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Schenectady Pagan Cluster Tradition of the Greater Capital District

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Religion, Religion-Related

Mission: We are an eclectic Pagan Congregational church devoted: to the charitable relief of the popular caste; to the dissemination of clerical and spiritual training in many disciplines; to the defense of Social and Economic Justice and to the development of Global Peace locally. We seek to develop our unique connections to the Divine through exploration of cultural paradigms and Traditions.

Results: We have provided spiritual counseling to hundreds of families and others in need over the years. We have provided pastoral care to over 150 couples and kept most of them together( 9 divorces with 1 reconcilement). We have housed the homeless on many occasions and referred folks to social services available within the Community that were supportive of Pagan folks. (Many are not supportive and this is an issue facing our popular Caste). We have taught gardening techniques to disadvantaged youths in the neighborhood and we have helped clean up our neighborhood with other members of the neighborhood. We have helped to paint artwork for the windows of abandoned buildings and we have hosted other Community art events to beautify the neighborhood. We have hosted a yearly Earth Day Festival that has attracted over 500 folks. We have sponsored other organizations with our 501c 3 status that met our requirements and fell into our mission areas. We have also helped to build a skill sharing time bank locally and helped in other permaculture and simple living initiatives.

Target demographics: Our demographic tends to be clustered. Young men from age 18-25. Middle aged women and men from 30-65 and young women from 20-35. The young women tend to be college related as do the young men. The Second set tend to be semi professional-professional folks. The income levels range from the extreme popular caste to lower middle class. A lot of our programs speak to the popular caste.

Direct beneficiaries per year: We cater to hundreds of people every year through the different programs and shared programs.

Programs: We have many programs on the table that are looking for someone to take the lead on them. We are an excellent choice for channeling your volunteer efforts.

Community Stories

3 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Charlene D.

Board Member

Rating: 5

The SPC is a wonderful group that is active in the community and comprised of some really wonderful people. I have become involved with this group as their vision and activities fosters good relations among people in the community. I encourage those who feel they would like to connect to this group and support it either with money or time and talents that your efforts will not go unnoticed in the community and throughout the Capital District.

1 Jamez G.

Board Member

Rating: 5

The Schenectady Pagan Cluster (SPC) is an exquisite organization that has always looked for ways to aid the community, both as a whole encompassing world as well as a very local application.
We are an Interfaith Church. We practice a tribe based Pagan tradition of faith. We welcome all faiths, and those who without faith that seek out a way to serve as a steward to the community.
What we are about is Community.
The Pagan Community, the Environmental Community, and the Local Community. We keep actively involved with our local state, cities, towns, and groups that strive to make a difference in society, through city beautification programs, urban agriculture, social service programs to the challenged masses; ie food pantries, lobbying, vigils, shelters, and religious counseling.
We are many faces; we are teachers, artist, medics, accountants, chefs, carpenters, civil servants, students, managers, entrepreneurs, performers, and technologist of various fields. You see us in every aspects and every level of our society.
We are stewards of the planets, the country, and the local communities.
We are a Pagan Interfaith Organization. We're here because we dare to make a difference. Will you?


Rating: 5

As a new board member, the various projects I've been involved with so far have been greatly satisfying and productive. The raised garden beds we constructed on 9th Avenue in Troy added a great deal to the community and were enjoyed by all. The local kids took something with them that should last for their whole lives. The experience certainly enriched me.
I encountered many different local folks and saw parts of Troy that even as a life long resident I hadn't seen up close. Fall street cleaning with residents was rewarding both in the satisfaction of tidying up my town and meeting new people.