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The Guardian Angel Cat Haven Inc

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This organization's nonprofit status may have been revoked or it may have merged with another organization or ceased operations.

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Client Served

Rating: 5

I had a great experience with this organization as well! Unfortunately this nonprofit is no longer in operation although Wanda, the owner, still takes cats in. I had found a kitten who was injured and ended up having nerve damage. She couldn't control her bowels or bladder therefore had to use a diaper. Im a college student with 3 cats that I rescued from the streets so I couldn't take in another cat especially one who would require so much time and money. I called ALL the no kill shelters/cat sanctuary/cat havens in RI and some in MA and I was turned down by all of them. Then I found Wanda's contact information online and she was amazing. Like I mentioned she no longer runs the nonprofit but she was more than willing to take her in. Im so grateful. God bless.


Client Served

Rating: 5

I began feeding a bedraggled scrawny cat that some owner dumped on my street. I fed the cat for months and she would eat and leave everyday. Having 3 rescue cats of my own I could not take her inside. On night when she came home she brought 4 kittens with her and basically adopted me. I began calling shelters for help. There was no way I could spay and keep 5 more cats. During the frantic process of trying to find a place that wouldn't kill the cats I came accross many a heartless person running what was called a "shelter" The lack of empathy and concern was alarming. I was told they would take the kittens but no one would take the mother cat, even after I offered to pay her spaying bill and board for two months while she adjusted to losing her kittens and then not being able to roam free anymore. Then if the "shelter" couldnt' find a home for Momma cat I would come back and get her and try to incorporate her into our feline family. I was told so many times NO WAY,,, Ivy Turner who ran a wonderfull humane shelter in Pascoag, must be rolling in her grave. The shelter that vowed to continue her work caring for the homeless animals was the worst one I dealt with. They told me to put them on craigs list! I was appalled. The would NOT HELP AT ALL! Then Wanda came into my life.. not only did she offer to take my kittens she would come and pick them up with their mother, take them to the vet and have Mom checked out and spayed... she said if I want her back I can come and get her. She told me of all the cats she has already picked up this month and of all the sick cats with leukemia and aids that she has in a seperate place that she tends to so they can live out their final days with someone's love.
This experience taught me so very much. One careless selfish pet owner who abandonned their pregnant cat had brought so much heartache ... shelter after shelter, so called rescue after rescue wanted no part of this cat, even if they were paid to keep her. They should be ashamed!!
Wanda is a cats guardian angel. I am sure her generous heart has been broken many times by watching this cats pass over. The comfort she brought me will always be remembered. I will go back and get the MOmma cat and try to make her a member of my family and if it is not meant to be , if my cats reject her I know Wanda will open her haven and her heart to this cat once again. Moral of this long story is if you have 10 cents to give to a shelter please please please send it to Wanda because she is the one that is really sheltering and rescuing! Human feelings are cared for also which was really nice after what I had found before her. If you would like a reference feel free to email me.