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Causes: Economic Development, Environment, International, International Economic Development, International Relief, Microfinance, Recycling

Mission: These are the objectives we stand for: EMERGENCY AND DISASTER RELIEF serving victims of hunger, war, natural disasters, atomic accidents, plagues and other catastrophes; DEVELOPMENT serving poorer nations, the poorest of the world's populations and self-organizing development initiatives; undertaking all kind of development projects worldwide including schools, clinics, mini-banking, farming and small-scale industry; PROTECTION OF THE NATURAL HABITAT serving threatened elements of the Earth's atmosphere, its soil, its plants and its animals; initiating protective actions to preserve rivers, seas, and forests from misuse; BUILDING THE ORGANIZATION serving the general public so as to make it possible for it to participate in many ways in the activities of the corporation; RESEARCH AND INNOVATION serving the above mentioned activities through developing methods and systems for their implementation; producing and distributing informative materials to the public containing basic knowledge as well as specific information about the above mentioned activities.

Programs: International aid: in 2014 planet aid continued with its support to organizations and communities in southern africa, asia and latin america. Planet aid supported programs in 12 countries:belize: child aid and community development. Botswana: child aid and community development, support for people affected by hiv/aidsbrazil: child aid and community development. Dr congo: child aid and community development, organization and training of small scale farmers and education of primary school teachers, capacity training of staff. Ecuador: child aid and community development, organization and training of small scale farmers. Guinea bissau: education of primary school teachers, vocationaltraining, organization and training of small-scale farmers,rural energy projects and ebola prevention. India: support for people affected by hiv/aids, education of primary school teachers, micro finance program, girls bridge education, academy for working children, hiv/aids education and prevention, and organization and training of small scale farmers. Laos: child aid and community development. Malawi:development leadership training, education of primary school teachers, hiv/aids education and prevention, child aid and community development. Mozambique: education of primary school teachers, school meals program, vocational training, and support for one world university, cosnstruction of conference and training center. South africa: hiv/aids education and prevention, support for people affected by hiv/aids, organization and training of small scale farmers,child aid and community development, capacity building and institutional strengthening, pre-school and youth programs. Zimbabwe: support for peopleaffected by hiv/aids, child aid and community development, development leadership training, vocational training, organization and training of small scale farmers.

us clothing collection and habitat protection: planet aid collected and processed 49,000 tons of used clothes, shoes and textile in states from maine to california. Collecting unwanted clothes saves landfill space and reduces production of methane. Reusing already manufacturedclothing and other textiles saves millions of gallons of water and reduces the use of fertilizer and pesticides (in cotton production). Recycling or reusing one pound of clothes saves on average 3. 6 lbs of co2. In 2014, planet aid saved 355 million pounds of co2 through its recycling efforts - a significant contribution in the fight against climate change.

international training and capacity building: as part of its commitment to international development, planet aid undertakes programs of international exchange and training as well as information and education of the us public in matters related to international development. Planet aid works closely with non-governmental organizations in a number of developing countries to assist them building staff capacity and move towards self-sustainability. Planet aid also conducts recycling and education programs in cooperation with public and private schools and through participation in events in communities where planet aid is active.

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Please visit these updated links to important information about Planet Aid.

FBI file mentioning Planet Aid as a Tvind/Teachers Group organization in the USA can be found at:


Boston Globe article mentioning Planet Aid can be found at: http://www.culteducation.com/reference/tvind/tvind46.html

Five top leaders of the Tvind/Teachers Group, which is the controlling body behind Planet Aid and its sister organizations/commercial companies in the USA, are wanted by Danish authorities and Interpol on charges of aggravated embezzlement and tax fraud. Their names can be found at these links:

Amdi Petersen: http://tinyurl.com/mgyvqt7
Kirsten Larsen: http://tinyurl.com/lrmtvjf
Marlene Gunst: http://tinyurl.com/k9p288s
Christie Pipps: http://tinyurl.com/mwqltw2
Sten Byrner: http://tinyurl.com/m2d3mgm

Please research Planet Aid carefully! I personally would never donate to it.

Previous Stories

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

My review (August 2012) bears repeating. Planet Aid is a scam. The glowing positives that some have written here seem to be part of an orchestrated effort by Planet Aid to divert attention away from its "F" charity ratings by Charity Watch, and extensive negative media coverage. Planet Aid has not had thrift shops for years, so I would like to ask some of the reviewers who have commented on the good quality of clothes they purchased, WHERE they went to buy them?! And when? Given what I know about this organization and its affiliates here in the USA and abroad, I personally would not donate so much as a shoe to Planet Aid. The little money it ships overseas to Humana People to People is money down a black hole. There should be a full-scale investigation of Planet Aid et al by the FBI, DOJ, IRS, US Immigration and Customs Service, state attorneys general offices and others.

This organization is NOT committed to transparency. It is part of the Tvind/Teachers Group global conglomerate of shady businesses, which include a number of interlinked non-profits that operate under the general banner of Humana People to People. In the USA, the non-profits include Planet Aid, Gaia, IICD (Institute for International Cooperation and Development; there are two IICDs--one in Mass and one in Mich) and CCTG (Campus California Teachers Group). Two of the better-known Tvind/TG for-profits in the USA are U'SAgain and Garson and Shaw. Planet Aid works "cooperatively" with all to expand one of the major business lines of the TG: the collection and sale of "donated" used clothes. The Tvind/TG is regarded by scholars and a few governments (e.g., France) as a cult, and is well known in Denmark (where it originated) and throughout Scandinavia and Europe. You simply need to google Planet Aid scam, and you will find many articles addressing different aspects of this organization. Here is one: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2011/12/06/charity-watchdog-accuses-planet-aid-of-misleading-its-donors/ Here is a link to the FBI file on the Tvind/TG and Amdi Petersen (or Pedersen), the topmost Tvind/TG leader who, along with seven other TG members, stood trial in Denmark in 2003 on charges of fraud and serious economic crime: http://www.tvindalert.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/FBI-file-on-Tvind-2001-pg-1-3.pdf Although only one leader was found guilty (of diverting six million dollars from a TG-created "Humanitarian Fund" for purchase of a luxury condo-- located on Fisher Island near Miami--for Amdi and his girlfriend), another leader was tried again in a higher court, found guilty on several charges of bilking the Humanitarian Fund and sentenced to several years in prison. During sentencing of Poul Jorgensen, the judges stressed the systematic nature of the crimes planned by members of the TG, not just by one rogue member (my term, not their's). Now, Amdi Petersen and several others are wanted AGAIN to stand trial in Denmark. They are thought to be hiding at the lavishly appointed Tvind/TG compound in Mexico, or at the TG-owned farm in Zimbabwe where the Humana People to People Federation HQ is located. Where is Planet Aid in this? As the Danish deputy prosecutor was quoted as saying about TG-led groups: ''They are in operation all over Europe and they are very active in the US, especially on the East Coast,'' said Poul Gode, a deputy prosecutor in Denmark's Division of Serious Economic Crimes, part of the Justice Ministry. ''There is no doubt in my mind that Amdi is linked to Planet Aid in Massachusetts. ... The charges against Amdi are not focused on what is happening with Planet Aid, but the people involved are the same.'' Here is a link the Boston Globe article on Planet Aid, which mentions Gode's remarks. http://www.rickross.com/reference/tvind/tvind46.html The US public and concerned government authorities should ask plenty of questions (and do their background research!) about all of the Tvind/TG used clothes businesses operating in the USA, including and especially Planet Aid. Planet Aid and its affiliated groups are not fulfilling even the basic criteria for receipt of 501c3 non-profit status. They are highly sophisticated scams, raking in millions of tax-free dollars. I have personally witnessed the so-called humanitarian work of some of the Humana People to People projects overseas (in Africa). Judging by the poor quality of what I saw (and filed complaints about), the charitable dollars claimed by Planet Aid and company to be going to support HPP projects are NOT. Neither were the projects I saw competently run. Planet Aid is mainly investing in itself and the Tvind/TG. Beneath the veneer of respectability-- largely derived from well-orchestrated self-promotion--Planet Aid continues to deny, distort and disguise many truths about its leaders, structure, affiliations, practices and purpose. Transparent? Accountable? Certainly not!

Review from Guidestar

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

This is a heads-up for those of you who are reading these comments and hoping to find honest reviews of Planet Aid's work. There can be no such thing because Planet Aid's only function is to take money from the American public and funnel it to other operations overseas. From there small amounts of the funds are used for charitable works, but the bulk of the cash is transferred to affiliated companies, financial institutions, “consultants”, and the main membership organisation known as The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement...all of this is known collectively as Tvind or the Teachers Group. The heads of all Tvind entities, whether it be one of their charities, or their clothing broker (Garson and Shaw in the USA), or their main financial foundation (Faelleseje in Denmark), are all Teachers Group members...every one of them.

I find it interesting, and rather pathetic, that there are “reviews” mentioning the wonders of Planet Aid's clothing stores...likely written by the same person, and more likely told to do so. If their most recent audit can be trusted (2011) Planet Aid hasn't operated clothing stores for over a decade. So why these comments? Simple...internet searches of Planet Aid yield more negative press than what they care the public to know. To counter these effects, “positive” info is flooded wherever possible, such as this site where reviews are allowed without monitoring. In other words, Planet Aid, or hired guns, can say what they want for as many times as they want...all positive and glowing with little facts to get in the way.

I've researched Planet Aid, and the Tvind/Teachers Group, for several years. I've studied their structure, their mindset, their history, and their motivation....my humble opinion is that it's all about the money. But this is a free country, and we are all allowed to donate where we choose. Just be aware that when you give your used clothing to Planet Aid your donations will likely be churned into money for an elite few members of the Tvind Teachers Group with a very small amount going to the poor in foreign countries. When you donate to a local charity like a church, a homeless shelter, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army, you will be helping the poor neighbors in your community. It's your choice. Make it the right one.