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The Queenie Foundation, Inc.

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: The Queenie Foundation promotes kindness to all animals through humane education and companion animal rescue/adoption.

Results: The Queenie Foundation placed 56 cats in 2020.

Target demographics: homeless cats, offer information

Direct beneficiaries per year: 56 cats by placing them in loving forever homes.

Geographic areas served: the greater Hartford, CT area and Dallas, TX

Programs: Humane Education, spay/neuter education, promote a vegan/cruelty-free lifestyle, and focus on children and adolescents to interrupt the animal abuse/child abuse/adult violent behavior link.

Community Stories

6 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

the founder of this foundation is rude as hell and has no respect for others. I asked for the process of adoption a cute kitten I saw at my local pet smart and Enid was extremely rude about the situation for no reason and immediately gave me an attitude when I explained to her the situation. She made it seem like I was trying to adopt the cat to “gift” the kitten when I clearly stated it was a surprise for someone in my family but the family member would’ve only known the day of. I asked her the process about the adoption, I didn’t ask her for her opinion on my situation. I think she’s the most rude, disgusting person i’ve ever met and I feel bad to whoever has to put up with her nasty attitude at this so called foundation.

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queeniefound 01/27/2021

The Queenie Foundation does not place cats or kittens as gifts. We appreciate people who want to pay the adoption fee for a family member or friend, however, the person with whom the cat will live needs to meet the cat first to make sure that they are a match for each other. The cat's well being is paramount, therefore, we can't take the risk to place a cat or kitten with someone they've never met.



Rating: 3

The Queenie Foundation takes its policies and procedures seriously. Adoption protocols are in place to make sure that foster cats are placed in loving and responsible homes.

Prospective adopters fill out a 2 ½ page application that asks pertinent questions that give an idea of the person’s past and current companion animals and the care they’ve received. A veterinarian’s reference is required, in addition, which means the prospective adopter needs to provide the name and phone number of the animal hospitals they’ve used in the last three years and give them permission to talk to the Adoption Coordinator for a reference. It’s imperative that the applicant has taken their animal(s) to the vet every year. (It’s recommended that dogs and cats seven years and older see the vet twice a year and this is taken into account during the application review.) This process, or parts of it, may seem unnecessary to some but the foster cats’ well-being is the focus; they deserve nothing short of consistent medical attention and love in their forever homes. A home visit is scheduled after the application review provided the vet’s reference falls within the guidelines.

The review dated earlier this year was posted by an applicant who didn’t qualify because of her veterinarian’s reference. The vet said she always encourages her clients to bring in their animals regularly. This applicant does not. In fact, her animals rarely saw their vet, according to the records that were relayed during the conversation with the vet. One of the applicant’s cats didn’t see a veterinarian for seven years. The applicant was declined.

The other reviewer was declined for the same reason—their veterinarian’s reference didn’t meet The Queenie Foundation’s standards.

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 1

Very sad and stomach-churning organization.
Enid the founder of this organization should not be allowed to have or house any animals. I went to "meet" a cat she had for adoption. When at her house and "headquarters" we had to walk thru a back yard full of animal waste and was lead into an animal housing area in her basement thru a hatchway. The foundation was leaking and there was litter boxes and animal areas in need of attention and a horrible animal waste order. The "pen" she had the cat I went to look at had wires hanging from the ceiling and a hole the cat kept trying to crawl into.
She then proceeded to tell me I wasn't qualified to adopt... at which point I told her between the visual state of her establishment and the horrific stench that it was producing she had a lot of nerve telling anyone they weren't qualified to have animals.
At this point she started screaming like a mad women to get off her property and that I was the "worse" she ever met and she would see to it that I could not adopt a cat anywhere. She was sending out emails and blackballing me she putting out a "do not adopt" on me.
My daughter and I just left but I feel bad I had to leave not only the cat I came to meet but all the others she had.
Not worth your time or effort to deal with her. Very sad!!!

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 1

Had an awful experience with this "charity" and Enid the founder. She was EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful to one of her volunteers when we went to look at cats athat Petsmart. We felt awful for the poor girl.She made us feel very uncomfortable. We fell in love with one of the cats and that is the only reason I went on with the application process (Which is extremely lengthy and many parts were unnecessary). We have had many animals and have given them so much love. She decided that we were not "fit" for ridiculous reasons and had the guts to give us "tips" on how to raise our animals! She is an awful, self conceded, disrespectful person. You're better off going to the humane society. Stay away from this woman and her so called "foundation"

2 Meagan5

Client Served

Rating: 4

I have adopted two cats from the Queenie Foundation and bith are happy an healthy and were well taken care of. Since adopting our first cat (Max) both my husband and I have started volutering as well as become a foster home. We have fostered 5 cats for TQF at this point one who was a 9month old mother who had a litter. The kittens and mother were soayed and neutered as soon as it was appropriate and Mama is currently still with us being treated for dental disease she was born with. In 2913 alone TQF adopted out almost 40 cats which is no small feat for a small organization. I enjoyed my experiences so much that when aproached about becomming a board memeber later last year (2013) I was flatered and accepted with out hesitation. We are currently reorganizing our fundraising prigram to include more interactive fundraisers and get our followers, former adopters, voulenteers and board members more contact. Enid is a very soecial person accepting animals she knows have little possibility of being adopted and cares for them as her own. You can tell she cares about each animal just by the way she talks about each one and makes sure to keep in touch with previous adopters.

3 queeniefound

Board Member

Rating: 4

The Queenie Foundation, an all volunteer 501 c 3 organization and consistently in good standing with the IRS, was founded in Dallas, TX in 1996 when I lived there. Originally, I founded the organization because I wanted to talk to the public about humane education and issues that I care deeply about such as spay/neuter, veganism and interrupting the animal abuse/child abuse/adult violent behavior link.

Our small breed dog rescue is located in Ennis, TX, just south of Dallas, and run by our vice president. To date, we have placed hundreds of dogs in loving homes over the last eight years. Our cat rescue is run by me, the Founder and Executive Director, in Manchester. In 2011, we placed 13 cats, in 2012, we placed 25 cats and as of this writing in November 2013, we have placed 33 cats.

All donations and adoption fees are used for veterinary bills and supplies for our foster animals. Our Board of Directors has one member in Texas, our vice president, and five members in the greater Hartford, CT area. At no time has any donation or adoption fee been used for purposes other than our foster animals' care. The previous reviewer is a disgruntled volunteer who is an habitual liar and has not volunteered for us since 2010.

I invite anyone who's interested in The Queenie Foundation, our rescue/adoption program, and our business practices to contact me at queeniefound@hotmail.com.

Enid Breakstone