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Public Advocate Of The United States

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

No matter what we agree on when it comes to issues, this is what make our country great that we all have the right to opposing views. I have read on both sides of the issue, and both have a right to say what they want. Many have shed their blood for this right to freedom, so to oppose a view does not make you a hater. If a gay person wants to have a relationship thats there business. But to impose on others their way of life, to redefine marriage is plain wrong, When nature and history prove to be in order (man and a woman) To redefine marriage for a small minority is plainly wrong. and the opposing view has the right to stand for what they believe, they have the right to stand up againt the bullys that try to silence those that believe in the traditional marriage.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

One-issue group. Leader is being investigated for misuse of public employees. He sends out cheesy emails begging for money. Personally I'd send money down a rathole before giving this guy one cent.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 3

Just because this group admonishes "same sex marriage", and opposes gay "unions" , they are not guilty of being a "hate group". We still (as of this date) in this country have a right to express our thoughts in freedom, and I have not encountered the Public Advocate of the United States using hateful speech. Merely taking a different position than another is not "hate", unless the Constitution of the United States has been changed behind my back. Has it?? Unless and until I read or have other reason based on fact to believe that this organization is doing more than "admonish(ing) the sinner", I will continue to believe in and support the Public Advocate of the United States! May Almighty God forgive our transgressions! When we lack sound agrument based on fact, it is much easier to use terms like "hate". Another term that sounds much nicer than a woman's right to murder her child is "A woman's right to choose" to murder her baby. We have a hard time remembering that WE DID NOT CREATE OURSELVES, ALMIGHTY GOD OWNS OUR BODIES AND HE EXPECTS US TO TREAT THEM WITH DUE REVERENCE. THEY ARE HIS PROPERTY, AND HIS ALONE!


General Member of the Public

Rating: 4

This group disagrees with several key aspects of the gay agenda, as do I. Freedom of speech, in saying so, is not hateful, but a given right! This group speaks for those who do not believe in same-sex marriage or extreme influence in our political or educational system for the gay-rights agenda. I am not anti-gay, and have many beloved relatives and friends who are gay and would attest to my inclusionary practices. As I would with any other relative or friend, I support what I believe in and speak out against what I do not, gay or not, respectfully. I would like to see the words of 'hate' used by this organization, in context. All I have seen has been open, honest, metered and reflecting the views of those who just plain are NOT interested in giving ANY divergent group, gay or otherwise, a foundation to change the underpinnings of our great country. Period.

3 Kristen14

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

This group is designated as a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They spread an anti-gay message using hate speech and should not be supported.

Review from Guidestar