·leh, yo·etz el gib·bor, a·vi·ad, sar sha·lom.
Group Picture of the Men

Group Picture of the widow Women and some orphans
Some members of the ministry

"A unique family ministry, restoring original biblical worship"

The Women, Sukkot, 2011

The Men, Sukkot, 2011
Sukkot, 2011

Waving the Lulav, Sukkot, 2011

Leadership of the Assembly

"A unique family ministry, restoring biblical worship"

Many peoples have lots of comprehension and love toward poor peoples everywhere in the world, and for the least cry but, as for Africa, sincerly,we are left as abandonned,to our fates, with quite lesser regards, altough we've all been created by the same God, who has no difference making with His peoples.

And this,we suffer it from milleniums, and everyone finds excuse to put us aside, anytime we tend the hand for help,according to what the Lord, who is our only reason of living,taught us to do.

But even, hardly, we find a goodwilling heart or a helping hand.

Our brothers and sisters in christianism should be our only hope, and that is why I took such a time to write toyou, and show you in photos also, what with the Lord's help, we arepromoting in this land created by God also !!!


“Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us” —James 1:27, New Living Translation

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