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Turrill Transitional Assistance Program Inc

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations, Health, Homeless & Housing, Housing Support, Human Services, Rehabilitative Care

Mission: Turrill Transitional Assistance Program is a charitable 501(c)3 recovery organization dedicated to assisting chronically homeless to become stable and free of all forms of drug and alcohol abuse. Our programming promotes and encourages financial independence, healthy living, and self-discipline. We offer structured housing and drug and alcohol treatment servicesin conjunction with employment counseling.

Results: In 2012, we were able to start construction on our veterans treatment program partnering with Loma Linda VA. Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs were licensed to provide residential treatment for both men and women. We located facilities for our Outpatient treatment program and women & children's shelter program

Target demographics: Homeless Adults - Veterans, Women, Women with Children, Chronically homeless, suffering from addiction in the Inland Empire

Direct beneficiaries per year: 131 individuals have been provided housing/shelter through our various programs. Our veterans shelters have provided shelter for 62 honorably discharged veterans and in conjunction with Loma Linda VA have been able tor obtain permanent placement housing.

Geographic areas served: San Bernardino, Los Angeles County, Riverside, Inland Empire

Programs: Transitional Housing Program Veterans Shelter Programs Veterans Treatment Program Women & Women with Children Program (Underdevelopment) Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Community Stories

7 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

Turrill has been doing some wonderful things in the community with homelessness especially veterans. They have been operating a shelter for homeless veterans working with the Veterans Homeless department like Ms. Escalante and Ms Conrad who have helped place these homeless men in permanent housing after their stay in Turrills Shelter. Bully for these ladies and their efforts to improve the lives of americans who have serviced this country and need help.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Michael Stava had made mistakes in the party but had put his heart and soul into this veterans project. He is currently trying to do whatever it takes to make sure it succeeds in opening. He is spending his own money to Carew for a few veterans without donations or grant money. The Veterans currently living there were chronically homeless with no hope or future. Michael is fighting for this program alone as his own boats I'd directors just wants to kill the program or of greed. The Veterans program would already be open if they had agreed to it being transferred to citadel but they refused saying if they didn't get any money than nether would Mr. Stava. Mike just wants the program to go forward and open. So shame on anyone who doesn't, can't or won't see that. Turrill is basically dead. Note the question is, is the veterans program dead with turrill?


Rating: 1

You hit it on the nail!!! You are so correct about Michael D. Stava, it's frightening!!! I would advise any charitable Grant givers or private investors to never donate any money to any shady scheme Michael D. Stava is involved in...And trust me, if Mr. Stava is involved, it's definitely something shady and/or illegal. I can guarantee you that when this scheme falls through, Mr. stava will have screwed over a lot of people...and he really has nothing to lose because it was everyone else's money. Michael D. Stava is nothing more than a smooth talking Sociopath. Any business deals he makes are always Shady!!! I know of a private investor that invested close to $100,000...and he's going to get screwed over, in the end. Also, not only was Stava convicted of embezzelment, he was also convicted of tax fraud, teaching people how to commit tax fraud, by falsifying their tax returns-creating false business expenses, grossly inflating any actual business expenses, decreasing income, etc. Check with the California accountancy board, you'll see what i'm talking about. PS I could show you a whole lot more of his tax fraud schemes that occured fairly recently ;)

Sarina H.


Rating: 5

lets call a spade a spade, Chriss Duff aka blkdevcon. You dont really know anything about us! We help alot of people and as far as all the trash talk thats all it is!!! Turrill Has given me hope and helped me find my way back into society. Its sad that you need to bash a good thing. Says alot about who you are.

Josh Wendt

Client Served

Rating: 5

This comment is mainly in responce to blkdevcon
Turrell Transitional Assistance Program (TTAP) helped me when i needed them, this was before this new home came out for VETS, I am a Vet I WAS HOMELESS I WAS HOPELESS and i was so lost. TTAP helped me with more then just a place to live and forgiveness they helped me with a new direction in life. I now Own my own company (HCHM) HandiCapable Home Mods. and i could not have done this with out them. Now I read that someone thinks this is a Shady and prays on humanity. i ask them were they came up with that statement??? did you live in one of there homes? or are you just a single sighted person not looking to help others but help yourself? I say to you come talk to me Mike Stave, Tom Kanavos, there office staff are god sends, they will help no matter what it takes they will do what they can to make sure your in a better place. I OWE THEM MY LIFE so i take GREAT offence in what you said. What do sex offenders have to do with the Homeless Veteran Housing program? You are so single sighted it sickens me. MY NAME IS JOSH WENDT I AM A VETERAN I AM A MAN WITH A PAST (that im not proud of) I AM A MAN THAT HIT ROCK BOTTOM, I AM A MAN THAT OWES EVERYTHING TO TTAP they dont care about your past they dont condemn. I guess you never made any kind of mistakes in your life. if i had to chose between TTAP & all its people to you and the city... i would chose TTAP. yea we make mistakes that affect out personal lives but your mistakes affect everyone's life in the city. you can talk about our pasts all you want but you know what "Everyone has the power to change there lives, though it may take help from others in a time of need, and anyone willing to ASK for that help is a person looking for that change, we all make mistakes, what kinda of person are you if you cant admit that mistake? do you learn from it that way?"

Please dont condemn TTAP for having a heart and not holding peoples past against them. Their only goal is to help anyone and everyone willing to ask for there help. you cant help the unwilling.

Review from Guidestar


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Turrill Transitional Assistance Program advertises assisting veterans and helping the addiction community but falls short. This non-profit is an extremely shady organization preying on humanity’s pity to assist Veteran SEX OFFENDERS. Why would any city willingly condone or wish to help sex offenders or pedophiles? Don’t let the smooth talk of Michael Stava or Tom Kanavos distract you from what this non-profit is actually doing. Along with the assistance of sex offenders it is quite apparent that this non-profit preys on charitable grant givers collecting upwards of $500k this year alone from organizations like; California Wellness Foundation, McMillan Family Foundation, San Manuel Band of Indians , AnnenBurg Foundation and others just to list a few, yet have nothing to show for it. The charitable money these foundations have donated to Turrill Assistance should have been utilized to help addicts and veterans seriously seeking help to recover. The last item I would like to point out is the fact that Michael Stava has been convicted of Embezzlement from non-profits in his past along with a variety of other felony convictions. Don’t become a victim of this non-profits pity pot scheming act.